Play the World Cup on Vaffle!

Win PS4 world cup vaffle

Vaping fans. Who amongst you are also football junkies? I have grown up in a household of Arsenal and Chelsea fans that wait for that special event. Every 4 years, crowds gather both in and around pubs, TV screens and shopping centres empty. For nearly every football fan has taken part in some form of bet and are ready to watch, the World Cup. I love taking part in a good sweepstake among a group of friends, makes it more interesting. We are bringing football and vaping together and forming the ultimate Vaffle competition. Read on to find out how you could win the ultimate goodie selection.

What could you win?

The most important question first. The prizes. Well, aren’t you in for a treat.

For the prize: not only will you win a BRAND NEW PS4, but how about the FIFA 2018 game to go with it?! Plus loads of vape gears and more than 1000 ml e-juice from premium international brands too! Hubba Hubba! But the prizes don’t stop there. Throughout the World Cup, from May 26th – the day of the final game, the winner will be announced. You have to submit your post before June 14, the day the World Cup 18 will kick off in Russia!

How do you win?

Nice little bundles up above aren’t they! So what do you need to do? Quite simple really. First, post the banner on any social media (and we mean any!) Then submit your answer to any of the above scenarios using hashtag #VaperCup18 on Vaffle. Finally, post a vaping picture along with your guess on Vaffle. Usual terms and conditions apply, you know you have to be over 18 years old and legally be able to vape in your country. International participants can enter, just be aware that we will not pay any additional charges at customs. That’s all.

What’s Vaffle?

Download VaffleVaffle is the all-new app just for Vapers. A sort of Instagram but just with pictures of our favourite mods, tanks and coils on there for us to dribble over. It is not only for great pictures, but a way of making great friends. A vaping community packed into one digital phenomenon that is Vaffle. Find vapers with the same mods as you, the same likes and dislikes as you and connect with them all over the world! Just download Vaffle from the Andriod or iOS app stores, create a user profile and you’ll be on your way! Post a few pictures, follow a few vapers and then enter the #VapeCup18 Vaffle Fifa World Cup Competition. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made all year. Play the World Cup 18 on Vaffle!

Rowena Minney

Hey guys, I am a 24yr old business/marketing graduate. After seeing loads of my friends use the magic of vaping to quit smoking I took a real interest in the industry and went to China to work for an e-cig company and see how it compared to the UK. I am really interested to see what 2018 has to offer to vapers and tell you guys all about it!