Pod Vapes – New generation of vaping?

Pod Vapes - New generation of vaping?

Are pod vapes the new generation of vaping?

Pod Vapes are becoming more and more popular these days. If you’ve been around vaping you know that it seems to move in trends.

Many years ago when pod vapes weren’t a thing yet, smaller set ups ruled the market. Clearomizers, ego pens, kanger pro tanks. Mods had really low watt outputs and there wasn’t much in terms of having a mod to power a big build outside of using mechs.

Pod Vapes New generation of vaping
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Then the wattage boom happened. Mods were coming out capable of over 100 watts and tanks were being made that needed that kind of power and rebuildable atomizers became a lot easier to use without needing a mech.

But it grew and it grew. At the beginning of 2017 we saw quad battery mods hit the market capable of over 300 watts with the Smok GX350, Snow Wolf 365, and the Wismec RX300 although the first one was the Ijoy Maxo 315 which came out late 2016.

Now in 2018 though, that trend has died down and we have only seen one quad battery mod hit the market in 2018.

The new trends now are more geared towards smaller setups. Vaping is going around full circle as companies trend towards portability and lower power needs like in the old days. Thankfully with the boom of the pod system products are much better than they used to be as a whole with a lot more variety. The most popular product for pod vapes is the JUUL.

Pod Vapes - New generation of vaping?This pod vape is very popular for its ease of use. You can have pre-filled pods delivered on a schedule and when one is empty just pop it out and put in a new one and charge the battery like you would your cell phone. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Companies like Aspire, for example, have taken another route offering more control and choice. Products like their Aspire Breeze 2 and Spryte both offer replaceable coils with different coil options, adjustable airflow, and refillable pods so you can use any juice made for pod vapes and aren’t locked into a few choices like you would be with the JUUL. There are hundreds of options of flavors out there to use in refillable pod systems.

So what makes a pod system so good?

Well, it’s simple and convenient. People love the convenience and ease of using the products. With pod systems you can carry extra pods on you easily. Swapping between flavors on the go. They are made small and discreet so easy to carry in your pocket and won’t make large clouds that bring attention to you and annoy others around you. Many people have found comfort in these devices to help them quit smoking. Many companies are trying to push technology in pod vapes as well which is nice. Evolv famous for it’s DNA chip is making a temp control pod. Companies like Innokin are making pods that have adjustable output as well. No longer do you need to have 1 simple choice when it comes to choosing a pod system.

Pod Vapes - New generation of vaping?
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Still I don’t see pods as a new generation of vaping. They are great devices to have, but they still aren’t going to be for the hobbiest who wants to get the best flavor or wants total control of their vape. While pods are great for many, they still won’t provide the vape quality or flavor or control of using a rebuildable atomizer on a mod like many vapers do. Maybe one day we will see a rebuildable pod but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Like all trends in vaping, the pod trend will die down eventually and make way for a new trend. Likely as early as late 2019. But for now pod enthusiast can enjoy the ride.

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