NCR New Concept RDA Preview


NCR New Concept RDA Introduction

As vapers we are used to reading about the next best thing in vaping. The same old NCR New Concept RDA Introductionmarketing headline that this will change your vaping experience forever. Yet still we fall for these same tactics and time and time again we are left bitterly disappointed. Is this about to change? Are we looking at something genuinely game-changing? It is time to find out. Firstly this is a preview of the NCR New Concept RDA. Lets call it the NCR RDA, the rest is a bit of a mouthful! Here are my first impressions based on what I have seen and read. From there I will be receiving one to put through it’s paces and let you know my thoughts and findings.

NCR New Concept RDA is a game changer?

The NCR RDA is one of the latest RDAs to be announced and due to arrive very soon. You might say oh another RDA, but this different.. Read on.

The NCR RDA’s main features or attraction in my case is that it comes with a ceramic wafer NCR New Concept RDA Previewheating element which is effectively your coil. So we have seen ceramic coils in the past that were a bit limited in their abilities long-term. However, we have not seen a coil capable of over 600,000 ( not a typo ) cycles, that’s it over half a million cycles. In other words, more cycles than I have ever experienced in the entire time, I have been vaping. That truly is an incredible claim. OK so I will not be able to test this lifespan any time soon but I am certainly very interested to see just how long this lasts over a period of time and I will touch base with updates on social media every now and again. But 600,000 cycles has made me think aside from the initial WOW!

I thought about all the mods that have died on me in a short time. The coils that have become useless in a short amount of time and here is potentially a coil that will far outlive some mods on the market. Even if you average 1,000 puffs a day this thing will last 600 days!! That’s just under 2 years. One thing is for certain, this has the potential to be seriously groundbreaking, game-changing and something totally different to the market which is much needed.

NCR New Concept RDA Specs and Features

Size: 24(D) x 40mm (H) (with 510 thread)
WAFER Heater Resistance: 0.4-0.5ohm
Thread: 510 thread
Color: White

Coil-free Design, No Wires Building
600,000 Times Cycle-use WAFER Heater(0.4-0.5ohm resistance)
Visible Outer Cover with Venting Holes
Strengthened Nicotine Effect
Easy self-cleaning

NCR New Concept RDA Final First Thoughts

NCR New Concept RDA PreviewAside from the amazing wafer specs that I ran you through above, you will see that this sports an interesting design and sells itself on the wafer system and the ease of building. When I watched an initial product video I noted that the building of the NCR RDA looked a breeze. Your wick is achieved with simple strips of organic cotton and placing a cotton holder around it, priming and then vaping. I’ve taken these build tips from the NCR RDA page.

Installation and preparations: Put the Wafer Heater into the deck slot and screw it with the Allen wrench. Check the resistance by connecting it with a MOD. (Wafer heater is usually pre-installed ex-work. Due to the different features of various mods, resistance may range from 0.4-0.5ohm accordingly.)

How to fold the cottons: Pre-cut Organic cotton is strongly recommended. Cut each piece of cotton into a strip with the size of 8mm(width)* 40mm(length). Fold the cotton strips from middle and cover the wafer heater from the top and insert the cotton ends into the deck.

How to fix the cotton holder: Put on the aluminum cotton holder to fix the cotton strips. Make sure the cotton strips are fixed properly for E-juice soaking and vaporization. Moisten the new cotton with E-juice from all the openings on the top, bottom and all 4 sides of the cotton holder.

Output modes selection: The MOD with AOC Power mode(Adjustable Output Curve)or Boosting mode is strongly recommended. To optimize the wafer heating function, please set up a considerably high wattage(70W-80W)at the initial firing stage for around 0.5-1 second, then drop the wattage to a relatively low level(40W-50W) to last for another 2-3 seconds. Users may customize the Power mode settings to personal preference.

Clean the dirt and stains on the Wafer Heater: After being used for some time, you need to clean the Wafer Heater. Remove the cotton holder and give the Wafer Heater a dry burn at 30W-40W in 3 seconds. In addition fine grade sand paper can also be used to rubbed off the stubborn stains on the Wafer Heater. For regular maintenance you may use a toothbrush to clean the RDA deck and all connections with household detergents.

Doesn’t this sound easy to build? I think so.

It does however leave me with a few questions that only a full test can answer. What is the vaping experience like? Will the Wafer really last longer than normal coils? Will this influence a change in coils in the future? What even is a Strengthened Nicotine effect?Maybe these will hopefully be answered in the review. Stay tuned for more on this.


I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!