How to Prime Mesh Coils?

How to Prime Mesh Coils?

The Way to Prime Mesh Coils

Hello, dear vapers. Anthony Vapes is here again. Today we’re going to talk about how to prime mesh coils.

Mesh coils are the new fad these days in vaping. We’ve seen almost every major company offering mesh coils for their tanks. Smok, Ijoy, Wismec, Joyetech, Eleaf, Vaporesso, Geekvape, Famovape, Desire, Coil Art, Rincoe, Horizontech, and Freemax are some of the companies now offering mesh coils for their tanks.

Most of them are pretty good coils as well flavor-wise and longevity wise. So what’s the best way to prime these coils to make sure you get a good vape and a coil that lasts and no harsh hits?

The Answer

Well the simple answer is, it’s no different than priming any coil, but sadly I’ve seen some crazy priming methods that make very little sense. So let us go over how to prime a mesh coil but again it works with any coil type.

How to Prime Mesh Coils?Before that let us talk about some methods that don’t make any sense. One of the more popular crazy ones is soaking a coil in a shot glass. While it will saturate nicely it’ll also flood the coil leading to starting off with spit back and lowering the life of the coil. There is such a thing as a coil being too wet referred to as flooding so no don’t do this.

There is also the common thing of poking holes in the cotton on the coil before using. Again this isn’t a great idea. While it can work to fix a coil that is overpacked with cotton, it can also ruin a good coil as well.

You can try that method if you know a coil is bad or over packed but you won’t know until you try it so again don’t do that either when priming a new coil. Also don’t prime an already used coil because you know, flooding as mentioned above several times.

So what should you do?

Well, that’s pretty easy and priming a coil is much simpler than people like to think who overthink stuff. 1st thing to do is make sure you have the right juice. Most coils work best with 70/30 VG/PG juices since most mesh coils are made for DTL vaping.

How to Prime Mesh Coils?If you have an MTL mesh coil then 50/50 would be best. Take the coil and put a few drops of juice directly onto the cotton inside the coil that is against the coil itself. Let it soak in. Do this a few times until the cotton around the coil is visibly wet with juice but don’t overdo it.

Now install the coil in the tank and put the tank together. Then fill up the tank with your juice and let it sit for around 15-20 minutes.

The Next Step

Now that the coil is juiced up nicely the next step is wattage. Most coils will have a watt range or 2 ranges printed on them. One is the full range and one being the “best range”. If the coil has 2 use the best range. If not then use the full range.

Start with the lowest number on the coil so for example if a coil reads best 50-70 watts start at 50 watts. Take a few puffs at that wattage and make sure it’s not getting burnt and that it is wicking itself.

Usually, you can tell easily by seeing bubbles come out of the coils but sometimes the coils can bubble so fast by the time you look that are gone.

Now slowly increase your watts 3-5 at a time until the vape feels right to you. Once it feels right you’re good to go. Your coil is primed and ready to be used and abused until it dies out. No need to do anything else other than filling your tank when it’s empty!

Anthony Vapes

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