Regulated vs Mechanical Mods – What are the Differences?

Regulated vs Mechanical Mods - What are the Differences?

Regulated vs Mechanical Mods. These are the only two choices when considering whether to buy a box or tube mod. Some are not aware of the differences and benefits of both. Knowing the differences will help you make the best choice. Keep reading to discover the differences between these two types of mods.

One type is recommended exclusively for very experienced vapers who have extensive knowledge of certain safety precautions. This is an unregulated mod statement. Also, unregulated mods generally require the user to build their own coils as they usually come equipped with an RDA atomizer.

Regulated mods are intended for everyone as they are designed with safety features and a proprietary chip that regulates all functions.

Regulated vs Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods

This form of mod is the oldest and is also the original method of vaping. Mechanical mods possess no safety features and rely on the knowledge of the vapers to keep themselves safe.

Regulated vs Mechanical Mods - What are the Differences?Advanced users are recommended to use mechanical mods.

In the setup, a battery is placed inside the tube and held in place by a cap on the bottom. This is also a spring-loaded button. Sometimes a magnetic operated button is used to fire the device.

This is depressed which pushes the battery inside the device, to touch the pin of the atomizer. Creating an open connection that passes the current to the coils which in turn creates the vapor.

Because this method involves direct contact with the battery and the atomizer, it is the least safe method of vaping. Knowledge of ohms law and battery safety are essential so the user is safe and does not explode any batteries. This is all classified as a mechanical device. Knowing how to properly design coils around the Ohms Law will ensure that the unregulated device does not operate outside of it’s limitations.

Any build will fire on an unregulated device and without proper knowledge a user could place a high amount of stress on a battery that could ultimately lead to explosion.

Regulated Device

When looking at the vaping industry today most mods are regulated mods. These types of mods are very safe and carry almost no hazards.

The internal computer like chip is what runs a regulated device. These chips are programmed by the manufacturer and come equipped with several safety features.

Regulated vs Mechanical Mods - What are the Differences?Common safety features include:

Over Charge Protection

These features make sure that the device is not overcharged to the point of battery failure.

Low Voltage Protection

Batteries are recommended to only discharge to a certain level and this feature will cut off the device’s power once it reaches that point.

Short Circuit Protection

In the event that a short circuit is found, the device will not attempt to pass current from the battery to the atomizer to prevent battery failure.

Interactive and Customizable Functionality

Regulated mods, unlike unregulated mods are able to be set to a specific power level. Mechanical mods fire at the appropriate power level for the resistance of the coil and is not customizable at all.

Regulated devices come with an LCD screen. Built into the software is a user interface which allows things like temperature controls and power controls to be decided by the user.

Regulated vs Mechanical Mods Conclusion

Regulated mods dominate the market, but a very niche crowd still believe that mechanical mods are the best for raw power. Unregulated tube mods are definitely very reliable as there is no electronic part to malfunction. It is nice to have one available in the event a regulated mod fails.

Unless you are an advanced vaper with extensive knowledge then a mechanical mod is not recommended due to safety concerns.

As your knowledge grows we do encourage the exploration of mechanical mods as they are enjoyable and rewarding to use.

Today’s vaping market is dominated by regulated mods. For good reason too. They are simple and hassle free. A user can simply place the atomizer on the device and begin to use it. For this reason regulated mods are the most popular.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.