RTA Head to Head: Ammit 25 vs Serpent SMM


The Vaping world is full of top class manufactures, all striving to bring us the best possible Vaping experience. Over the years this healthy competition, has lead to some truely amazing mods and atomisers coming to market, such as the Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA and the Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA.

There have been two stand out tanks/RTA battling for the Single Coil Crown.  Both of these current RTA’s are the combination of months of development, tweaks and improvements over the originals. And like a fine wine they have defiantly improved over time. The original Ammit, in its 22mm form was a real stand out tank for me, truely celebrating the ‘Single’ coil. Although to me it did have its issues, with hit & miss wicking and very small tank size. After the launch of the Ammit 22, Geekvape defiantly embraced this single coil following, and have taken on board all the feedback from its customers and reviewers to take the Single coil RTA to the next level, and a true contender for this battle of the Tanks.

Going head to head against Geekvape for Single coil supremacy, is the Wotofo Serpent SMM. True to its name the Serpent, has shed its skin a number of times. From the original Serpent Single coil RTA that I reviewed back in March 2016, with its unusually tall 67mm standing, 4mm tank and original postless deck.

Since the Wotofo have taken this original idea of the the low standing postless deck and applied it to RDTA, RDA and RTA Mini’s all carrying the Serpent Brand. Designed by Wotofo & SMM (Suck My Mod) and based on the original Wotofo Serpent RTA Mini. They have taken the classic design to the next level, with the main improvements being to the original Serpent build deck, allowing for both forward and reverse Coils to be easily installed and wicked.

I have been Vaping these two single Coil RTA head to head over the last few week, and putting them through there paces to see which one comes out on top, and who gets the Single Coil RTA Crown.

Wotofo Serpent SMM Unbox

1x Screwdriver
1x Japan cotton
2x Glass tube
1x Spare Parts
1x Manual

Geekvape Ammit 25 Unbox

1 x 5ml Replacement Glass
1 x Extending Tube
1 x Multi-Tool
1 x Spare Top Cap with built-in O-Ring
1 x Bag of spare accessories
1 x User Manual

They both come with all the normal goodies that you would expect from your RTA. Expect that the Geekvape Ammit , to cater for the UK TPD market (in my understanding) comes as standard with a 2ml tank, with a 5ml tank and extender included in the kit, which sort of defeats the object of being a 2ml tank, when you include it in the kit, not sure how that will work with TPD. Unfortunately the Serpent being a 4ml tank will not be sold in the UK ?

Also the Ammit includes a separate top cap, to allow you to use your own drip tips, rather than those fiddly adaptors. Which I think is nice.

Wotofo have always kindly added in a Cotton and Coils kit in every Atomiser they supply, which a great touch, and gives the newer builder everything they will need, straight out of the box.

Wotofo Serpent SMM & Geekvape Ammit 25 Comparison

Wotofo Serpent SMM & Geekvape Ammit 25 ComparisonWotofo Serpent SMM & Geekvape Ammit 25 Comparison

Ammit. Serpent

Tank size : 2/5ml. 4ml
Height: 48mm. 38mm
Width: 25mm. 24mm
Air Flow. 3D. Twin side
Drip Tip. Plastic. Ultum
Juice Fill: Top. Top.
Juice Flow Adjustment : yes. No

Juice Capacity & Filling

As I said the Ammit comes as standard with a 2ml tank installed, with the opinion of installing the 5ml tank, which takes it only 1ml bigger than the Serpent SMM’s tank, and what 1ml amongst friend.

Filling these RTA’s couldn’t be easier, as they both feature unscrewable top caps, with large kidney shaped Fill port on the top, although the fill ports on the slightly wider Ammit are, as expected slightly wider, enabling the bigger bottle nozzle tips to fit with ease, with no spills, although I was a bit disappointed on how lose the Drip Tip on my Ammit 25 was, as you can’t help but use it in part, when unscrewing the top cap.

Build Deck & Wicking

I truly believe that these two tanks have some of the best, well designed Single coil build decks around.

I think as far as design and ease of build the Serpent SMM just takes the edge, with the four screw design, allowing for you to install both forward and reverse wound Coils.

Geekvape have taken the more traditional route with RTA wicking, allowing you to thread your wicks down into two large Juice ports, which then have to be aligned with the juice flow holes on the outside of the tank, which to be honest I find a bit fiddly, as on the sample I was sent, to line up the Juice ports you had to loosen off the tank slightly, so you could accidentally close off the juice ports, when tightening back up the top cap.

Air- flow

Both RTA’s have well thought out and designed Airflow, the Serpent draws its Airflow through its side posts, with no airflow hole underneath, to reduce any possible leakage.

Geekvape have continued with the multipoint Airflow that they introduced in the original Ammit, creating the so called 3D Airflow. With the air coming through the side posts, as well as the slots directly under the coil.

Both RTAs offer great Airflow, with the Ammit’s 3D design offering a slightly more wooshy Airy draw, but there is very little between them.

Everyday Vaping

Both of these class leading tanks, offering a great All-Day-Vaping solution. The Serpent SMM slightly larger standard 4ml tank makes it perfect to take out and about. Whereas fitting the extended 5ml glass on the Ammit does make it that little bit bigger.

The juice flow adjustment slots on the Ammit 25 did start to bug me a little bit, only today did I accidentally close it off after screwing on the top cap after filling, and ended up starving the Coils.

I think I much prefer the open under slung juice ports on the Serpemt SMM, hassle free wicking. With no flooding issues what so every over the few weeks I have been testing it.

They both seem to produce a fantastic amount Flavour with very little to set them apart. Both producing a nice warm vape, with plenty of thick dense Vapour.

RTA Recommendations

Having Vaped on both RTAs for the last few weeks, I have really come to love both the tanks, and they will defiantly continue to be part of my ever day vape set up. But if the choice had to be made, and I could only keep one of the tanks, which one would I keep? I would have to say the ‘Wotofo Serpent SMM’ it really is such a bullet proof little tank, with zero issues so far. And I think over time the loose fit Drip Tip, and none aligned Juice control holes when secured tightly would, begin to bug me.

So the single coil Crown in my opinion would go to the Wotofo Serpent SMM. Well done guys & girls.

Dan Pierce

I’m a Blogger based in UK. I stopped smoking in October 2013, at which point I set up my own Vaping review blog, www.myvapingreviews.co.uk to help me record and share my Vaping journey. A real hobbiest Vapor, who not only enjoy the Vaping experience, but love the technology and design behind it.