How to Select Right Vape Device?

How to Select Right Vape Device

Hello everyone, John Pietersma here again. Today we’ll talk about how to select the right vape device for your needs.

It is not easy to select the right vape device. Cruising the endless pages of the Internet in search of a new device can be a tireless effort. The size of this industry is massive and the selection is almost endless. There are devices of all shapes and sizes available to vapers and prospective vapers.

Depending on the vaping preferences of an individual and their overall style, one device may not be the best fit compared to another and finding the right fit can be frustrating.

It is important to consider exactly how you want to vape when deciding what to choose. Nobody knows their preferences better than the vapers themselves.

While a lot of devices share features that are very similar, the overall performance and specifications can vary quite a bit. Factoring in the type of usage a device will get is also important in making a decision.

How to Select Right Vape Device
Durable Box Mod

A person who works a physical labor job is not going to want a high end, fancy device. They will likely want something more rugged and durable, those devices exist for that exact type of vaper.

Luckily enough, there are categories of devices that are tailored to specific needs as well as general needs. Let’s look at a few factors that need consider to help you select the right vape device.

Four Tips to Help You Select The Right Vape Device

1. Power Capability

Power capability is one of the most essential things to consider. After all, you want to be able to maximize your vaping experience without having limits. A low power device under 100W is very well suitable but it has it’s drawbacks, to a certain degree.

If a vaper was content and confident that 100W was always going to be enough power to accommodate their needs than fine, 100W is great. What you need to seriously consider is how you vape.

How to Select Right Vape Device

Do you plan on using an RDA? If you do then perhaps more power is best suited. RDAs have the capability of running some fairly large, complex coils which will run at very low resistances.

Low resistance requires more power to work efficiently and provide the best experience possible.

If you’re saying “well, I’m a tank guy and I don’t usually go much over XX watts or XX temperature” than a low wattage device is a perfect fit but if you think for one second that you may want to advance, consider more power.

2. Battery Capability

This is the second most important factor in choosing a device. Batteries are the lifeblood of a device, the engine behind the vehicle. Higher power devices will generally require at least two batteries to operate.

How to Select Right Vape DeviceUnder normal usage, these two batteries will last most of the day. Factoring in the usage conditions will dictate how long batteries will last. Having spare sets on hand is always a good idea to make sure you do not run out halfway through the day. People who work outside will likely need to do this.

If your shopping for devices with internal batteries remember to consider that the batteries cannot be swapped and if the device dies it needs to be plugged in to recharge. This can be tedious and a pain but if playing around with external batteries is not something you would like to do than there are still lots of internal battery options available on the market today.

How to Select Right Vape Device100W and under devices usually run off a single battery. The important thing to remember here is that if you are pushing your device anywhere close to its limit, the batteries are going to bottom out quickly. Again, spare batteries are a must for these devices.

If this is a concern than our recommendation is to obtain a device with dual battery capability and rest assured that even at a low wattage setting, you will get much better battery life from this as it is not running close to its limit.

3. Experience Level and Style of Vaping

Your level of experience and style of vaping are also going to determine what type of device you will use. If you are a mouth to lung user than perhaps pod systems or single coil tanks with a low wattage mod are best suited to your needs. Remember to obtain a device with a higher power rating than you will be vaping to ensure you obtain optimal battery life.

How to Select Right Vape Device
Pod Systems

If you are a heavy cloud chaser or flavor chaser who likes dual coils and a nice warm vape then a dual battery mod with 220W of power is going to hit your wheelhouse. This will still allow you to vape at a high wattage, push dense vapor and obtain great flavor.

If you fall somewhere in between these two then perhaps you should consider a dual battery mod for future proofing. In case you get the urge to advance up the ladder. Having multiple devices available is also great. It allows you to bounce between different vaping styles, achieving different results, whenever you like.


No matter what you choose, as long as it fits the needs of what you desire in a vaping experience, then it’s perfect. We like to urge most to really consider what your path in vaping is because if you plan to advance and try new things, you should always purchase with that thought in mind, allowing you to grow without spending additional money.

Thank you for reading and hope this article can help you select the right vape device for your needs!

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.