Sigelei Kaos Skycar 230W TC BOX MOD Review

Sigelei Kaos Skycar 230W TC BOX MOD

Today we will be reviewing the Sigelei Kaos Skycar Box Mod. This mod from well-known brand Sigelei is at first glance a very durable mod. It utilized dual 18650 batteries. The Skycar has a minimum wattage of 10W and maximum of 230W. So let’s take a deeper look at the mod.

Sigelei Kaos Skycar Packaging

The Sigelei Kaos Skycar comes in a black box with Sigelei graphics on the front and sides. On the back is a description of the mod and contents list of the box. Slide off that sleeve and you find a box that looks very much like the outer sleeve. The sides have different graphics and overall its presents a very attractive packaging.

Sigelei Kaos Skycar 230W TC BOX MOD

Inside the box you will find the mod nestled in a foam tray with a box containing a USB charging cable to the right. Very simple and clean presentation. You will also find the warranty card, instruction manual, a QC card, and instruction card telling you how to lock and unlock the device, as well as an instruction card on confirming the security code.

Sigelei Kaos Skycar Specs

  • Size: 88mm x 47mm x 32mm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy and Plastic
  • Wattage Range: 10W – 230W
  • Voltage Input: 6.4V – 8.4V
  • Voltage Output: 1.0v – 7.5V
  • Current Output: Max 40A
  • Resistance Range: .1Ω – 3.0Ω
  • Battery Support: 2 x 18650
  • Charging Support (Micro USB): DC 5V/2.5A

Sigelei Kaos Skycar

The Sigelei Kaos Skycar is a very comfortable mod to hold in your hand thanks to the fact that both the front and back of the mod bow out slightly to fit the curvature of your hand well.

The back plate is held on with 3 neodymium magnets for a firm hold that is still not too difficult to remove. The front and back plates appear to be painted with a powder coat to increase durability of the color.

Sigelei Kaos Skycar 230W TC BOX MOD

To adjust the wattage there is a dial in the center of the front that you can spin to go from 10W to 230W. When you hit the fire button one of the neatest features of this mod shows itself in that the front of the mod is embedded with LED lighting. This mod operates only in power mode and is not a TC mod.

The frame is a matte black metal that looks great sandwiched between the front and back plates. On the right side is the fire button and a USB charging port. There is no screen on this mod and that’s part of its charm. It has a floating gold plated 510 pin in its connector.

It comfortably fits up to 25 mm tanks/RDAs with no overhang. The mod with batteries in it has a nice heft without being overly heavy and even with a larger tank on the top is still bottom heavy for stability.

Sigelei Kaos Skycar Performance

Using the Sigelei Kaos Skycar has been pleasant so far. The dial is not so easily adjusted and it’s small so it is easy to make major changes to the wattage without meaning to. Despite that due to the smooth rotation and slight stiffness to the dial it stays set to where you have it adjusted to.

When holding the fire button the LED lighting around the dial changes color and spins around the dial. I used 3 different attys in testing this with 3 different sets of coils to be able to accurately judge the performance of the mod. It performed beautifully with all 3 attys I put on it.

Sigelei Kaos Skycar Video Review 


Overall, Sigelei Kaos Skycar 230W is a great mod for those wanting simplicity in a VW mod. The design and feel in your hand are outstanding. The few drawbacks with the dial can easily be overlooked with the reliability and performance of the mod. From the prices I have found online it is not the cheapest mod out there but for what you get it is well worth the money. Sigelei really nailed it with this mod.

Sydney Rice

Sydney Rice is an avid vaper. I have been vaping for 7 years now and switched because I grew tired after 15 years of smoking cigarettes. He is a staunch proponent of vaping and can be found making the stand for vapers across the US and the world. After seeing the effects and improvement in my overall health chose to work within the vaping community to help others solve vaping related issues and give my personal recommendations. I am new to vaping reviews but have a lot of experience with troubleshooting and quality control due to my previous background. I live in GA with my wife and our 4 animals(2 dogs and 2 cats). I enjoy technology and gaming in all its forms.