Smok Species 230W Starter Kit Review

Smok Species 230W Starter Kit

Hello everyone, Mike Strong is here. Having taken some time off reviewing and blogging, I have recently received the Smok Species 230W Starter Kit. Today we will take a close look at it. Now, let’s begin.

Smok Species 230W Packaging List

The Smok Species 230W TC kit is a full vape kit with mod and tank. The only thing that is not included in the box is two 18650 batteries. As 90% of the mods today take this battery, it is not a huge issue that these do not come included.

Smok Species 230W Starter KitIn the box, you find the Species mod itself. This is a dual 18650, 230w, touchscreen device. It is available in a range of color styles.

You also receive the latest Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2 tank. This is a 5ml super sub-ohm tank that comes in the same color styles as the Species mod. With the Baby beast V2, you also get 2 different styles of coils in the box, one being the 0.17-ohm mesh single coil and the other being the0.2-ohm dual mesh coil.

Smok Species 230W Features

The species mod is packed full of the latest technology. This dual 18650 mod features a large 1.45 inch high quality touch screen that takes advantage of their latest UI.

Smok Species 230W Starter KitChanging wattage or accepting a new coil is as simple as touching the screen. You have the ability to change the color of the screen too in the settings, to match your mood.

The TFV8 Baby Beast V2 is a sub-ohm tank to behold. This tank features 5ml capacity and a very clever locking mechanism for the swivel top cap. This eliminates any accidental openings and spillages.

Smok Species 230W Starter KitWhere the TFV8 shines is the coil options. Smok led the way with super sub ohm tanks and their coil configurations. There is a coil to suit every type of vaper and the adjustable airflow lets you have a very airy MTL or a smooth DTL vape.

Build Quality of Smok Species 230W Starter Kit

The Species mod is made from high quality zinc alloy and feels very sturdy in the hand. The  510 thread is smooth and gold plated spring loaded pin allows for contact with all of my tanks and RDAs. The single piece fire button has a weighty click and can be a little awkward at first but once you get used to it, has a satisfying feel and tactile click.

The TFV8 Baby tank is made of stainless steel and glass. The threads on this are also very smooth and well machined. Taking this tank apart is easy, but not too easy that you will do it by accident. The built in locking button to stop the tank opening is a fantastic idea, as I have had issues in the past with hinged top caps becoming loose over time.

Smok Species 230W Starter KitVape Quality

The mod itself will fire up to 230w, but honestly, I feel it is a little underpowered compared to some of my other mods. When vaping at around 70W on another device, my vape is thick and powerful. However, using the same tank on the Smok Species means I need to nudge up closer to 80w. This is not a huge issue as there is so much room to the 230w, but it is something to be mentioned.

The TFV8 Baby Beast V2 tank is a tank that needs a lot of power. Breaking this coil in, it took me to 75w to even taste my e-liquid. To get a good quality vape I had to raise it to 110w. Again, this is not an issue as the mod can easily handle this, but be advised, that the power needed to get this off the ground is high.

Once you get to the higher wattages, this tank vapes very smoothly with great flavor. Very little spit back means you don’t have to worry about hot e-liquid at such high power. One thing to note, is that running at such a high wattage has a big impact on your battery life. This tank lives at home with me as I would not get through a full day on a single set of batteries.

Smok Species 230W Starter Kit Video Review

Final Thoughts on Smok Species 230W

Historically I have not been a huge fan of Smok products, but the species is really growing on me. The mod feels great, works well (despite being a little underpowered) and is a real eye catcher. The TFV8 tank is not something I use on a daily basis but that is just my personal preference.

If you are a fan of huge clouds and high wattages, then you will not be disappointed by the Smok Species 230W Starter Kit. Personally, I am more of a restricted airflow vaper and tend to vape around 70w. This tank doesn’t even start producing good flavor until 100w!

Mike Strong

I have been vaping for over 5 years and have been a keen hobbyist ever since starting. I moved into the review side of things after the success of my @mikethevaper Twitter page and have been striving to provide help and knowledge ever since.