Steam Crave Glaz RTA Review

Steam Crave Glaz RTA

Introduction to the Steam Crave Glaz RTA

Steam Crave is a company that many rate highly, myself included. Whilst not what many would consider a mainstream company, their products turn heads and become a talking point for many. This is the company that brought us the giant Steam Crave Titan boasting a whopping juice capacity of 28ml. Even its younger siblings were renowned for their e-juice holding capabilities. Not only that but innovative decks and superb airflow control in every release. Steam Crave nailed every single product I tried. Today I am going to be letting you know about their latest release the Steam Crave Glaz RTA.

Inside the Steam Crave Glaz RTA Box

  • Steam Crave Glaz RTA
  • Two Spare 7ml glass
  • Allen Key
  • Spare O Ring and Grub Screws
  • User Manual

Steam Crave Glaz RTAFeatures of the Steam Crave Glaz RTA

  • 7ml e-juice capacity with sliding top cap refill system
  • Unique Glass chamber/chimney
  • Postless deck design for easy installation
  • Semi restrictive airflow for ultimate flavor
  • Special bottom angled airflow design
  • 31mm diameter

First impressions of the Steam Crave Glaz RTA

Available in 2 colors, a stainless steel version, and black version. The Steam Crave Glaz RTA comes in a box familiar to those with past Steam Crave Products. Well packaged and plenty of spares in the box. I received the stainless steel version for review and it looks great!

Steam Crave Glaz RTAWith its 31mm diameter size and 7ml capacity, this is not a small tank by any means. However, it’s far smaller than the giant Titan!

Looking from the top we have a removable 810 drip tip that fits into the retractable top filling cap. Engraved into the top cap are the words Steam Crave Glaz. Unlike previous models, the juice fill hole is much smaller. I would have preferred a larger fill hole. Some bottles have a larger filling hole. But for the most part, this fill hole is adequate for normal unicorn bottle nibs.

Below the top area is the glass tank and contained within this is the glass chimney. Plenty of glass here, hence the name, Glaz! The bottom is where we see a new style of airflow. Similar to previous models we have the honeycomb design comprising of 17 small holes with a control ring that is long and narrow.

Steam Crave Glaz RTA

First impressions of the Steam Crave Glaz RTA Continued

Literally, as long as all of the holes were wide open. In the past, we have had a smaller airflow consisting of more holes but in a smaller space with an airflow ring that is shaped narrow to thick to allow minute adjustments. This time around it would appear the airflow is going to be slightly more restricted than we are used to.

The deck design is a postless clamp style deck set in an ‘X’ shape with adequate airflow either side. The deck will allow both single and dual coil builds and it looks easy to build on. One criticism at this point would be that the holes for the juice to hit the wicks look a little small. I preferred the juice holes on the Titan that we long and thin. We shall see!

Steam Crave Glaz RTAOverall, it’s up to the standard of all other Steam Crave products. Nice smooth machining, great threading that just feels nice to put together. The glass chamber completes the look and I like the idea of seeing my coils inside and the condition of my cotton.

The Steam Crave Glaz RTA in Use

Once I had a dual build set up inside using some nice alien coils I was ready to go. The initial build was indeed easy thanks to the clamps on the costless deck. Wicking was a breeze, I did take it easy with the amount of cotton that went into the wicking holes just in case.

To be honest the first fill was perfect, wicked straight away so I must have used just the right amount. I found that by fluffing up the cotton and pushing it in from the bottom of the fluffy ends to draw in cotton around it worked best. I stopped pushing once there was a little resistance and the air bubbles were enough evidence that this method had nailed it.

The airflow is indeed slightly restricted. I did not think I would like a restricted airflow because I am a wide open kinda guy! In the case of the Steam Crave Glaz, however, the airflow was just about right for me wide open. Any less I did not find as enjoyable. The small sacrifice of airflow does wonders for the flavor though. This is a flavor beast great flavor all around from various different juices.

Steam Crave Glaz RTADid I like the glass look? Well initially I did like the idea of seeing my cotton but some of my juice choices made me change my mind. Seeing nice white cotton turning brown and then an even darker shade of brown just made me want to change cotton more than I normally would!! The glass chimney does fog up but using a tip from Mark ( The Vaping Postman ) rubbing a small amount of liquid around the glass chimney really helps keep things clear.

Steam Crave Glaz RTA Video Review

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with the Steam Crave Glaz RTA. Those niggles about the juice fill hole remain and the wicking holes are still too small as the deck is very unforgiving if the slightest bit too much cotton is pushed inside.


I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!

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