SteamPunk Tools – Modder of the Week

David Hippedinger: "Vaping is missing some consistency"


SteamPunk Tools – Modder of The Week

Have you ever heard about SteamPunk Tools? This brand was created by the German Modder David Hippedinger (Braunschweig, 1986). David is a real vape enthusiast that has always loved DIY from since he was a child. In recent years, he combined his interest for tools and gadgets with vaping creating SteamPunk Tools. His creations achieved great popularity in the vaping world. In this interview we are going to get know David and SteamPunk Tools a bit better!

SteamPunk Tools

– How did you get into the vaping world? 

– I think I made it in the same way as everyone else: vaping. That was back in 2012 when I wanted to stop smoking. A friend of mine introduced me to e-cigarettes. So I went to a local tobacco shop and bought a basic starter kit. When I came home with it, my friend told me that what I bought was shameful. I asked him which e-cig should I have bought. Then looked for a local vape shop and bought an Aspire Nautilus with an i-stick Eleaf 20W.

– What’s your definition of a modder?                                                                         

I know modding since I was a little child. I was meeting with some friends and playing games on network groups modding some servers, and that’s how I started. Modding for me is taking something and making it different from the picture I have in my head.

– So how did you become a modder and what is the history of your brand?

– The real start was when I went to college and I wanted to buy a USB flash drive but there wasn’t anything interesting for me in the market so I started making my own USB flash drive. That was the beginning of it. I went to a shop and bought some tubes to build my own flash drives. Then I started vaping and I wanted to create my own special vape.

Past and present of SteamPunk Tools 

– How is your brand now and how did evolve?                                                           – I started creating my mod at my mother’s balcony with just a Dremel and a normal grinder tool. Now I have a 65 square meters workshop full of machines. Luckily it is growing bigger and I am working with big brands from Germany and Switzerland.

– Do you have plans for the future?                                                                             – Yes, I am planning my own mods, 2 different types, one mainstream and one in copper and brass modded completely different.

– Which product do you feel more identify with?                                                       – I think every product I’m making as they all come from me.  It’s very hard for me to chose one that represents me better than other.

– Can you tell us any funny experience you had as a modder?                      – Actually yes! Once I went to a shop for the first time to mod my Flash Drive. The shop owner thought that I was going to build a bomb and asked me to give her a copy of my documents. That was hilarious!

– Which materials do you use to build your mods?                                                     – I prefer using copper and brass, but I am working on some titanium projects right now. And I do everything all by my self with my hands.

SteamPunk ToolsFuture of SteamPunk Tools

– Are you considering exporting your creations?                                                         – Sure, I would like to go to some expos all over the world and make people aware of my brand and mods worldwide.

– What do you think vaping is missing to the vaping world to overcome cigarettes?                                                                                                                 -I talked about that 2 weeks ago with a friend of mine. And he told me something interesting about it. Consistency is missing in the vaping community. If you think of big tobacco companies for example, they keep the same product and even same packaging as 20 years ago. In the vape world, it’s hard to find same e-liquids from one year to another.

SteamPunk ToolsMore about SteamPunk Tools: Meet the SteamPunk Tube Mod II


  • Weight: 280g
  • Dimensions: 510mm x 22mm
  • Materials: Copper and Brass, Screws made of steel.
  • Safe precautions: Fire button block system
  • Batteries: 18650

Tube Mod II Overview

Not a lot to say, my friend, this is fantastic. It is a masterpiece, a beautiful artwork that shows how a vaping enthusiast can add something to the vape world. The welds are perfectly made. The fire button is spring loaded and also has a very simple block system. The 510 thread isn’t regulable but you can regulate the battery pin. The batteries used are 18650. I can say, guys, that this mod is something fantastic that deserves to be bought if you are a collector.

SteamPunk Tools Vape Mods ”SteamPunk Tube Mod II” Video

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