How to stop vape tank leaking?

How to stop vape tank leaking?

One of the main issues reported with most tanks is leaking. There is nothing worse than removing your mod from your pocket or stored area to find a leaking tank. The clean up is messy and often the scent lingers for a while before dissipating. Luckily, there a few tried and tested methods to help solve the age-old question of “Why is my tank leaking” and “How to stop my vape tank leaking?”

Take into consideration that not all instances of a tank leaking are related to a hardware problem. Sometimes tanks find themselves horizontal in pockets or bags. When a tank is left to lay on its side this gives the chance for it to flood into the coil/deck and then out the air flow holes.

That said , keeping tanks upright as much as possible will defeat any potential issues related to improper handling.

Breaking the solutions down into two categories, one for disposable coil sub tanks and the other for rebuildable tanks.

How to Stop Vape Tank Leaking for Disposable Coil Sub Tank

Disposable coil sub tank is the easiest to solve when it comes to a leaking tank. There are really only a few main components that will lead to leaking tanks and with these few recommendations you should be on your way to an airtight seal once again.

How to stop vape tank leaking?

  • Check To Ensure the coil is fully screwed in.

Making sure that the coil is fully threaded on is the first step in solving a leak. Sometimes another turn or two will solve this issue. If the coil is not fully threaded the liquid can make its way into the threads and then leak out of the tank.

  • Check The O-Rings at the base of the coil.

O-rings on pre-made coils are not perfect because they are often manufactured on a large scale where more error is possible. If there is even a small tear or deformity in the o-ring than the tank is going to leak. O-Rings can be replaced if spares are at your disposal. Otherwise, if the O-Ring is not doing its job it is time to move on to a new coil.

  • The Coil is Faulty.

Because these coils are mass manufactured it is not uncommon for a coil to be faulty out of the package. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to remedy this issue other than moving on to another new coil.

In rare cases some coils have been found to not have enough cotton within the wick slots and unfortunately there is not much that can be done about this either.

How to Stop Vape Tank Leaking for Rebuildable Tanks

Rebuildable tanks are slightly more difficult to solve in the sense it requires more work but here are the places to look when it is leaking.

  • Wicks

The wicks on a rebuildable tank are often the number one issue that leads to leaking. This issue is easily solvable but it does require more time to fix. Usually when not enough wicking material is inserted into the wicking channels. It allows the e-liquid to flow into the deck and flood causing juice to come out of the airflow holes.

Fixing this can be done by disassembling the tank and trying new wicks with more material in the juice channels. Trial and error is the only way to figure out a solution but also referencing wicking tutorials on youtube are helpful.

  • O-Rings

Like Sub Tanks, rebuildable tanks also have O-Rings that become faulty. Rebuildable tanks come with spare parts so replacing the O-Rings is easy.

How to stop vape tank leaking?

  • Tank Threading

Check all the threads of the tank to ensure that everything is sealed and tight. Improper seal and loose threading cause leaking as well.


With these few helpful tips solving that pesky leaking tank should be a bit easier. If all else fails, refer to youtube and online forums for other user related issues.

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