Study Finds More US Teens Are Vaping Than Smoking

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    A new study shows that more American teenagers have tried vaping than smoking. This study has raised concerns among some researchers. They worry that vaping could become a new generation’s substance-delivery system of choice.

    Study Finds More US Teens Vaping Than SmokingE-cigarettes turn liquid flavorings laced with nicotine into vapor. They contain fewer harmful chemicals than traditional tobacco products, and might prove useful in helping adults quit smoking. But that is a very different story when young teenagers use e-cigarettes who may not have used any other tobacco product. It is not a good idea for them to be consuming nicotine in any way, shape or form.

    In the last few years, vaping has seen huge growth. Researchers of the Monitoring the Future only have three years of data on the number of teens using the electronic devices. Their latest study found vaping is already widespread among high school students.

    They found that 35.8 percent of high-school seniors have tried vaping versus 26.6 percent who had ever smoked old-fashioned cigarette, according to the annual survey. The survey involves tens of thousands of students.

    “These findings emphasize that vaping has progressed well beyond a cigarette alternative,” said Richard Miech, the lead researcher. “Vaping has become a new delivery device for a number of substances. This number will likely increase in the years to come,” added Miech.

    Study Finds More US Teens Vaping Than SmokingPeople hold different opinions about the role e-cigarettes should play since vaping’s growth in popularity. Researchers from America argued that vaping does more harm than good. However, British researchers focus on the potential benefits of the device on current smokers.

    Vaproizers and e-cigarettes heat substances to the point just below combustion, which allows the substances to release steam or vapor carrying active ingredients without actually burning the material or creating smoke. They are considered to be a much healthier alternative to smoking, thought their long-term impacts are relatively unknown.



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