Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit Review

Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit Review

Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit Introduction:

The Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit is a new kit featuring the Hive Mech squonk box and the Dinky RDA. It’s designed by a Swedish vaper which is a small UK based company that mostly sells DIY mod parts.

It gets its name “hive” from being designed to look like a bee-hive with a honeycomb design like battery door. It’s available in 2 colors; honeycomb which looks like Ultem color and night wasp which is black. Both come with 2 different color sets of doors. The included RDA the dinky is a tiny 17mm diameter single coil RDA.

Manufacturer’s Specs: Mod

  • Size: 74 x 49 x 25mm
  • Promising Max Wattage: 115W
  • Coil ID: 1mm – 3.5mm
  • Battery cell: 1 x 18650 battery(not included)
  • Main Material: Polycarbonate
  • Squeeze Bottle: 7ml
  • Honeycomb-like hollow design
  • Full output mechanical squonk MOD
  • Stealthvape source 510 connector
  • 7ml high-quality silicone squeeze bottle

Manufacturer’s Specs: RDA

  • Size: 17(D) x 30mm
  • Main Material: Stainless Steel
  • Thread: 510
  • Switchable between DL to MTL RDA
  • Deep juice well
  • Wide wires choices
  • Side airflow system

Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit ReviewSwedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit Packaging List 

  • Hive Squonk Mod
  • Dinky 17mm RDA
  • Door
  • Button
  • Oil Bottle
  • Allen key Screwdriver
  • Two Kanthal A1 26GA-ID2.5 0.6ohm coil head
  • Spare Parts
  • User Manual

Hive Mod Aesthetics and Extras

The Hive Mod is a basic single 18650 battery Mechanical Squonk Box. The body is made from polycarbonate. The night wasp has a black body while the honeycomb has an ultem colored body. The honeycomb is transparent as well so you can see the internals through the mod. The honeycomb comes with a matching ultem color door and a black door.

Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk KitIt also includes a preinstalled black fire button and an included ultem colored fire button as well but can be a pain to swap that out. All the branding is indented on the mod so doesn’t really stand out which is nice. There is a hive logo on one side and the words swedish vaper under that logo. They include 2 silicone 7ml bottles. One clear one and one black one. I liked the looks best on my honeycomb one with the matching door, a black fire button, and black bottle personally but feel free to mix and match.

The door is held on by 2 magnets and fits well. One magnet sticks to your battery and the other to a magnet located inside the mod between the battery and the bottle. The hole cutout for the squonk bottle is a good size and squonking is easy and the bottles are really nice.

Hive Mod Features 

The hive mod is a true mech mod. It uses a single strip contact from the positive of the battery bent around the bottle and up to the fire button, then a single strip forms the 510 pin negative to the battery negative on top. The battery goes in positive side down and it’s clearly labeled. When you press the fire button in, it bends the strip to make contact with the positive of the 510 completing the circuit.

I would have liked for them to rubber coat the part of the contact that passes over the metal cap of the bottle as an added safety feature. It shouldn’t be an issue because it would be very hard to fire and get the bottle to shift enough to make contact with it creating a short but still it would have been nice. It does have a kill switch as well.

You can rotate the white part of the 510 just above the where the tube connects to lock the device so it can’t be fired It’s pretty easy to turn on and off and works well and is a nice design. The 510 pin is really nice as well. The squonking works great I had no issues with leaks and the bottle and battery are both very easy to remove.

Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit Review

Hive Mod Performance 

Performance wise, there isn’t a lot to test on a mech. Only voltage drop. The design looks nice and clean and doesn’t appear there should be much in the way of voltage drop.

So I ran some basic testing (measuring drop+sag) and using sony VTC5a fully charged batteries with a 0.2 ohm build I got 3.682 volts and 68 watts so right on par with better-performing squonk boxes like the azeroth, squeezer, and crea and much better than the poor performing pulse mech squonker. It performs as it should for sure with no issues. I ran a 0.62-ohm test as well and got 3.997V and 26 watts so again good performance and obviously less battery sag with the higher ohm load.

The included coils though labeled as 0.6-ohm actually ohmed out at .71 installed which vape round 21-22 watts on this device. Also worth noting please ignore the 115-watt limit posted it’s dumb and irresponsible for them to list that. It’s a mech box so limited by your build and battery and should only be used by people who are familiar with ohm’s law and know how to build safely and understand battery safety.

Dinky RDA Rundown and Performance

The included RDA has aptly named the dinky which means small or insignificant. Both adjectives this RDA lives up to. It is quite small at 17mm diameter and is a single coil only deck made for really small builds at higher ohms if you want to use it on the hive mech mod as well since it can’t handle much in terms of watts. They fittingly include 2 .6 ohm 26G 2.5 mm ID simple round kanthal coils.

I’m glad they label the coils and list specs but installed they ohm out at .71 ohms. The build deck is really nice. It’s a 2 post 1 hole per post deck that is easy to build on. I would have preferred they staggered the holes to make it even easier but no complaints there. Very easy to install coils and build on and clip your excess leads. For wicking just drop it down to the deck. The juice well is really tiny on this due to its small size so it can be easy to over squonk and have juice come out of the air holes so just squonk responsibly.

Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit Review

Dinky RDA Rundown and Performance Continued

It features 3 air holes on the side of the RDA. They claim you can MTL or DTL vape with it but not really. It’s a DTL vape for sure but fully closed down is a restrictive DTL vape. It’s not really suitable for MTL vaping. You can close off 1 airhole at a time. It comes with a drip tip to further restrict air and it’s needed as vaping on it without the drip tip in leads to hot lips as the RDA gets really hot and is so small.

Performance wise it really needs to be used under 30 watts and doesn’t produce very good flavor at all and feels pretty cheap and poorly designed. At it’s best it’s decent with a simple round spaced build and terrible with any other builds. As I said in the start dinky is aptly named because not only is it small, it’s insignificant and not worth using.

Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit Pros and Cons 

Pros: Mod

  • Lightweight
  • color options
  • nice unique design
  • Small size
  • no button rattle
  • Performs well
  • Spare 7ml squonk bottle included
  • Lots of interchangeable parts included
  • Locking mechanism

Pros: RDA

  • Easy to build on deck

Cons: Mod

  • A little overpriced for what you get
  • Not for beginners

Cons: RDA

  • Very limited build options
  • DTL only
  • Gets way too hot
  • Poor flavor

Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit Video

Final Thoughts on Swedish Vaper Hive Squonk Kit

So with all that said, do I recommend the Swedish Vaper hive squonk kit or not? I don’t like to do the yes or no and this is somewhat tough. The RDA is just bad and I wouldn’t recommend it. The Mod itself is really nice, designed well, looks awesome, and performs well. But at almost 90 USD for a kit with a useless RDA is a tough pill to swallow when you can buy a nice mech box like the crea, squeezer, or azeroth at half the price or even a non adjustable one like the feedlink or exotic BF or for a few bucks more a beautiful stabwood pumper 18 or a regulated squonk DNA mod like the VTinbox at a similar price.

If they sold the mod separate without the RDA for around 50-ish I’d recommend the mod for sure. I do really like the mod but wouldn’t personally pay 90 bucks for it. If you really like the looks and don’t mind dropping 90 bucks on it you will likely enjoy the mod as well so take what you will from that and make your own decision.

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