Vape Shop Warns About Possible Synthetics Mixed Into CBD Products

    Vape Shop Warns About Possible Synthetics Mixed Into CBD Products

    vape shop from Jonesboro (Arkansas) is warning their customers to be careful when buying products labeled as CBD to make sure they are legal and not putting them at harm.

    What is CBD? 

    CBD is a kind of compound which is found in the cannabis plants.

    CBD is not a psychoactive substance, so there’s no way to get a thrill or a feeling out of it,” explained Zach Slater, co-owner of the Emerald Triangle Administrative. “The CBD which we use is derived from the industrial hemp, so we operate under the U.S. Farm Bill in this area.”

    Where can you buy CBD and the benefits of it? 

    This compound is sold as a vape additive, tinctures, capsules, a honey mix, or other edibles.

    It is said to have many medicinal benefits,  such as relieving muscular dystrophy, arthritis, inflammation, and Parkinson’s disease.

    Slater said the most important thing is that it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so it cannot make you excited.

    “It’s non-psychoactive across the board so if you do feel, become aware of a situation where you’re just like, “oh,” you want to back off and either bring that product to us and we can send it off and have it tested or let the shop where you purchased it know that it isn’t supposed to do this,” said Slater.

    If you has experienced a high from a supposed CBD product, Slater said, it is likely that a synthetic compound has been added to it.

    Those compounds could include things like K2 or spices, which are very dangerous.

    Slater said they began issuing warnings to users about this after a local mother called them to express her concern about her son.

    “Her son had taken a product named Supernova,” Slater said. “He has a seizure while driving and pretty much lost his mind from what we can gather. He was taken to the hospital under some pretty severe circumstances.”

    He said that the products should have dosage amounts and instructions on the package.

    Slater said: “Our mission is to test almost all CBD-labeled products we can get our hands on as a thank you and to look out for this community, because without them, we wouldn’t be here. Those are the people we care about, our friends, our families, and the people who support us.”

    Slater said he and his friends are big supporters of what CBD can do for us, so they don’t want these shoddy products to give CBD a bad name.


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