T-juice Bohemian Custardy Review

T-juice Bohemian Custardy Review

T-juice Bohemian Custardy Information

T-juiceCost: £4.99~
Bottle Size: 10ML
Nicotine: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG & 18MG
VG/PG: 50VG / 50PG

T-juice Bohemian Custardy User Experience

“Bohemian Custardy from T-juice is a real creamy, delicious custard devilled with hit after hit of lucious redberry and exotic fruit harmony.”

The T-juice website descriptions this juice perfectly, it has light creamy notes that are accompanied by sweet delicious fruits. On the inhale you are greeted with a sugary but smooth custard, the flavour fills your mouth but not too much to become overpowering. Gradually on the exhale you pick up on notes for fruit that get stronger and stronger as you exhale.

There are clearly a few fruit flavours used in this liquid but the main one that stands out to me is cherry. Guessing flavours in juices can be hard and sometimes I have been known to taste things that havent been used! At my best guess I would say cherry and raspberry have been used but beyond that I have no idea.

Having unique and complex flavour has been a good and a bad thing. Unique flavours are always welcome in my eyes, they help break up the same profiles we see being released by every man and his dog (strawberries and cream). However they can be so complex that you dont really know what you are tasting and you dont enjoy it. This isn’t the case with this one, it is a joy to vape and I have used it as my all day vape for a few days with no regrets.

There isn’t really anything I would change with this liquid but if I could add (or increase if already used but my stupid brain cant detect it) would be pineapple, i cant help but think it would round off this juice nicely.

T-juice Bohemian Custardy Review

E-Liquid Cloud Vapor Packaging

The packaging is a plain metallic silver with a red lightning bolt. It details all the correct warnings, VG/PG percentages, nicotine content, capacity, best before date and a high quality child proof cap.

T-juice Bohemian Custardy Video Review

Review by Rob the UKVapester


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