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Ever since its inception, the electronic cigarette industry has progressively turned out innovative new products at a very fast pace. New products are arriving every single day. from mods to rebuildable atomizers, new types of wicking material and so much more. Last years big innovative item was the introduction of the RDTA. A hybrid between a rebuildable dripping atomizer and a rebuildable tank atomizer. In this review, let’s delve into the latest RDTA, IJOY Combo RDTA 2, from IJOY.

IJOY Combo RDTA 2 ReviewFirst Impression

There were a few companies that kick started the trend but there was one company in particular that captured the market in a big way. The IJoy Combo RDTA was the first large RDTA, allowing for large coil builds the same as you would find in an RDA. Now, just a few months shy of the anniversary of that release, IJoy has come back again with the IJOY Combo RDTA 2.

The ejuice consumption on the original Combo was substantial. With the right build, you could easily put down an entire tank of ejuice with little to no effort. The flavor from the Combo was exceptional and overall it was a huge success all around.It comes as no surprise that IJoy had its successor lined up for a future release. So, let’s take a look at what the IJOY Combo RDTA 2 will have to offer interested users.

IJOY Combo RDTA 2 Package Contents

IJOY Combo RDTA 2 Review

  • IJOY Combo RDTA 2 tank (IMC-10 deck pre-installed)
  • IMC-Coil3 Pre-made Coil
  • Extra Glass
  • Single Coil Plug
  • Tool Pack
  • Screwdriver
  • Warranty Card

IJOY Combo RDTA 2 Specifications and Features

  • Sub-Ohm and RTA Capability
  • 25mm Diameter
  • 510 Gold Plated Contact Pin
  • 6.5 ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • Side Filling System
  • Includes the IMC-10 Rebuildable Deck – Clamp Snag System Design (Pre-installed)
  • Includes (1) IMC-Coil 3 Kanthal Triple Coil 0.15ohm Atomizer for Variable Wattage (50 – 100W)
  • Adjustable Top Cap Side Airflow
  • ULTEM Wide Bore Drip Tip

 Ijoy has done a great job overhauling this RDTA for its version 2 release. Fans of the original Combo can expect a wide range of new features, design, and functionality.  While the maximum ejuice capacity has remained the same. Many new things have been added, such as a clamp snag system build deck similar to the Druga RDA.

I have to give praise to Ijoy for changing the top cap design. The way it functioned on the V1 was terrible, the plastic threads seemed to catch often and it just seemed too large. This time around they went with a standard ULTEM wide bore drip tip, much more functional and adaptable, especially for people who like to purchase custom drip tips for their atomizers.

As it seems standard with most atomizers today, the Combo comes with a 24K Gold plated build deck as well as a 24K gold plated 510 connection. It is not very often that you see an atomizer today that is not gold plated. I am not sure where this trend came from in plating the deck and pins but if nothing else, it looks really good.

The clamp snag system that is set up on the Combo RDTA 2 is a very significant upgrade both for looks and functionality. Both newer vapers and seasoned vaping enthusiasts will benefit from this design.This system of coil installation makes it extremely easy to install the coils onto the atomizers build

This system of coil installation makes it extremely easy to install the coils onto the atomizers build deck without having to reach for any sort of tooling to tighten things down. Take note, once the coils are tightened down via the thumb screws, additional tightening is recommended to ensure that there is no resistance fluctuation or shorting of the atomizer.

Even for newer vapers who are just starting to rebuild, the building deck on the Combo 2 will make things considerably easier.  Cloud chasers and vape tricksters will find that the build deck on the Combo 2 allows for some very large coil builds. Allowing them to achieve those super sub ohm resistances that they crave.

Carried over from the Combo V1 to the Combo V2 is the side port fill.The entire atomizer is spill proof except when filling from the side, the tank can become air locked and leak juice out the side.

To fill the Combo all you need to do is gently pull up on the top cap revealing the bean shaped fill port.

Also carried over to this new installment is side airflow.Side airflow on the V1 was more than adequate to satisfy the needs of any vaper, from vaping enthusiast to vaping beginner. The range of airflow wide open to full close is substantial. With full air, the Combo is very airy.I would not have seen any reason for Ijoy to change this feature on the Combo RDTA 2.It was not an issue previously, having airflow directly across from your coils provides the vaper with dense and flavorful vapor.

IJOY Combo RDTA 2Vapers out there interested in the potential of a rebuildable atomizer but do not currently possess the knowledge of how to make their own coils or are learning, the Combo 2, just like the first version, comes with a disposable coil option.The disposable coils offered with the initial purchase is titled the IMC-Coil3. The resistance of the pre made coil is listed as 0.15ohm with a max power range of 50-100w, depending on the vapers preference.

If this coil is anything like the original Combo coils,it will provide fairly good flavor with thick vapor production. This is a good system IJoy has kept with. It gives a potential coil builder opportunity to experiment with coil builds on a nice deck but allows them to install pre made coils if the occasion calls for it. Available options for the Combo 2 are very similar to the V1. There are an assortment of different build decks that can be purchased by the vaper. There are10 build decks available for the Combo 2,9 if you subtract the IMC-10 that comes with it.

The IMC-7,IMC-8 and IMC-9 are all very attractive postless design build decks. The remaining are all of various design. IJoy has basically covered every single deck design that has come to the market in the last year.

IJoy has made sure that no matter what your preference, the Combo 2 can meet whatever you require, even if that means making an additional purchase to get the atomizer set up just the way you like it.

Something that should have been changed from the original release is the inclusion of the RDA base. Many users were not happy that it was not included with the V1.Ijoy should have made this an included accessory for the V2 but again,it needs to be purchased separately. The RDA base is an essential for switching the RDTA to an RDA.

IJOY Combo RDTA 2 Conclusion

Ijoy has done things differently this time, making small improvements where necessary. The overall look and feel are slightly different but the design elements are similar in some ways to the Combo 1. Fan of the original Combo will be satisfied with the performance that the Combo RDTA 2 has to offer.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.

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