Telli’s Mod – Modder of The Week

Telli's Mod - Modder of The Week

Telli’s Mod – Modder of The Week

Welcome Vapers to the second article of our new weekly column that will show you some modders from every part of the world. What’s the work behind a mod creation and finally creating a big community of vapers and vaping artists. Today we will talk about Telli’s Mod, an Italian modder that creates Wooden Boxes and Tubes. He actually is the creator of one of the most famous Italian tubes; the Prismatic.

Telli’S Mod is born from the passion between vape and mechanics, the creator is Daniele with more than 20 years of experience as a machine tool programmer and toolmaker. Each piece comes out of his hands with passion and meticulousness.

Telli's Mod - Modder of The WeekInterview Part 1

Lorenzo (me): What’s your name?                                                                                Him: My name is Daniele Bettelli.

L: How did you meet the vaping world?                                                                          Daniele: Through an agent that came to my home and saw that I was smoking and told me, stop. The vaping world will give me much more satisfaction.

L: What’s your definition of a modder?                                                                             Daniele: Technically speaking, the modder should be the one that modifies the mods that already exist, but right now he is the one that we can say creates more artisanal products with his passions. So not a lot of pieces but a lot of quality.

L: So how did you become a modder and what is the history of your brand?

Daniele: I always loved modeling and DIY, as I always built everything that I could. So when I joined the vaping world I saw that there were other people making their own mods, and from that, it all started.

L: How is your brand now and do you have plans for the future?                                        Daniele: Yes I have a lot of plans, first of all in March me and other Italian modders will go to Munich Vape, so we can show some Italian quality abroad. Anyway, right now I take this more as a hobby than as a job.

Interview Part 2

L: Which of your products represent you and what are you most proud of?                    Daniele: I think that’s the Prismatic, the first tube I made.

L: how did you get the idea of the Prismatic and which materials do you use?            Daniele: It was actually born naturally, I was casually drawing some projects and I liked his esthetic so I made it. For materials, I principally use Brass and Aluminum. We can say that are those materials are a bit easier to work with.

L: How do you design your projects?                                                                              Daniele:  Everything is made by my self, from the projection to the milling, turning and machining and then from packaging to shipping.

L: Can you tell us something funny that happened in your history as a modder?                Daniele:  Yes actually, some time ago a man asked me to print Mussolini on a tube and I answered that it wasn’t possible.

Telli's Mod - Modder of The WeekInterview Part 3

L: Now the most important question, what do you think is missing from the Vaping World to overcome cigarettes?                                                                                                  Daniele: The information, even if it is prohibited to promote vaping, it would be better to help people start vaping than to keep smoking and promoting it as some Tobacco Companies keep doing. 

L: Would you like to say something to our reader?                                                            Daniele: I would like to thank you for this interview and say to the community to buy products that are well made, and to support modders.                                                    L: Perfect, so it has been a pleasure for me interviewing you. I hope you will like the article and see you soon!

Telli's Mod - Modder of The WeekTelli’s MOD ”LOVETTO” OVERVIEW:

Technical Sheet:

  • Materials: Aluminum/Brass for the corp and Copper for the power button
  • Aluminum type: Polished or Micropalled
  • Tube Type: Mech tube with Hybrid Attach
  • Dimensions: 51 x 25 mm (on the thickest part)
  • Weight: 37g without battery
  • Maximum Atomizer Dimensions: 22 mm (23/24 mm on request)
  • Supported Battery: 1 x 18350
  • Engravings: Variable, can choose on the website or request a special one

Telli's Mod - Modder of The WeekOverview  

The Lovetto by Telli’s Mod is an incredible MTL tube that uses 18350 batteries. The machining quality is fantastic. On the bottom, you have the fire switch with an engraved Telli’s Mod Diamond. On the corp, you have a high-quality engravement that really gives a big personality to this micro-tube. You can also choose between a lot of engravings or also ask Daniele to make for you the one that you prefer.

Telli's Mod

The materials used are all 100% Italian and very high quality. It can mount 22 mm atomizers like the Vampire or the Siren V2. The last one matches perfectly with the tube making it seem as if it is made to live with it. Current discharge is divine as are all the threads. The Lovetto dimensions are like some of the pod mods that we have in the market right now, so you can understand how you can fall in love with it, a very portable tube that gives you a fantastic vape quality!

Telli’s Mod ”LOVETTO” VIDEO:

I really do want to thank you guys for the success we encountered in the first article on VIRTUS VAPE and I hope you enjoyed this column, that I am trying to bring once a week on Sunday. So if you are a modder and want to talk about your product on The Vaping Times, do not hesitate to contact me via DM on Instagram.



I am Lorenzo from Italy, a writer of The Vaping Times and the owner of Blog LorenzotheVaper. If you want to know more about me, you can check my personal blog.