Battery Safety Tips Vapers Need to Know


Vaping is considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking, but there still exists some risks. You’ve possibly heard the news about vape battery explosions. While cases of exploding vape batteries are extremely rare, there are considerations to bear in mind. In this article, I will highlight ten tips vapers need to know about battery safety.

Invest In High Quality Batteries

Battery Safety Tips Vapers Need to KnowIf possible, invest in a high quality batteries and you will get what you pay for in life. A cheap battery can increase your risk of unwanted accidents, such as battery explosions. Sometimes expensive does not always mean good quality. Therefore, make sure to buy your batteries from a manufacture with a high reputation.

Go For A Smart Charger

Common chargers for vape batteries can overcharge or discharge your batteries. So, for vape battery safety, choosing to go for a smart charger is your best option, whose unique features ensure your batteries are always charged to their optimum.

Transport Batteries With Care

A common mistake many vapers make with battery safety is neglecting to transport batteries with care. At the end of the day, you’d better put vape batteries in a battery case, and don’t leave them to roll around. Otherwise, the batteries may be at risk of contacting other metal objects like coins or keys, which could cause an explosion.

Store Your Batteries Well

You need to bear temperatures in mind when storing your vape batteries for extreme temperatures could potentially harm the longevity and function of your batteries. If possible, store your batteries in temperatures between 50 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid Changing Your Charger Cables

Avoid Changing Your Charger CablesTry not to change the charging cable for your battery charger. Stick with the original charging cable of your device. If you use alternative cables, you could perhaps overheat your batteries because of higher voltages from other cables.

Don’t Choose Cheap Chargers

Not all battery chargers are the same for not all of them have an “over-charge” function. Purchase a high quality charger and make sure to use the correct charger for your battery at all times!

Don’t Over-drain Your Batteries

Your batteries won’t tell you when they need charging! Charge your batteries regularly to avoid completely draining them. Also known as discharging your batteries, it can be as harmful as overcharging them. If you often discharge your batteries, they will become weaker and eventually you need to replace them with new ones.

Charge Your Batteries At The Correct Amp Level

When charging your batteries, ensure you are charging them at the right amp level. Charging at an amp too high or too low can do harm to your batteries. So as a vaper. you should understand Ohms law, the key to understand how to charge at the best amp level. Every device has variable settings so you need to adjust to make sure your amp level is correct. The most common charge level is between 0.5 and 2 amps.

Check the Status of Your Batteries

Checking the conditions of your battery is one of the most important aspects of battery safety. However, many vapers overlook this simple aspect and use an old, damaged battery, which can have a disastrous consequences for you e-cigarette. Usually, the batteries will be covered by a plastic sheath. You need to check whether the sheath is still intact, which is very important. If not, consider buying a new one.

Insert Your Batteries Correctly

Insert Your Batteries CorrectlyThis seems quite simple. However, many batteries are damaged because of being inserted incorrectly. If insert your batteries incorrectly, you will fry your battery and potentially damage your mod! Therefore, before inserting batteries, double check the orientation specifics for your device.


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