Tesla CP Couples Kit Review

Tesla CP Couples Kit Review

Tesla CP Couples Kit First Impression

A Beast! That’s the term I’d use to describe this expert craftsmanship. This genius piece of engineering is known as the Tesla CP Couples Kit.

I know this dual RDTA system has been done before. But I believe Tesla has the edge with their model. Providing you have the right build, this will hit you like a steam train. It’s not one for the faint-hearted. I am running this device both with dual aliens at 0.11ohms per deck. The flavor is insane and cloud production is immense. I kept the same wattage either side to remain consistent.

So let’s look at the box and what’s inside. The box itself displays the same picture of the device whether its gunmetal grey or the 7 other colors.

Tesla CP Couples Kit Packing List

  • Tesla CP Mod
  • Cotton
  • Bag of Spares: 4 x Clapton Coils, O rings, Post Screws, Allen key
  • Micro USB with the Metal braiding
  • Battery Safety Card
  • Detailed User Manual

This is a dual 18650 RDTA double-barreled regulated device. What a mouthful! 4ml juice capacity either side with clear glass to show the levels. The airflow is adjustable either side too. However, the top cap has the airflow fixed on. When you pull the top cap off the entire section is one piece. The drip tip isn’t changeable. However, it is easy to clean.

Vaping with Tesla CP Couples Kit

I tried this device with the supplied Clapton coils, mixing lemon meringue and strawberry cheesecake juices. At the start I tried the device one tank at a time. You can do this with the handy button beneath the fire button. One click and it selects one tank at a time. Alternatively, you can run both tanks at the same time.

Now, this is the part I found truly bizarre. Bizarre in the fact that 2 prominent flavors are exciting your taste buds. Next I tried this device with dual aliens which I am using now and wow!! Wow indeed as this hits hard. The cloud production filled the room and the flavor sensation was off the chart!

Tesla CP Couples Kit Review

Deck building

Lemon meringue and strawberry cheesecake mixed together was an experience, sweet yet tangy, zesty yet fruity. The floating velocity style deck may not be everyone’s preference, but they are easy to build on. You can take them out and build on an ohm reader if you wish. Wicking was easy. First cut the lengths to the required size. Then screw back into the 510 connection, juice up via the convenient filling port and away you go!

Screen Heaven

The large 0.96-inch retro style OLED Screen is full of all the relevant information. Including; battery percentage, ohms, amps, volts and of course power mode. The screen itself is bright and displays well. Menu settings are easy to navigate. 3 clicks of the fire button and you’re in menu mode.

Juicy e-liquid

Simply e-liquid, a company based in the UK sent me this device. I was so impressed I went and got the same kit but in a different color. This is my daily device but it is weighty and will drink juice by the bucket load. The airflow is ample and allows for a good intake. It is just a shame this is fixed. From a hygiene point of view, I do like to dismantle my RDAs and RDTAs fully to be able to clean them properly.

What I found truly unique about this device is you can run 2 different settings at the same time. For example – Temp mode on the right-hand side deck and wattage mode on the left-hand side deck. That feature for me makes this device stand out more so than others. The fact you have the ability to do that really surprised me!

The unique curved design based in stainless steel with a plastic trim enables this device to sit comfortably in the hand too.

Tesla CP Couples Kit Video Review

Tesla CP Couples Kit Final Thoughts

My personal opinion of this device: I’m happy with it and impressed with it. Would I recommend this device to others? Yes, I would. Just make sure you research ohms law, know battery safety and be prepared to be taken for a cloudy ride!

With the top cap, I would have liked a removable drip tip and not the plastic cover. This is subjective and just how I like to clean my RDTAs. Finally, the price point of this device. Some may argue the price is ok as you’re paying for 2 RDTAs. For me the price is high, ranging from £60-£90 here in the UK.

Matt Francis

My name is Matt and I’ve been vaping for around 3/4 years. I started vaping as a means to give up smoking and quickly developed a passion which in turn lead me to doing reviews on YouTube, Twitter and instagram.
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