Best RDA in 2017


How time flies. We will welcome 2018 a month later. In 2017, many new RDAs came out, but do you know which one has the most outstanding performance? Today I have compiled a best RDA list for you vape lovers.

Best RDA Hellvape Dead Rabbit

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA, is a project of Heathen, who is a well-known hardware reviewers in the vaping industry. Hellvape is a famous vape product manufacturer always bringing us vapers incredible new vape products. They got together to create a unique and user-friendly RDA.

Best RDA Hellvape Dead RabbitDesigned by Heathen, the Dead Rabbit RDA features a unique top terminal four post build deck, which provide you with generous building space and take the guesswork out of pre-cutting coil leads. Rounding off this deck is a peek-insulated block for a heat-resistant foundation. Its bottom and side airflow system bring you an extremely open draw. Airflow is designed for big flavor and minimizing leaking. You can adjust the airflow freely by turning the ring at the base of atomizer. Its knurled cap can offer a better traction so that you can adjust the airflow with ease. To assure better conductivity, the RDA employs gold-plated posts. Besides, the device comes with a 510 drip tip adapter and a gold-plated bottom feed pin.

Dead Rabbit is a good choice for both builder and squonkers. It can run in two modes—single coil mode and dual coil mode, whether you are dripping or squonking. With astonishing performance, the Dead Rabbit is definitely one of the best RDAs this year.

Best RDA Digiflavor DROP

Digiflavor DROP RDA is another collaborative creation. It is designed by the famous reviewer Brian, the man from the Youtube Channel, “the Vapor Chronicles” and Manufactured by Digiflavor. This RDA is an original, performance-driven platform that is unlike any RDA we have seen before.

Best RDA Digiflavor DROPIts four short, gold-plated posts are positioned along the sides of the chamber, leaving maximum build space with open access to trim excess. This setup also allows for easy coil replacement. It suits a range of coil configurations from single coil setups to more complex ones. Its spacious internal chamber also has a deep juice well, which facilitates easier wicking and juicing of coils. One either side of the mid cap, you can find T-shaped air holes. The stepped interior of the top cap can work in conjunction with these air holes. It can throttle the air holes as you like. In this way, this stepped airflow design can offer you precise control and an extreme smooth and whistle-free experience.

Besides, its locking top cap guarantees perfect airflow positioning, which makes adjusting airflow much easier. The conical shape of the top cap provides you with smooth and uninterrupted airflow. For your personal preferences, two different sized 810 drip tips and a 510 drip tip adapter are included.

Best RDA Digiflavor Aura

As a seasoned vaper, if you don’t know who Daniel is in the vaping world, you may be behind the times. He is an expert YouTube reviewer, who is famous for his professional analysis of the latest vape devices. Cooperating with Digiflavor, he has designed his own atomizer.

Best RDA Digiflavor AuraDigiflavor Aura RDA will surely bring you the best vaping experience because of its build deck system, deep reservoir and the attention to details and extras. Its step clamp build deck allow you to faster and easier than ever. It build deck is secured with two big user-friendly screws. Two sets of screws are included, bother flat head screws and Philip screws, which enable you to apply more torque. They are not only solid, but also longlasting and convenient. Two airflow channels of it produce dense and intense flavor because of the angle directed to the coils. To prevent the mod from heat, it employs an ultem disc plate, which also gives the RDA a distinct look.

The Digiflavor Aura is equipped with a domed top cap, which is machined close to the coils to intensify even more flavor. To meet your personal preference, two sets of 810 drip tips are included. Besides, gold version comes with PEI drip tip. Both regular positive connector and bottom feeding connector are included. And the bottom feeding connector is high enough to leave a perfect amount of liquid inside when you remove your bottle. 2.5mm and 3.0mm tools are available to position the coils while assembling. What’s more, you can also find two 3.0mm coils personally selected by DJLsb Vapes in the package.
Together, these features make it one of the best RDAs in 2017. Just get one Aura to enjoy extremely convenient vaping.

Best RDA Geekvape Peerless

If you have been vaping for some time, then you must know Geekvape. This company really like to challenge their limits and strive for excellence. This time Geekvape brings us the Geekvape peerless RDA. This thing only costs you 23.6 US dollars. But don’t let its price fool you and think this is a budget RDA. Actually, it is an outstanding device that happened to be inexpensive.

Best RDA Geekvape PeerlessNow let’s look at its main features. Geekvape peerless RDA features an innovative juice well, which is an astonishing 10 mm deep. It has a channel which connects juice well to insure the juice is evenly distributed between your wicks. The creative build deck of it supports both single and dual coils. Featuring CNC machining and 24k gold-pated deck, this device gives you a sleek look and superior conductivity. The build deck also features a triple terminal, dual post design and gives you a world of possibilities on the type and size of coils.

Nine air holes running diagonally across the barrel provide you with plenty of airflow. The RDA comes with a squonk pin, so it is compatible with a bottom feeder. Its drip tip is made of acrylic. Therefore, you needn’t to worry about overheat. Geekvape peerless RDA tank is compatible with wide bore drip tips. Coming with 510 thread, it can work with most threaded batteries. Five colors are available—gold, magenta, blue, black and silver. Besides the RDA, you will also receive one PEI drip cap, one 810 drip cap, squonk pin, multi tool, spare o’rings, spare post screws and a user manual.


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