Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD Review

Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD

Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD Review

Hello everyone, Vapor Mike here. Today we’ll take a look at the Think Vape Sailboat Baby Box Mod, a single 18650 mod. It has a max power output of 85 watts, a very cool ergonomic shape that has the silhouette of a sailboat (hence the name), a gorgeous painted kirsite alloy body and a pretty cool hidden fire button packed into the slick little package. If you’re in the market for a new mod for your tanks or RDAs, keep reading because the Sailboat Baby may fit the bill.

Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD
Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD

Think Vape Sailboat Baby Specs: 

  • Size: 30 x 45 x 93mm
  • Screen: 0.96 inch OLED Screen
  • Wattage range: 5W-85W
  • Temperature range: 100℃-315℃/200℉-600℉
  • Working modes: VW/VT(Ni/Ti/SS)/Bypass
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3ohm
  • Battery: 1 x 18650 Battery (not included)
  • Material: Kirsite + PC
  • Thread: 510 thread

Think Vape Sailboat Baby Packing List

  • Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W MOD (no 18650 included)
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual
Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD
Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD

Think Vape Sailboat Baby Mod

Lookswise the Think Vape Sailboat Baby Mod is subjective. It has a pretty unique Sailboat silhouette to the body, with the polycarbonate that makes up the faceplate wrapping around the bottom to create a flat stand surface for the mod.

It’s pretty unique looking but in my opinion, it would look better without the PC base and instead had a flat bottom. Like I said, subjective. As for the finish of the body, its a kirsite alloy finish with a stunning metallic paint job. It looks like the kind of finish you would find on a car. It looks great and the clear coat makes the finish of the paint pop. The kirsite adds some weight to the mod and it feels solid and well built, for the most part. More on this point later.

Think Vape Sailboat Baby Mod Continued 

The batter can be accessed by a magnet panel on the side. The mod has some strong magnets to make the connection making it all come together nice and tight. There’s no play or wobbling on the battery door.

Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD
Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD

The feel of the mod is very ergonomic in your hand and the voltage adjustment buttons are easily accessible. The top of the face above the LCD screen houses a hidden fire button. Pressing above the area above the screen engages a hidden button to fire the mod.

Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD
Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD

It’s a pretty clean design as there are no large buttons or anything on the screen side, just a plate black polycarbonate, with the LCD screen housed in it and two small round voltage adjustment buttons. I was digging it. My one gripe with the hidden button is the engagement didn’t feel solid at all times. It wasn’t responsive and clicky and I had some moments where the button didn’t engage every time.

Think Vape Sailboat Baby Performance

This mod can power a broad range of resistance from 0.1 to 3 ohm, capable of firing most RDA builds or tanks around. It’s powerful with a max output of 85 watts and offers temp control and bypass mode settings.

During my time with the mod I used an RDA with a 0.25 fused Clapton build, an MTL RDA with a 0.7-ohm Clapton build, and a single coil sub-tank with an alpha braid coil at 0.35. The mod handled each different mod/tank easily, and the 510 bases fit 25mm RDAs with some room to spare. A 26 or even 27mm base would probably fit on there flush.

I did have a couple of hiccups while using the device which may be one-offs but I think they should be noted. There were a couple of occasions where the mod kept asking me if there was a new coil in my device. I would select no, then when I tried firing the mod it would reboot then ask me again if there was a new coil.

Think Vape Sailboat Baby Performance Continued

This cycled two to three times, by removing and reinstalling my battery the issue seemed to rectify. This could be something resolved via a firmware update or as I said, it could be an isolated experience of mine.

As I mentioned earlier, the hidden button was another area I felt may pose a weak point in the mod down the road. It didn’t feel responsive all the time and I had some occasions where it didn’t fire at all when pressing it.

Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD
Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD

The polycarbonate stand of the mod is very unstable and I found the mod toppling over quite easily and I found it easier to just lay it down on its side vs standing it up. This wasn’t too ideal when pairing the mod with an RDA.

Think Vape Sailboat Baby 85W TC Box MOD Video Review


The Think Vape Sailboat Baby is a good looking mod with most of the features you would want in a mod. It can handle pretty much most tanks and RDA builds and since it’s a single 18650 mod, it is skinnier than most dual 18650 mods. The painted alloy body looks great and the quality of the paint finish is stellar. However, there are some shortcomings I spoke about above. If that hidden button was upgraded and it had a more sturdy base, I’d be strongly recommending it.

Vapor Mike

My name is Mike Cardeno. I started vaping back in 2010 and have never touched a cigarettes since. I started using 810 devices, to 510’s, eGo’s, Nautilus etc. to the current offerings of Subtanks and RDA’s. I love how far the industry has come and look forward to what’s in the future for vaping. I enjoy collecting new devices and writing reviews to give my feedback on some of the newest gear.