Timesvape Reverie RDA Review

Timesvape Reverie RDA

Timesvape Reverie RDA Introduction

Today we are going to review the Timesvape Reverie RDA. This RDA is a 24mm-diameter single vertical coil BF RDA, designed by Stan and manufactured by Timesvape.

You can check if you’re going to be lost in reverie vaping with it.

Colors available:

Timesvape Reverie RDATimesvape Reverie RDA Specs & Features

  • Diameter: 24 mm
  • Type: single-coil RDA
  • Deck: single vertical coil deck
  • Drip Tip: 810
  • Thread: 510
  • Unique vertical single-coil RDA of 24 mm diameter
  • Easy to use vertical build deck
  • Multi-port airflow with many options
  • Reduced inner chamber
  • Deep liquid well with removable barrel-cap for easy wicking
  • Locking of barrel-cap for easier airflow alignment
  • BF gold-plated squonk pin
  • Two 810 drip tips (black delrin & resin)

Timesvape Reverie RDA Packaging


  • Reverie RDA
  • Two 810 drip tips (resin & delrin)
  • A cleaning cloth
  • Two 2.5 mm & 3 mm-diameter ceramic rods for coils’ wrapping and their vertical alignment
  • Spare o-rings and screws
  • A gold-plated squonk BF pin
  • A screwdriver and a manual

Timesvape Reverie RDADesign features and usability

The Reverie RDA is equipped with a single-coil vertical-build deck, a squonk pin and a deep liquid well. It also features a multi-port airflow system (with many adjustments for providing precise airflow control) and a reduced vaporization chamber. It uses two 810 drip tips (Goon-styled), a delrin one and a resin one.

Timesvape Reverie RDAExcept its drip tip, the Reverie RDA consists of three parts, made of stainless steel:

  • the base-deck
  • the barrel-cap (also confining a deep base well) equipped with two parallel sets of three air holes each, vertically arranged
  • the airflow control (AFC) top cap

Timesvape Reverie RDAWhat makes its design interesting is:

  • its base-deck for a single vertical coil set-up
  • its base-deck’s barrel-cap incorporating two opposite-positioned blocks that carry the main air-channels of the base-deck. These blocks substantially restrict the vaporization space, so that it doesn’t look like one of a 24 mm-diameter RDA.

The Base-deck

The base-deck carries two posts, asymmetric in height, for easier screwing down the vertically positioned single coil. The posts and screws can easily hold any type/size of wire securely.

The well’s liquid bowls on both sides of the BF pin are relatively deep, accepting sufficient quantity of liquid. Due to the higher-positioned air-channels, over-spilling is difficult when over-squonking.

The BF pin and the regular 510 pin are gold-plated.

Timesvape Reverie RDAThe Barrel-cap of the Base-deck

It carries two opposite-positioned vertical blocks, incorporating two sets of three vertically arranged cylindrical, long/deep air-channels, slightly sloping downwards towards the center of the deck.

These form the main part of Reverie’s airflow system covering the whole lateral area of the coil’s length. Such deep, multiple, small-diameter cylindrical air-channels are a design’s choice known for providing smooth and quiet puffs.

These blocks drastically reduce the available vaporization space around the vertically positioned coil. This design also places the air-channels’ outputs closer to the coil’s surface. This is advantageous as far as the avoidance of vortex on the out-coming air beams before hitting the coil’s surface. Thus, an increased air velocity is maintained as the air hits the coil. Such an arrangement is known to provide a dense flavourful vapour.

At the top of the barrel-cap, the blocks’ top surfaces are slightly inclined towards the center of the barrel-cap, for not withholding any condensed vapor.

Timesvape Reverie RDAThe barrel-cap also carries an indent (internally at its bottom), which slides over a corresponding protrusion of the base-deck behind its higher (negative) post, in order for the barrel-cap’s air-channels to always be centrally aligned in between the posts and locked in place. Its locking also helps to easily rotating the AFC top cap above it.

However, you have to look for which side of the barrel-cap to fit in to the base-deck. One more indent should be hosted (opposite-positioned to the existing one) for making fitting choice easier by just looking the barrel-cap from the top.

The AFC Top Cap

The AFC top cap carries two opposite-positioned sets of three quartets of air holes horizontally-arranged, but also phase-shifted by one hole. These air holes are the adjusting part of the airflow system.

By rotating the AFC top cap, you can adjust the airflow system to provide (on opposite sides of the vertically-positioned coil) 1, 3, 5 or 6 air-channels open.

Even with 6 air-channels open, the Reverie is not extremely airy, due to the whole design.

The AFC top cap is slightly domed at its internal top, for uniformly compressing the vapor towards the drip tip.

At its upper external part, the AFC top cap carries a fairly deep groove for easily gripping it to remove it from the barrel-cap. But, this groove also acts as a heat sink (by increasing the surface area of the AFC top cap).

The Included 810 Drip Tips

The included 810 drip tips are two Goon-styled, a black delrin one and a colored resin one.

Timesvape Reverie RDA

In the packaging two ceramic rods of 2.5mm & 3mm-diameter are also included as guides for wrapping and setting up your vertical coils.  Their diameters denote the coil’s pivot-cores suggested by the manufacturer. Wrapping a coil with a smaller inner-diameter than the smaller-diameter rod, increases the active vaporization space, while wrapping a coil with a larger inner-diameter from that of the larger-diameter rod increases the risk of contacting the coil to the air-channels blocks of the barrel-cap.

The only thing left to pay attention to is positioning your coil adequately higher over the deck’s bf pin, for an easier wick’s setup (as described below). But, not so high, for the length of your coil to surpass the height of the air-channels (since the incoming air must cover the whole lateral surface of the coil).

Timesvape Reverie RDATimesvape Reverie RDA

For You Wick

Cut a piece of cotton, in width at least twice as the inner-diameter of your coil and in length twice as the height of the higher post. Roll it between your palms and inserted it to the coil from its top to be tightly stuffed in. Use your tweezers from the bottom of the coil to drag down the wick inside the coil, leaving at its top just a 1mm wick’s protrusion. Split the long bottom side of the wick in half and lay down each half to the bottom of each bowl of the base’s well, to fill them.

Timesvape Reverie RDATimesvape Reverie RDA

Timesvape Reverie RDATimesvape Reverie RDA

With such a setup, the Reverie worked flawlessly and impeccably, either as a BF RDA (with the bf 510-pin) or as a dripper (with the regular 510 pin).

Depending on the type of your cotton, you must use a wide enough piece of it, for its very tight insertion to the coil. In this way, the capillary action of the wick’s liquid saturation is increased.

After washing Reverie, “grease” all o-rings at each first use.

Timesvape Reverie RDA Performance

The Reverie is not meant for huge clouds or “heavy” coil builds. It is mostly for a restricted DTL vaping.

It stands out for its exemplary build quality.

Its airflow system is impressive as far as the provided range of adjustments and its smooth and quiet puff.

The provided vapour is dense and velvety.

Using an Alien Clapton wire for building a coil around 0.4Ω and firing it up to 40-50W, flavour’s intensity is “mixed” with flavour’s integration, depending on your airflow adjustments. With lower-Ω coils, you can get more flavour’s intensity, while with higher-Ω coils you’ll enjoy flavour’s integration “mixed” with flavour’s analysis, depending on your airflow and wattage adjustments.

This versatility is due to the relatively small vaporization chamber’s space, confined by the design’s choice of the vertically positioned coil and its closely-placed air-channels outputs. You could even dare try an 810/510 driptip adaptor with your own wide-bore 510 driptip for exploring flavour’s analysis on higher-Ω builds with lower wattage and less airflow.

There are no excess-heating issues even with lower-Ω coils, if you use mods with a metallic frame/body (for heat dissipation by the mod).

Timesvape Reverie RDA Video 


Timesvape Reverie RDA‘s build quality and design is remarkable. Its versatile airflow system is characterized by a smooth and silent puff. Its flavor’s versatility is memorable. The posts carry securely-tightening screws for any type of coil wires. Wick’s liquid saturation with the suggested wick’s arrangement is performing flawlessly.


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