Japanese Organic Cotton for Wicking

Japanese Organic Cotton for Wicking

When you dive into the world of vaping, you may hear a bunch of stuff about cotton, which is used as wicking material to go inside the coils. Though there are countless wicking materials out on the market, which one is the best to use? As far as I know, most vapers agree on one thing—Japanese Organic Cotton is the best. On every vaper’s list, you can find the organic Japanese cotton.

Japanese Organic Cotton for WickingWhy do vapers like Japanese Organic Cotton so much? Japanese Organic Cotton is one of the highest quality cottons available on the market! It is said that Japanese cotton is grown in organic farm, where no pesticide is used for at least three years. Therefore, this growing method creates one of the purest cotton on the market.

Besides, Japanese cotton is known as “Never Bleached! Organically grown pure cotton in Japan.” The dark spots on the cottons are from the dried natural cotton leaf. So the Japanese cotton can give you the purest taste and an amazing vaping experience. Normal cotton is bleached and therefore is thought not great for vapor or taste.

Japanese Organic Cotton for WickingBesides, Japanese cotton is easy to use. A small sliver is all you need. Japanese cotton usually comes in perfect square pads and each one is approximately a quarter-inch thick. What you need to do is snip off enough, following the path of the fibers to fit snugly through the coils.

Although Japanese organic cotton can give you the purest flavor and is simple to use, it is easy to char. So you need to change the coil more often using Japanese cotton than using other cottons. For chasing clouds and low ohm builds, it is the only drawback because a little too much heat, the Japanese cotton is toast.

Japanese Organic Cotton Product Features

Never Bleached! Organically grown pure cotton in Japan. The dark spots on the cottons are from the dried natural cotton leaf to create.The purest organic, unbleached cotton on the market! Giving you the purest taste, and an amazing vape experience.


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