5 Top Vape Mods and Tanks from Joyetech 2018

5 Top Vape Mods and Tanks from Joyetech 2018

Joyetech one of the most prolific manufacturers of vape products has been around for quite some time and in that time they’ve produced some really incredible devices. They cover such a wide range of styles and features that nearly anyone who vapes has likely used one or more of their products. I know I’ve been using their products for years and really appreciate what they as a company bring to the market. Here’s a rundown of my 5 top vape mods and tanks from Joyetech for vaping in 2018.

My list of top vape mods and tanks includes: 

1. Espion Silk with NotchCore

Notable features:

  • Internal battery
  • silicone padding and NotchCore technology

5 Top Vape Mods and Tanks from Joyetech 2018The Espion Silk was a bit of a surprise for me, I don’t normally gravitate to internal battery mods but the Silk with its silicone pads was just too comfortable to not want to hold it. It sports a whopping 2800mAh internal battery which last a long time when paired with their NotchCore coil technology. Notch coils were a bit of a fad a couple years back that never really took off but Joyetech managed to refine the technology by drastically shrinking the coil making it much less power hungry yet still capable of producing good flavour and vapour. You can easily run the Silk at just 25w and get all day battery life with excellent flavour and vapour production thanks to the included NotchCore tank. There is no doubt that Espion Silk with NotchCore is one of the top vape mods from Joyetech in 2018.

Espion Silk with NotchCore Pros and Cons 


  • Lightweight
  • Various color options
  • Really nice paint job
  • Unique design
  • Very ergonomic and comfy to hold and soft
  • There’s no button rattle.
  • Power mode performance
  • Accurately rated for watts
  • Boost circuit
  • Reset button
  • Nice included Beginner tank for loose MTL or low watt DTL
  • Coil performance and long-lasting life
  • It’s easy to replace inexpensive coils that can be rewicked.
  • It works good with 50/50 to 70/30 juices with no leaks.
  • Tank has nice slideback top fill.
  • Full Watt adjustments 20+ watts


  • Outdated not intuitive menu system
  • Small outdated looking screen

Espion Silk with NotchCore Video 

2. Riftcore Duo

Notable features:

  • Top fill bottom airflow RTA that uses unique RFC heater chips

5 Top Vape Mods and Tanks from Joyetech 2018Ok so this one isn’t a mod but I tend to like things that are different and Joyetech once again did something different with their coil technology. With the Riftcore Duo tank they released what they call RFC heater chips which replace traditional coils with a perforated heater chip. Essentially two plates sandwich cotton wicks and act as the heating surface in place of regular coils. The chips are noted for heating quickly and evenly as well as lasting a long time thanks to the materials they are made of and on top of that they’re self-cleaning. They’ve also been emission tested and they appear to be considerably safer than some other technologies out there. RFC technology is still in its infancy but it’ll be interesting to see where Joyetech takes it!

Joyetech Riftcore Duo RTA Pros and Cons 

  • Excellent build quality
  • Ease of building
  • Changing the cotton is easy.
  • Very good flavour, better than expected
  • Precut strips of cotton included
  • Self-cleaning was easy.
  • Very good vapour production


  • It’s a little bit expensive

Joyetech Riftcore Duo RTA Video Review 

3. Espion Solo with ProCore Air

Notable features:

  • Compact 80w single 21700/18650 battery mod

5 Top Vape Mods and Tanks from Joyetech 2018Who doesn’t appreciate good battery life in a compact mod? I know I sure do which is why the Espion Solo with ProCore Air is one of my choices for top vape mods from Joyetech. It’s a super sleek 80w regulated mod that takes a single 21700 or 18650 battery with an interesting James Bond-esque sort of style to it. It bears a big bright black and white OLED screen that uses touch to operate the menu. It’s easy to use and the battery life I get from it is fantastic. It’s full featured, extremely well made and looks great to boot. It also commemorates their 10th anniversary as a manufacturer with a little tribute laser etched on to the fire button. I happen to think it’s one of the best looking devices released by Joyetech yet and I absolutely love the compact nature of the mod. It also comes with a nice tank the ProCore Air that works as good as it looks!

Espion Solo with ProCore Air Pros and Cons 

  • Power performance works well
  • Its very easy to use menu system.
  • Really nice build quality
  • Large fire button and large bright screen
  • Very comfortable to hold in hand
  • Long battery life for its size
  • No button rattle
  • Battery tray and loading is great.
  • Accurately rated
  • Temperature control performance is poor.
  • Mod will get hot while charging.

Espion Solo with ProCore Air Video Review 

4. Batpack with Joye Eco D16

Notable features: Low power, high nicotine device that uses AA batteries

5 Top Vape Mods and Tanks from Joyetech 2018The Batpack makes my top vape mods and tanks list simply for the fact that it’s unique. It’s the first device in the market that I’ve seen that uses ‘AA’ batteries. It’s really meant for use with high nicotine as the tank and coils it comes paired with were created for just such. They use BFHN coils which are extremely low power coils that only need 1.85V to power them. Joyetech saw an opportunity and created the Batpack a dual ‘AA’ battery powered device that works perfectly with their new BFHN coils. Fans of salt based nicotine will appreciate this kit as will any less then tech savvy folks as this one is truly easy to use and maintain.

Batpack with Joye Eco D16 Pros and Cons 

  • It’s innovative with the rechargeable AA batteries.
  • Very easy fill system
  • You can use regular AA batteries
  • Simplicity
  • Size and form factor
  • Beautiful Drip tip
  • Could have put a charge port

Batpack with Joye Eco D16 Video Review 

5. Espion with ProCore

Notable features:

  • Sleek 200w dual 18650 battery mod

5 Top Vape Mods and Tanks from Joyetech 2018I picked several devices from the Espion line and for good reason. All of the devices I’ve tried with the Espion branding have not only worked great but they look fantastic. The original Espion mod looks sleek and compact with that same James Bond-esque look and feel that the Solo version had. It’s a 200w fully featured device that takes dual 18650 batteries and sports a big 1.45″ full colour TFT screen with an easy to navigate menu. It comes with the ProCore X a fairly modest but still slick looking tank to match the motif of the mod. It’s got top-fill and bottom adjustable airflow and works with a variety of coils available on the market. From my point of view, Espion with ProCore also deserves a place in this best vape mods and tanks list.

Espion with ProCore Pros and Cons 

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Centered 510 connection
  • Colored display
  • Improved menu and navigation
  • Instant firing
  • Very affordable
  • Bland display colors

Espion with ProCore Video Review 


In the end it’s hard to go wrong with almost any Joyetech product. They have such a wide variety to suit nearly any individual’s needs ranging from starter kits to advanced rebuildables, simple devices to powerful and full featured mods. I think most will agree they take pride in their products and it shows with each release. It seems they’re constantly innovating while simultaneously fine tuning the experience they provide. It’s hard not to be a fan of a company like that. These are just 5 of my top vape mods and tanks from Joyetech, what are yours??

Chris Sisson

After 26 years of smoking I made the switch to vaping and never looked back. Now with over 5 years of vaping experience and 4 years of reviews under my belt I’m a passionate and experienced vaper who loves to give back to the community.