Some Useful Tips for Stealth Vaping

Some Useful Tips for Stealth Vaping

With more and more state limiting when and where you can vape, it is very necessary to learn stealth vaping. It is a way of minimizing the evidence of vaping so that others will not know you are vaping. Sometimes, of course, this is easier said than done. However, if we have the proper equipment and materials, as well as technique, we may do so successfully.

Best E-juice for Stealth Vaping

Best E-juice for Stealth VapingIf you are in a situation when you need stealth vape, you’d better use high PG e-juice. Compared with high VG e-juice, high PG e-juice produces less vapor. Besides, some e-juices like Tobacco e-juice, cakes and pastries e-juice and strawberry e-juice have a much stronger and more noticeable aroma than others. Though someone cannot see you vape, the strong scent of the e-juice might just tip them off. For example, strawberry flavoring has an unusual make-up and can linger around for a while. To make things worse, the addition of sweeteners such as ethyl maltol leaves a sweet sugary aroma in the air long after vaping.

If you choose an e-juice that has a more subtle fragrance, things would be quite different. Take citrus and menthol e-juices as an example. These e-juices often have a more neutral odor. They can blend well in many situations, often passing for cleaning products.

Best Type of Mod for Stealth Vaping

Best Type of Mod for Stealth VapingMost vapers would like to use box mods because they can get some pretty fat clouds. However, this can be a really problem if you want stealth vaping. If you are serious about stealth vaping, you’d better invest in a vape pen. Compared with box mods, vape pens usually have a lower voltage output, thus producing less vapor than box mods. In addition, if you use a high PG e-juice, you can further lessen the amount of vapor.

Ways to Minimize Exhales Vapor

Even with all the equipment and materials, if vapers vape as they would normally, people can still notice they are vaping. However, with a little bit of expert technique, it is possible to ensure your vaping goes unnoticed.

Ways to Minimize Exhales VaporDeep Inhale is one of the most common and effective stealth vaping techniques. You need to inhale deeply and keep the vapor in your lungs for a few second before exhaling. Different from the deep inhale, second inhale means taking a second inhalation of air after your first draw. This can dilute the vapor, making it less noticeable after you breathe out. In addition, you can also deeply inhale and swallow the vapor and keep it in. Then exhale through your nose. If not invisible, vapor production should be nominal. Last but not the least, you can take a vape inhale and then blow the vapor into a paper towel or your shirt, which will absorb much of aroma and clouds.


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