Vaffle – The Ultimate Vape App For Vapers

Vaffle combines vape tools and all social media features in just one app for vapers

Vaffle - The Ultimate Vape App For Vapers

Vaping is more than just a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. It’s a hobby and even a lifestyle with a huge popular subculture. Every year, the vaping industry impresses me with many innovations and new designs. This year it was not a new vape device that impressed me, but a vape app for vapers called Vaffle.

Vaffle came across as the “Instagram for Vapers”. It is the integration of vape tools (e-liquid calculator, ohm calculator…) and social media in just one phone app. Vaffle allows you to post pictures and videos, comment on posts, send private messages, meet people with similar preferences and show off. So at this point, you might be thinking, isn’t it what Instagram already does? Let me answer that question…

Why Vaffle?

It is the only social media where vaping is the main topic and there are no silly bans! Most Social Media have strong policies against vaping. Did you know that vaping ads are banned on Facebook, Twitter and Google as they consider vaping a tobacco related product? This ban is so strict and ridiculous that it even affected A Billion Lives, a documentary that supports vaping advocacy…

Vaffle - The Ultimate Phone App For VapersPublic health advocates say that a Facebook policy banning advertisements for electronic cigarettes or related products is risking lives by contributing the spread of misinformation on vaping. The funny thing is they do allow ads for nicotine patches and gums… This is scary as Facebook censorship might affect us all one day. Vaffle is the only existing social media where vaping is sacred. No bans!

Vaffle has all the vape tools you might want in just one app! Vape tools are not a new thing on smartphones. However, Vaffle combines the most useful vape tools in just one app. Located in the top corner of this app, you have a resistance logo where you can access 6 different tools: coil calculator, e-liquid DIY, Battery Life, Mod Direction, Vape Diary and Ohm’s law.

Vaffle - The Ultimate Phone App For VapersThese tools are very useful for advanced users looking for accuracy, creating your own e-liquid recipes or just to have a rough idea of how much money you saved since you switched to vaping.

Vaffle Rewards You!

On Vaffle, your social media interactions have a reward! If you are very active on social media, you will really enjoy this feature. Every time you like a post, leave a comment, post something new or share the app with friends you will get points on Vaffle. Then you can redeem those points for vape gifts. Although the redemption is under process and Vaffle does not provide much information about this yet, I assume that those points will be gold in a close future.

Match people with the same vaping preferences. This feature is one of my favourites! Vaffle allows you to add vaping devices and match other people using them. I think this is a great idea because you can directly engage with people who understand what you are after. Let’s say that you bought a new tank and are not getting the performance you were expecting. Thanks to this feature, you are able to connect with vapers worldwide that might help you to get the best vaping experience out of your new vape device. That’s a big pro for me!

Where can I Download Vaffle?

It is available for both Android and IOS. Downloading this app is completely free!

Final thoughts about Vaffle

Vaffle is the most comprehensive phone app for vapers to date. In the past, I have used other phone apps for vaping such as Vape Boss, E-liquid Calculator and Ohm’s Law. I am glad to see that Vaffle gathered all the good stuff about those in just one vape app. In addition, the level of interaction you get on Vaffle with other users is just superb. The interface is clean, user-friendly and intuitive. All in all, Vaffle is the ultimate phone app for vapers and I am personally very happy to see that we have a reliable social media platform made for the exclusively for the vaping community.

Alfonso Melero

Content creator and marketer. Originally from Spain, I lived a few years in Scotland and China where I started to work for the vaping industry. Vaping is not only a profession for me but also a passion. I quit smoking thanks to vaping almost 3 years ago. I helped many smokers to switch to vaping since as I am convinced vaping is a much healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.