Vanity Mod – Modder of the Week

Vanity Mod - Modder of the Week

Vanity Mod – Modder of the Week

Welcome Vapers to the third article of this month of our new column that will show you some modders from every part of the world and what’s the work behind a mod creation, finally creating a big community of vapers and vaping artists. This Sunday we will talk about Vanity Mod, another Italian modder that produces fantastic masterpieces with 100% Italian and high-quality materials.

Today we will hear the interview of Rocco Pafundi, the creator of those fantastic boxes, a vape lover and fantastic modder.

Vanity Mod - Modder of the WeekInterview Part 1

Lorenzo (me): What’s your name?                                                                                Him: My name is Rocco Pafundi.

L: How did you meet the vaping world?                                                                          Rocco: I met the vaping world I think as everyone, about 5 years ago when we had the first boom of e-cigarette with a lot of advertisement and shop that was opening at every corner.

L: How and why did you start vaping?                                                                            Rocco: I started 5 years ago a bit for curiosity and also because as all the smoker I had the dream of stopping using cigarettes. Nevertheless, I have not been able to stop smoking and I abandoned the vaping world. Till 3 years ago when a person that was very close to me died I decided to stop, and I crumpled up the cigarette pack. Moreover, I am convinced that someone can stop smoking only with 2 motivation, or for a strong fright or because you can’t hold it anymore.

Vanity Mod - Modder of the WeekInterview Part 2

L: What’s your definition of a modder?                                                                            Rocco: A modder is a creative, for me is a dreamer, is a hyperactive mental. There are 3 categories of modders, the artisan that his the person that really have gold in his hand and that creates wood boxes or tubes only by him. After we have the modder as I am that search and study all the new and innovative programs for the prototyping that’s not drawing on paper, he is the one that bangs his head on polygons, millimeters and all those math formulas that you may have ignored for years. Then we have the guy that goes on the Internet, download a file changes the coloration and say that they are a modder.

L: So how did you become a modder?                                                                          Rocco: It all started as a hobby because before being a modder I am a vaper. About  2 years and a half ago there wasn’t a lot of choices on mechanical boxes; we were forced to choose some circuited box from China. There was a lot of poor products made with some very bad materials, so I asked myself what I wanted as a vaper, what can satisfy me? And then I started studying, imagining and creating my boxes.

L: What is the story of your brand?                                                                                  Rocco: I started with a friend of mine that had a 3D Printer, and I didn’t like the quality of the results. I was searching the excellence, so we separated and I bought my first 2000 euro of 3D Printer. After I sold it because again I wasn’t happy with the resolution of it and I decided to entrust the printing of my projects to companies that are first in the sector.

Vanity Mod - Modder of the WeekInterview Part 3

L: What is the product that represents you better? How is your brand now and do you have plans for the future?                                                                                                      Rocco: I think that what represents me better is my logo because I started with it, it has a bit of elegance and enigmatic that really represents me but I think that also the product that will come will represent me, as every mod is a little part of me.

After I made more than one box because I never dwelt my self on only one. I started with the Marylin Mod because I was searching for an image that was representing class and beauty. After I started a line of boxes with different artworks that I apply to them as the Santa Muerte and Demon and I fingered my self to this style. I also want to say that all the artworks are made by a real artist so nothing that you will find on the Internet.

Luckily now I started working really good and all my boxes are starting to go around the country. In October I will go to my first fair in Venice and then I hope that in March I will be able to land in German to the Pure Vape Munich.

Right now I am also working on some circuited boxes because as we know the mechanical ones aren’t for nooby. I never sold one of my boxes that could have given me this impression. It’s also true that they must start in some ways, so I am going to lunch those circuited mods with a very lightweight, ergonomics, compacts and with materials that aren’t known right now in the vaping world, for example, I will lunch one mod made with Polyjet.

Vanity Mod - Modder of the WeekInterview Part 4

L: Which materials do you use for your mods?                                                                  Rocco: For the external box I use the Nylon A.R.B Black Born. It is usually used in the internal of big cars like Mercedes, Audi and BMW, I know that because the company that prints the boxes for me is from Padova and work for them. The 510 Connector is from Vapor Bagarre, the battery connector. The battery connector plate is the Steam Blade from Andrea Ferrario in full silver 999. The squonk bottle is the Pagota Md. All the materials used are 100% Italian.

L: Which question would you like me to do?                                                                    Rocco: Would you like to reach the international marketing as the first choice Italian product? I would answer yes, I would prefer to work abroad than in Italy.

Vanity Mod - Modder of the WeekInterview Part 5

L: What do you think is missing from the Vaping World to overcome cigarettes?                Rocco: I think right now is missing the desire to save people, because right now we are killing peoples with cigarettes, we must say stop at this advertising campaign pro-tobacco and anti-vaping. Is missing the brave to say stop making money with the cigarettes, a person worth more. Another thing that is also missing are the taxes on importations, a lot of persons before searching the quality pass by clones stores and buy products that aren’t well made, and those products can hurt you.

L: Thank you very much, has been a pleasure meeting you and interviewing you!                Rocco: Same for me, thank you!

Vanity Mod ”Santa Muerte” 

Vanity Mod - Modder of the WeekVanity Mod ”Santa Muerte” Specifications:

  • Materials: Nylon P66, Silver 999
  • Mod Type: Mech Box Mod
  • Dimensions: 42 x 24 x 72 mm
  • Weight: 45g without battery
  • Maximum Atomizer Dimensions: 24 mm
  • Supported Battery: 1 x 18650
  • Artworks: Marylin Mod, Santa Muerte, Black Demon and Catrina.

Vanity Mod ”Santa Muerte” Overview 

This mod guys leave me without words, it is a perfect masterpiece made with passion, hours of studies and best materials on the market. At the touch, it feels like velvet. It is solid and very ergonomic. The A.R.B nylon is perfect as the quality of the print and the artwork on the box is gorgeous and unique. The fire button is flush to the box and give you a very ultrasensitive switch. There is literally nothing to say about this mod if not that it is perfect and that gave me a lot of emotion. A must for every vaper that search quality in his experience.

Vanity Mod ”Santa Muerte” VIDEO:

Thank you guys for reading and for the big success that this column is encountering.          I also want to thanks Vanity Mod a lot for participating in this interview!

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I am Lorenzo from Italy, a writer of The Vaping Times and the owner of Blog LorenzotheVaper. If you want to know more about me, you can check my personal blog.