5 Vape Apps Vapers Can’t Refuse

5 Vape Apps Vapers Can't Refuse

Vape Apps Introduction

As a result of the rapid development of the vaping industry, we can find many vape apps for iPhone and Android devices. I bet most of you already know that and perhaps use vape apps every day. More and more vapers have turned to vaping apps to help them find an optimal e-cigarette experience. Here are five vaping apps that may be the perfect addition to your vaping life.

Vaffle (Free, iOS, Android)

5 Vape Apps Vapers Can't RefuseVaffle is an international vaping community. In the community, you can share all your cool vaping moments, follow your friends and other vapers to see what they are up to. You can also discover vapers from all over the world that are sharing things, you both love. Want to know what vape devices and hashtags are trending now? Vaffle will tell you. Are you interested in watching premium videos and photos directly from your mobile device?

Watch on Vaffle. Vaffle can also help you find vaping friends that have the same devices as yours. You can also post photos and videos and discover which of your posts are liked, reposted and find out who started following you. You can also share multiple photos and videos and bring them to life with some text. Want to try? Last but not the least, you can customize your vaping profile with a photo, description and location on Vaffle too.

Vape Boss (Free, iOS, Android)

5 Vape Apps Vapers Can't Refuse

Vape Boss is more than an App. It’s a mature mobile platform for vapers. With functions such as; news, shopping, social networking, photo sharing, tips and more. Vape Boss was launched in 2014 with the aim of providing a free, all-encompassing, “one-stop” resource for vapers around the world. Users can find nearby shops, locations of their favourite e-liquids, product reviews, and a platform to buy, sell, trade and share vape products in just a few clicks.

Vape Boss uses a clean, intuitive interface. It not only exists as its own app but the platform which can be licensed and customized by any vaping retailer to promote their own businesses. Vape Boss also offers shops the chance to be featured retailers, set up SEO-driven websites, and much more.

Ohm’s Law App

5 Vape Apps Vapers Can't RefuseThis is a user-friendly Ohm’s law App. It allows you to calculate any 2 unknown values by entering 2 known values. Enter the known values and the other two unknown values are automatically calculated and filled in.

This is a great App for vapers, students working with Ohm’s Law, electricians, or other individuals working in the electrical-related fields. The App makes things much easier to keep within an amp limit. This App has no ads, no permissions, no unnecessary programs or add-ons. A super light and fully functional App! I recommend this app over others!

The Vape Tool

Do you know the resistance of the coil that you are going to build? Want to know how to prepare your own e-liquid? Want to know the minimum resistance and maximum vape current for every 18650 battery? The Vape Tool App is a huge arsenal for every vaper. Both beginners and advanced vapers can use this app, it’s super simple.

5 Vape Apps Vapers Can't RefuseVape Tool App Features:

  • Coil Calculator: helps you to calculate perfect coils. Supports multi-coil setups types like; Clapton Coil, Parallel Coil, Twisted Coil, and different wire materials plus the Steam Engine feature.
  • Sweet Spot Finder: shows you the wattage sweet spot for your coil setup.
  • Liquid Blender Calculator: help you make e-liquids and calculate their final cost.
  • FAQ Articles: read about E-Cigarettes, MODs, BOXs, Coil Builds, Mechanical Mods, E-Liquids, Atomizers, Accessories etc.
  • Battery Life: allows you to calculate estimated runtime on your mechanical mods and estimated puffs.
  • Ohm Law calculator: based on ohm law, you will be able to calculate Voltage [V], Resistance [Ω], Current [A], Power [W].
  • AWG converter: provide easy conversion from AWG to mm.

E-Liquid Calculator App

E-Liquid Calculator App

E-Liquid Calculator is a complete calculator to help you to produce your e-liquids mixes obtaining your desired nicotine and flavour levels.


  • 8 flavours mix by ml, drops and grams
  • Decimals everywhere
  • Full edit of saved recipes
  • Pump up E-liquid (European TPD Law Ready!)
  • Resistance calculator
  • Watts calculator
  • Bases Mixer
  • Languages: English (default), Italian, Spanish, German, French, Čeština


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