Vape Coils for Rebuildable Atomizers 101

Vape Coils for Rebuildable Atmoizers 101

When a vaper makes the move from sub-tank to a rebuildable atomizer, vape coils are the first item searched out. Vape coils come in various sizes,designs and materials. With so many options it can become difficult to decide what is the best option.

This articles purpose is to provide a new builder with basic information and tools needed to get on the path of working on rebuildable atomizers.

Wire Types

Nichrome 80:

This type of wire is excellent for low resistance coil builds and provides a bright full flavor. Nichrome 80 is widely preferred by builders across the world.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is the number one choice for users looking to enter into temperature control. It can provide low and mid resistance builds with excellent flavor.


Nickel is another strict temperature control designed wire. This should not be used in power mode.


Kanthal wire is the original material used since vaping has been around. It can provide adequate flavor but to achieve lower resistance builds, lower gauges of wire will be required.

Basic Tools To Get Started

Depending on the route taken, tools will be required for making coils. There are a wide range of tool available but all of them serve a general purpose. Some aim to make building easier while some are just functional.

A DIY Coil builders kit is always recommended for new builder. These kits provide a range of items such as flush cut pliers, ceramic tweezers,coil jig,ohm readers and many other useful items.

The Geekvape 521 Master Kit V3 is an excellent choice as it contains every item that will ever be required to build or install coils. 

Vape Coils Types

Micro Coil

Micro coils are composed of one single strand of wire, tightly wrapped throughout. Each wrap in a Micro coil will touch the next. These coils provide a good amount of surface area thus leading to an increase in vapor and flavor production

Macro Coil

Maco coils are also a single strand of wire, wrapped but with spaces left between each wrap. Some users claim this method provides the best flavor possible while some do not agree.

Clapton Coil

"<yoastmarkClapton Coils were the one of, if not the first complex coil designed outside of a single strand build. They are made up of an inner core wire and outer wrap wire. Variations in wire combinations lead to different coil resistances. Different wire types will also play a role in the overall resistance of the coil. Clapton coils provide a significant increase in flavor over a basic coil due to the grooves that are present in the wrapping wire. E-Liquid flows into all these grooves and created a much better flavor and vapor experience.

Fused Clapton Coil

Fused coils are an upgrade from the basic clapton. Similar to a clapton they contain a core and wrap. Difference being that they contain multiple cores,the number of which is up to the skill and patience of the builder. A basic fused clapton contains two inner core wires,side by side and an outer wrap wire. This wire type again provides a boost in both flavor and vapor.

Alien Fused Clapton

One of the first fancy variations of the fused clapton. The alien clapton is the same as fused clapton in that it contains two core wires and a wrap wire. The difference is in the wrap wire. Alien coils are made by first making a clapton coil than removing the core from the rod. The core is then stretched out and wrapped around two core wire, creating an alien-like effect on the coils. Performance of these is comparable to the fused clapton but the look of them is much nicer.

Framed Staple Coil


These are a very low resistance vape coil.They contain a significant amount of wire and also provide a significant upgrade in both flavor and vapor production,these coils are difficult to make and consume a lot of time.

Staggered Variations

Staggering a coil is another method of achieving lower resistance builds while creating something beautiful. To stagger a core wire,the builder must feed two of the same wrap wires onto the core at the same time or use a staggering jig. If two of the same wires are used when wrapping, one of the strands is fully removed from the core to create a perfect gap between the wraps. Once this is done, the core wire is split into two and attached together via another wrap. This time the wrap wire will land into the gap areas left behind from the staggering process thus creating the staggered effect. This can be done on several different vape coil types but the most common being staggered fused claptons and staggered framed staple coils.

Mentionable Coil Types

Caterpillar Track Coil

Helix Coil

Mohawk Coil

Interlocking Alient Coil

Enigma Coil

To Make Or To Buy

Deciding whether or not to make or buy advanced vape coils is a decision all must make. Luckily, the options for both routes are wide and near endless. Choosing to make coils from scratch is a frustrating, time consuming but extremely rewarding process. Skills required to master this art take time to acquire but with hard work and determination, it is achievable.

Starting out by practicing is the best way to go. Begin with a single strand of wire and wrap it around a rod until you achieve the results you desire. Choose a low gauge wire such as 22-26G in Kanthal. This is the easiest wire type, to begin with and these gauges will make it even easier.  Once a certain level of comfort and confidence is achieved, venture in to YouTube and watch some advanced coil tutorials to decide which you would like to build first.

If you have chosen to not make these excellent vape coils but rather buy them,there are many options. Looking around your local shops or online vaping communities will reveal at least a few custom coil makers selling their works. While these hand made works of are are something to appreciate, they can sometimes be very expensive. Much time and work has gone into making these coils by hand so naturally the business owner is going to charge the appropriate value for them.

Demon Killer is an excellent choice to look for advanced vape coils. They are available online and are used by many vapers. Demon Killer offers a very large selection of advanced artisan coil types but is much more affordable and makes it easier for new builders to try them out.


Geekvape is also well known for their selection of wire spools and coil packs. The selection from Geekvape is larger than Demon Killer and the wire quality is fairly good. Options from Geekvape are spools and coil packs.

Whatever decision is made, the venture into advanced coils is always exciting. Moving from basic coils, users will find enjoyment in the increase they experience in flavor and vapor.


Vape coils cant be used without cotton. Even mesh coils require cotton. While there are many options for cotton, there is one basic rule to follow. Organic cotton only. Hundreds of companies exist now selling organic cotton, some can be very expensive and some slightly more affordable.  Kendo Vape Cotton is a nice choice, affordable and long-lasting.It is all organic and easy to work with. Even more economical is Labo Puff Cotton, all organic square pads but require more work.


Making the decision to move into rebuildable atomizers is sure to provide the user with challenges and skills development. It is also going to be a lot of fun. When you choose to rebuild your own atomizers, the control you have over your own vaping experience is endless.

There are many resources out on the internet available for more advanced tutorials as this one is meant to guide curious individuals onto the correct path. Experienced builders such as Squidoode,Twisted Messes, Grimm Green and many others have documented the process involved with advanced building on YouTube as well as instagram. Good Luck and Happy Building!

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.