Poor media coverage after vape explosion caused man’s death in Florida

Tallmadge D’Elia first man killed by a vape explosion

A 38-year-old man was killed in Florida after a vape explosion. His mech mod exploded causing severe wounds in his head and a small fire in his resort room. The body was discovered by firefighters in the burning bedroom. According to the report, the battery might be the cause of the explosion. It’s not the first time a vaping device has exploded and caused injuries. But it is believed to be the first time a vape pen has exploded and caused a death.

How did this vape explosion happen?


Most vape gear in the market has safety features. Regulated devices come with a chipboard that blocks your vape device if the battery gets compromised for any reason. Unlike regulated devices, mech mods do not include any of those safety features.

ohms too lowUsing mech mods is not recommended if you don’t have enough knowledge about ohm law. If your batteries are old or if you are not using the right atomiser. If the resistance you are using in your atomiser is too low, then the amperage will become dangerously high. This could cause your battery to vent or worse. This won’t just happen with a regulated device because your mod will give you a “ohms too low” warning, shutting down your device.

The man was found dead in his resort room in Florida using a mech mod from Smok-E Mountain. A representative of this manufacturer blamed the device’s battery for the explosion.

Lithium-ion batteries are not only used in vape gear, you can also find them in Smartphones and tablets.

Poor media coverage

Sadly, some media are carrying out a very poor coverage of this vape explosion in Florida. It seems that they want to question the safety of vaping with alarming news. What happened to Mr D’Elia (the 38-year-old man found dead) is terrible. But questioning the safety of vape gear is as silly as questioning the safety of any other device using a lithium-ion battery.

“No other consumer product places a battery with a known explosion hazard in such close proximity to the human body,” a report from the United States Fire Administration said. “It is this intimate contact between the body and the battery that is most responsible for the severity of the injuries that have been seen. While the failure rate of the lithium-ion batteries is very small, the consequences of a failure, as we have seen, can be severe and life-altering for the consumer.” This is completely misleading.

Back in 2016, there were 35 reported cases of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding. Many people have died because of smartphones explosions, using microwaves or just any electronic device. Last March, an 18-years-old girl was killed when her phone exploded during a call. Have you ever seen media insinuating that phones are unsafe to use? Nope, so why vaping?

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