Vape Kit Single Handily Takes Down Air China Plane


    Vape Kit Takes Down Air China Plane

    Now you’re probably as shocked as me. A vape kit bringing down a whole Boeing 737 plane is quite impressive. Quite amazing, who knew these little kits had so much power hey. I can see it now, please turn off all mobile devices and vapes onto flight mode. “We don’t want a repeat of last time do we!” And you have to admit, it is quite ironic, Air China, the land of the vapes, bringing down their own, I mean come on you couldn’t even write this stuff!

    Vape Kit Single Handily Takes Down Air China PlanePlane plunges!

    It was a normal Tuesday flight from Hong Kong to Dalian. When suddenly, without warning, passengers were told to fasten their seatbelts. Oxygen masks dropped from the overhead compartments and panic set in. The kind of reaction warranted when the plane was about to crash or what not. But no all the commotion was over some clouds that got a bit out of hand. Maybe the co-pilot built a bit too big for that flight!

    Plane panic!

    So there has been prior accusations of pilots smoking during Chinese flights. Which we all know we are told explicitly we cannot do. There are signs everywhere, notices and now (especially after this, I’m sure there will be little vapes with big crosses through them!) Anyway, an initial probe (hehe) by China’s Civil Aviation Administration in China, has shown that the co-pilot tried to turn off a fan to stop vapour reaching the passenger cabin without telling the captain, but they turned off the air-conditioning unit instead.

    Plane Explanation

    “Smoke diffused into the passenger cabin and relevant air conditioning components were wrongly shut off, without notifying the captain, which resulted in insufficient oxygen,” quoted Qiao Yibin, an official of the regulator’s aviation safety office. First of all, not SMOKE, you just said it was a vape kit sooo he was VAPING and producing VAPOUR. Honestly, I wonder sometimes. But anyway this did cause a big old drama and the plane did not appreciate it.

    Vape Kit Single Handily Takes Down Air China PlaneQiao said the shut-off triggered an alarm, prompting the crew to perform an emergency pressure relief procedure as the plane descended. This brought the plane more than 6,500m (21,000ft) lower and decreased oxygen levels. Imagine how hard it would have been for him to vape with no oxygen! Ruin that drag completely.

    Plane and Simple

    Once the crew saw that the air conditioning had been turned off, they reactivated it and brought the flight back to its normal altitude. No sweat. Authorities are reportedly investigating the cause “in greater detail”, examining both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder to determine precisely what caused the incident. It was the big old scary mod I tell ya!

    Vape Kit Single Handily Takes Down Air China PlaneHonestly, it is just a protestors field day that the co-pilot was vaping. If this had been anything else, probably wouldn’t have even made page 3. It was pretty rough turbulence and lunch probably didn’t sit well after that, but the co-pilot was probably just getting in some cloud practice for the weekend competition!

    Ps. everyone was fine, this is meant in a humorous manner.

    Rowena Minney

    Hey guys, I am a 24yr old business/marketing graduate. After seeing loads of my friends use the magic of vaping to quit smoking I took a real interest in the industry and went to China to work for an e-cig company and see how it compared to the UK. I am really interested to see what 2018 has to offer to vapers and tell you guys all about it!