Vape Kits Explained – Beginners’ Guide to Vaping

Vape Kits Explained

Vape Kits Explained – Beginners’ Guide to Vaping

If you are reading this post, you are probably confused with how many weird terms are associated with vaping. Don’t worry. It happened to all of us. The good news is that if you keep reading my post you will have a much better idea in about 5 minutes. You are about to understand everything to do with existing vape kits!


Back in 2007, vaping was a new invention and the first designs were made to resemble real cigarettes. Things have changed a lot but you might still see some people using them. Jack Nicholson, for instance, has been seen in public pulling cig-a-likes. They are the smallest and possibly most primitive form of vaping. There is a non-refillable cartridge and the draw is very similar to a regular cigarette too. They are automatic so they get activated when you inhale. No buttons. Just a cartridge and a battery that can be charged via USB cable.

Vape Kits Explained


Pod mods are the modern version of the previous cig-a-like devices. They also have a battery and a cartridge but they are smarter and re-fillable in most cases. Pod mods became very popular after the success of the JUUL. This year many vape manufacturers have been mastering them. The irruption of salt nic liquids made them very popular as they are portable, affordable and thanks to salt nic liquids, faster for nicotine absorption.

Vape Kits Explained
Pod Mod


A box mod is a regulated device that delivers energy to a vaping atomizer (there are many kinds of atomizers, and depending on the type of atomizer and the kind of juice you use, the vapor production will be different. You can check all types here).

Vape Kits Explained
Box Mod


The vape pen is the natural evolution of the first e-cig. The battery capacity is larger and the cartridge became a re-fillable tank with replaceable coils. Dislike pod mods and cig-a-likes, vape pens do have a power button to turn on and off the device and inhale. The eGo was the first of its kind and many manufacturers copied the concept. Nowadays, you will not see many of them. And if you do, they normally have a bigger battery capacity and watts than they used to.

Vape Kits Explained
Vape Pen


All-in-one refers to a vaping starter kit that integrates everything you need into just one device. Unlike box mods and vape pens, you cannot disassemble an AIO device. You cannot separate the tank from the mod. That’s what makes it unique. Sometimes they have the appearance of a box mod while others look like a vape pen. In both cases, they cannot be detached. Hence, they cannot be used with rebuildable atomizers. The vape manufacturer Joyetech made them very popular back in a day.

Vape Kits Explained


Compared to regulated devices, mech mods do not have chips or wires inside. Mechanical mods consist of a tube or box with nothing inside but a replaceable battery. They pull power from this battery to your atomizer through a 510 pin. Mechanical mods require some degree of expertise so never use them if the battery is wet or damaged. It is important to understand the basics of ohm law to vape with them safely.

Vape Kits Explained


Squonk mods have a similar mechanism to mech mods but they add a built-in squeeze bottle to feed the e-liquid to an atomizer up through the 510-connection. This is why they are also called bottom feeders as they eliminate the need for dripping through the mouthpiece. Originally they were mechanical too, but nowadays you can find them with chips that add more safety features.

Vape Kits Explained
Squonk Mod

Thank you for reading dear vapers. Hope you have a better understanding of the various vape kits after reading this post!

Alfonso Melero

Content creator and marketer. Originally from Spain, I lived a few years in Scotland and China where I started to work for the vaping industry. Vaping is not only a profession for me but also a passion. I quit smoking thanks to vaping almost 3 years ago. I helped many smokers to switch to vaping since as I am convinced vaping is a much healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.