Vape Nicotine Levels – All You Need to Know

Vape Nicotine Levels - All You Need to Know

Choosing the correct nicotine levels for vaping is important when purchasing e-liquid for a few reasons. Without selecting properly, the vaping experience could be disappointing. If the nicotine is too low it will not provide satisfaction from cravings and if too high, it can have adverse effects on the body. Follow along to find out the deciding factors when choosing the correct nicotine levels for e-juice.

Vape Nicotine Levels Selection Chart

Vape Nicotine Levels - All You Need to Know

  • 18mg/1.8% Nicotine – Full Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (25) or More

This option is excellent for someone who used to be a heavy smoker as it will provide a comparable satisfaction to the nicotine levels experienced when smoking. This is only recommended for mouth to lung devices operating on low wattage.

  • 12mg/1.2% Nicotine – Half Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (10-15)

If you are not a full pack a day smoker than 18mg may be too high and leave you feeling a bit sick. This strength is recommended for individuals smoking half a pack a day to leave you feeling satisfied. This is also only recommended for mouth to lung devices working on low wattage.

  • 6mg/0.6% Nicotine – Quarter Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (5-10)

You do not smoke much but still, need to satisfy those cravings when they present themselves. This strength is reaching down much lower on the scale but will leave lasting satisfaction for casual smokers. This strength can be used in both sub ohm devices and mouth to lung devices. On a Sub Ohm device, it will be slightly more noticeable.

  • 3mg/0.3% Nicotine – Less Than Quarter Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (<5)

Maybe you do not smoke very much at all through the day but like the rest, you have cravings that need satisfying. This is the level at which the majority of experienced vapers are vaping at and this strength allows for a fuller and smoother flavor production.

  • 0mg/ 0% Nicotine – Zero Cigarettes Per Day

This level is for those who do not smoke at all and do not require any nicotine. Completely nicotine free and 100% flavor.

Vape Nicotine Levels - All You Need to KnowExperience of Improper Vape Nicotine Levels Usage

The correct vape nicotine levels should leave the user feeling satisfied with no side effects. There are indicators of improper nicotine usage and you should pay attention to them so that you can make adjustments. Here are some things to look for.

  • Left with Cravings Even after Vaping

Your nicotine strength is not high enough or you have just reduced the strength of nicotine. If you have reduced your nicotine strength than this should subside after a couple days. Having a second device ready with the previous strength is advisable to fight back any remaining cravings but remember to phase it out and not depend on the higher strength.

If you are new to vaping but are still left with cravings than your nicotine is not high enough. This can be fixed by simply purchasing the next level up on the scale.

  • Feeling Nauseous after Vaping

Two things can be happening when you suddenly feel nauseous. Either your nicotine strength is too high for the device you are using or you simply vaped too much.

Over time the body will build up a resistance to long vaping sessions but until you are used to them keep it to a minimum to avoid getting “nic sick”. Getting nauseous from nicotine is not enjoyable and can leave a user feeling terrible.

If the nauseous feeling persists than perhaps consider lowering the nicotine even further. If there are no options between the strength you are using and nicotine free, reach out to your online juice retailers and request custom levels, often times they are happy to help.


To conclude, proper nicotine selection is extremely important so that the experience you have with vaping is positive and enjoyable. Often times many new vapers give up because they simply do not have the correct vape nicotine levels and that is a simple issue to fix.

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