Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA Review

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA Design Features

The Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA looks like a usual 22mm-diameter RTA, with a driptip just “betraying” that tight MTL puffs are its “name of the game”.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAHowever, the two small reels (“gearwheels”) at the opposite sides of its base (just above the two fixed air-holes on its outer circumference) “insinuate” an original/innovative system of air-supply regulation. A usual base’s rotating airflow ring does not exist. Rotate the reels and you’ll see that, behind the base’s air-holes, there are internal air-holes of selectable size. A closer look on the reels reveals Latin capital letters engraved on them for distinguishing the different sizes of the internal air-holes. On one reel, “I” (0.8mm-hole) and “II” (1.4mm-hole) are engraved, while on the other reel “III” (1.2mm-hole) and “IV” (1.6mm-hole) are engraved. So, there are 8 combinations of airflow-inlet adjustment by using both reels.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAYou “mount” it on a Vaporesso Swag and you see that the reels almost touch to the Swag’s battery cap.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAThen, you realize that it is actually a 22.2 mm-diameter RTA.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAYou dismantle it and see:

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAYou take a look inside the “bell” and you see a domed top (for vapour’s smoother compression towards the driptip).

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTABy checking its single-coil deck, you see that the posts are arranged so that the coils legs’ tightening screws are not positioned directly opposite to each other. This arrangement does not deform the coil, when placed in position for tightening it down with the post’s screws. This also indicates the appropriate length of the coil you should build (usually spaced).

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAThe deck carries a replaceable small “brick” on its center, underneath the coil’s position. It is held in place with a screw, “pushing” it from the side of the positive post against a small metal “wall” to the opposite side. The installed small “brick” carries two neighbouring air-holes (of 1.1mm-diameter each) on each of its two opposite sides, arranged in parallel to the coil’s axis underneath it. This holes’ arrangement allows for the air (out-coming from the “brick”) to “lick” the whole cylindrical surface of the coil. If you unscrew the “brick”, you’ll see that it carries one hole of 1.3mm-diameter on each of its other two opposite sides.

The packaging includes another such “brick”, which carries one hole of 1.6mm-diameter on its two opposite sides, while it also carries a rectangular hole of 2.6mmX1.2mm on each of its other two opposite sides.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAApart from the air-supply regulation’s choices with the base’s reels, it is obvious that there is a whole “game” of air-supply settings by interchanging the small “bricks” underneath the coil and by selecting their different sides’ positioning. You can thus regulate not only the final amount of air to the coil, but also the velocity of the air-impact on the bottom surface of the coil.

The narrower the hole under the coil and the wider the air-hole/holes of the base’s reels, the more the air compresses inside the base as it enters the brick and therefore the greater its velocity at the brick’s exit. This ensures a higher air-impact velocity on the surface of the coil, if the coil is placed low enough above the brick, for not allowing turbulent air-flow at the brick’s exit, just before hitting the coil. Pay attention, though, to not cause any short circuit by letting the coil touch down to the brick.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAThe positive post drastically contributes to all of this, as at its central underside part carries 4 counter-diametrically air-holes, to allow for more air-feeding to the brick.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAGreater impact-velocity of the air on the coil’s surface and greater air-coverage of the coil’s cylindrical surface leads to a richer taste/flavour. It is known that an air-feeding system underneath the coil leads to better air-coverage of the surface of the coil. Thus, you understand what to expect on the flavour’s “department” with the Galaxies MTL RTA.


You can also completely close one of the base’s air-holes (by placing the “III & IV” reel in an intermediate “blind” position and, by choosing the smaller hole (I) of the other reel, you can tighten your draw so much that you’ll be surprised by this single-coil RTA .

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA Packaging List

The packaging includes an additional wide-barrel Pyrex-glass tube for 5ml-liquid tank’s capacity (the already installed “straight” Pyrex-glass tube is for 3ml-liquid capacity). In order to avoid any “dramas” (since the “wide-barrel” tank protrudes enough, when you mount the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA on a mod that takes up to 22mm-diameter atomizers), just put a vapour band around the glass tank .

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTAVapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

The packaging also includes:

  • a pouch with spare orings, screws (some hex-headed, too), a triple screwdriver and an Allen key,
  • a spare black resin driptip,
  • a cleaning cloth and a pouch with plenty of cotton and two pre-wrapped 0.85Ω coils (made of 26ga Ni80 wire on a 2.5mm pivot-core) for your first set-up, after the necessary initial washing (although it comes crystal-clear cleaned right out of the box). Prior to its first-time use, apply some e-liquid to the orings.

More on Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA Deck’s Design

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

The deck’s design is of a GTA-type, but a very low mounted one, for adequate wick’s liquid-saturation even with just a few drops of liquid left inside the tank. However, there are no wick’s “ducts” on the deck (as usually with such decks), but “bowls” in which the wick’s tails are “wedged” in. At the bottom of each “bowl” there are two liquid-inflow holes for the cotton-tails’ proper liquid-saturation from underneath the bowls. Thus, the cotton-tails do not “swim”, hanging down into the liquid. The result is no leakage issues whatsoever.

This is due to drastically limiting any amount of liquid that could “escape” inside the deck, when you “shake” the RTA around. The higher-placed brick also contributes to ensuring an even greater height of the air holes (below the coil) from the bottom of the bowls. So, there is no case of leakage from over-flooding, neither of gurgling. Moreover, such a deck’s design doesn’t need any additional liquid-flow regulation system.

More Tips

For avoiding inadequate liquid-saturation of your wick, you can stuff in plenty of cotton to the coil (for increasing the speed of wick’s saturation with liquid inside the coil), cut long cotton-tails and “wedge” them in the “bowls”.

The whole design also allows you to completely fill the tank and, when you screw the top cap back on, you experience no leakage issues inside the base coming from the pressurized liquid in the tank.

You can invert it without having to drain the liquid from the tank and you can safely unscrew the base, either for changing your coil build or for rearranging your wick.

Both resin driptips (the transparent and the black) have a narrowing at the top of their internal air-channel that further tightens the puff. But, the black resin one has a bit wider internal air-channel, adding more to the flavour notes’ analysis. Depending on each vaper’s preference (intensity of draw, vapour’s temperature and density, watts, etc.), other 510-driptips with wider internal air-channel must be tested. A lot are changing for the vaping experience.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA


The Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA can analyze and also integrate the flavour/taste, depending on the base’s reels adjustment, on the brick used on the deck and, of course, on the setup and the wattage used. Several different setups were tested for finding out how wide the “resonance curve” of its vaporization chamber is. The two pre-wrapped coils, included in the packaging, were found to be the optimal coil’s build, in order to have the ability to “play” (without changing the setup) between the two “extremes” of flavour/taste experience for many different types of liquids:

  • with more air-supply and wattage, experience of flavour/taste integration and
  • with less air-supply and wattage, experience of flavour/taste analysis.

Try More:

(a) Tight-MTL-draw case for flavor’s/taste’s analysis: Use the brick with the two holes. Apply a coil like the one included in the packaging. Adjust less air-intake and lower wattage (up to 10W). Put on a straight-barrel-type 510-driptip with a wider internal air-channel and… vape.

(b) Loose-MTL-draw case for flavor’s/taste’s integration: Use the brick with the 2.6mmx1.2mm rectangular hole, but select its sides with the 1.6mm single hole. Apply a coil like the one included in the packaging. Adjust a little more air-intake and a few more watts. Put on a longer straight-barrel-type 510-driptip and… vape.

(c) Looser-MTL-draw case for even larger integration of flavor/taste: Turn around the same brick and select its sides with the 2.6mmx1.2mm rectangular hole. Apply a coil like the one included in the packaging. Adjust for even more air-intake and a few more watts than the previous case. Put on a short wide-bore 510-driptip and… vape.

Compare the above three cases along with using the two included different driptips of the Galaxies MTL RTA.

From the above, you can understand my insinuation for a… “Chameleon” Galaxies MTL RTA, with the same coil build.

Check the informative Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA video:


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