Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank Review

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm Tank Review

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank Introduction 

The Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank is a clearomizer suitable for smokers who are thinking to start vaping.

With the Nicolas MTL Tank they will immediately feel “reassured” of maintaining their smoking type of draw into vaping, i.e. using very tight and of short duration MTL vaping puffs with adequate quantity of vapour. This is crucial for avoiding the first days’ coughing, usual to a switcher. With the Nicolas Tank, the smoker will not actually need an adaptation period in vaping (as far as the “draw” subject). And he/she will not turn back to smoking, if he/she will find soon enough the -personally- suitable vaping liquid.

The ease of use of Nicolas is another advantage, as it is best suited for the “first steps” of a “rookie” vaper, who apparently would like to vape as easy as he/she had been smoking. The Nicolas has an easy top-refillable tank. As a clearomizer, it uses coil-heads (cartridges), but -in this case- they are very easily replaceable. In addition, there is no need for emptying the tank first, when changing the coil-head.

Let’s get… “deeper”!

The Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank is a 22mm-diameter clearomizer, quite short (shorter than the – most “popular” of the class- Aspire Nautilus2), with a 3ml-tank liquid-capacity (but there is also a TPD-version/2ml-tank).

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank ReviewThe Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank has an easy top-refilling tank, by just unscrewing its top cap (just as with the Ijoy’s Elf, the “brother” of Nautilus 2).

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm TankThe Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank consists of three pieces (besides the driptip and the coil-head). It is easily washable under running tap water and you can immediately wipe/dry it with kitchen’s paper-towel.

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm Tank ReviewThe replacement of its coil-head is very easy, without needing to empty the liquid from the tank (or even expecting to vape first the tank’s liquid). Just turn Nicolas upside-down, unscrew its base and…

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm Tank

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm TankVapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm TankVapefly Nicolas MTL Tank Packaging List

It includes:

  • an extra coil-head of 0.6 Ω (for more watts, 18-25W, with more air-intake), for liquids with higher VG-percentage or for sweet liquids (the installed 1.8Ω coil-head is more suitable for 50VG/50PG liquids with fewer watts, 9-13W, and less air-intake),
  • a replacement Pyrex-glass tube,
  • a pouch with several silicone orings,
  • an informative manual with photos and with a QR code (scan it with your smartphone and it will immediate transfer you to the Vapefly’s webpage).


The Vapefly’s Nicolas belongs to the category of the “tight”-MTL clearomizers suitable, as said, for introduction to vaping. But, to my impression, it can easily be distinguished from the pack.
With the Nicolas you will have the sense (perception?) that, with the smallest air-hole of its airflow ring open (of the same diameter as the smallest air-hole of Nautilus 2), you’re just in your old “tight” draw/puff sensation of a cigarette, when you use its 1.8Ω coil-head.

This is accomplished without needing to press the mod’s fire-button for long to experience adequate amount of vapour in your puff. Namely, the coil-head of Nicolas produces more vapour in less heating time with less wattage. Besides the tight air adjustment with its airflow ring, the more vapour and the tight puff of the Nicolas are due to the construction of its coil-head and of the rest of its internal design from the coil-head up to the driptip, as I will describe in the following.


First of all, it is obvious that the air-inlet hole at the bottom of the coil-head of the Nicolas is very narrow. Check the next comparison photo of the 1.8-1.6Ω coil-heads of “popular” clearomizers of the category: at the bottom is that of Nicolas, in the middle is that of Aspire’s Nautilus 2 and at the top is that of Innokin’s Zenith. The air-inlet hole at the bottom of the Nicolas’ coil-head is the narrowest. This alone could explain why the Nicolas is the tightest of them all.

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm Tank Review
Since Nicolas’ coil-heads are BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) made of Ni80 wire (0.6 ohm at 18-25W or 1.8Ω at 9-13W) and not of Kanthal wire (as the ones of Nautilus 2 and Zenith), this apparently explains why the Nicolas’ coil-heads heat up faster or with less watts. This means that with shorter puffs and with less wattage, Nicolas gives adequate vapour and, thus, rich flavor.

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm Tank ReviewMoreover, the coil-head of Nicolas has a different design, something that possibly explains the different sense of vaping experience with the Nicolas. The 1.8Ω coil-head uses a 2mm-diameter pivot-core, meaning that it can present a longer lifespan. The 0.6Ω coil-head uses a 2.4mm-diameter pivot-core, for more vapour (with more air holes open) and for withstanding higher VG-percentage liquids.

But, on the top of the coil-head (at its vapour’s exit), its metal casing features a “ring-cap”, higher above the cotton and the coil, which creates a smaller vaporization chamber (for increasing the temperature by somewhat confining/”compressing” the produced vapour, before leading it to its “bell” above). It is widely known that small vaporization chambers are advantageous for maximizing the performance in terms of produced vapour’s density with fewer watts. This leads to vapour’s flavour analysis usually of tobacco-flavour liquids in less wattage (such liquids are the ones usually used by new vapers).

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm Tank ReviewThe Nicolas’ “bell” (in which its coil-head is just pushed in) is dome-shaped at its internal top, for a smoother vapour’s compression towards the driptip. The next photo shows the domed bell (left), the small air-inlet hole of the 1.8Ω coil-head (middle) and the base (right).

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm TankThe narrowing at the vapour’s output of the bell is has the same diameter as that of the vapour’s input to the drip tip, so the vapour entering the drip tip maintains the same pressure. However, the driptip, soon after its input, broadens its air-channel a little, creating thus a decompression of the vapour inside the driptip. This “stirs” the vapour just before it enters the mouth, allowing a richer taste to be “discovered” by the very first taste-cells of the front of the tongue (faster-sensing cells) and generally of the entrance of the oral cavity.

Airflow Ring/Base

The Nicolas’ airflow ring carries the usual long airflow “window” for the cumulative use of the 5 available air-holes of different diameter. However, on the other side of the airflow ring, it also carries an additional single hole for selecting only one of the available 5 air-holes open (even if this would be an intermediate one of the 5 air-holes in the row). This allows greater precision of incoming-air selection to suit your preference.

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm TankVapefly Nicolas MTL Tank Conclusion 

All the above design’s features allow Nicolas to be very adaptive, flavourful and with low liquid consumption, providing also the choice of a very tight MTL draw (by selecting the smallest air-hole on the airflow ring).

A «general» guide for novice vapers, usually starting with “tight” MTL clearomizers:

(a) their coil-heads present longer lifespan, when operating them on fewer watts,

(b) their coil-heads present shorter lifespan, when operating them with less air,

(c) their coil-heads are more durable with shorter-duration pressing of the mod’s fire button, but with elongating the sucking of the puff, even after the release of the mod’s fire button. This allows you: (i) to also suck the vapour still produced until the coil cools down completely (thus more vapour in your puff), and (ii) also saturate with liquid the coil-head’s cotton, preparing it for the vaporization of your next puff. In this way, you get enough vapour in each shorter puff, but, also, the shorter the press of the mod’s fire button for each puff, the longer lasting the battery’s usage is (more puffs until emptying the battery).

(d) always leave your tank filled with fresh liquid overnight. The liquid’s PG content somewhat dissolves the vaporization residues inside the coil-head, elongating its lifespan (although your liquid in the tank might get a bit darker).

Keep in mind, though, that depending on the type of the liquid used, the coil-head’s lifespan can dramatically be reduced due to severe vaporization residues. Sweet liquids “ruin” the “health” of the coil-heads… too!.

And now… the commemorative photo of the “gang”!

From left to right: Innokin Zenith (4ml), Aspire Nautilus 2 (2ml), Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm Tank (3ml), Ijoy Elf (2ml). The driptip of the Elf does not allow for so much closed lips (as the others do) and that differentiates the vaping experience enough (better for loose MTL puffs).

To illustrate their height difference, all clearomizers are mounted on mods of the same height: (from left to right) Eleaf’s Pico25, Eleaf’s black Pico and silver one, and Vaporesso’s Swag.

Vapefly Nicolas MTL Sub Ohm TankUseful tip

Used coil-heads have orings, useful for… your “down the road” vaping times. Take them off before you throw coil-heads away.


I am not in the vaping business. I found vaping as the escape door from my 25 years of smoker’s imprisonment. It just took me four days of attempting to totally get out of it, thanks to the appropriate –for me- “equipment” (includes e-liquids). Now, vaping “equipment” has become another one of my fields of interest, for helping others to discover, on their own, their personally appropriate “equipment”.
I am a hands-on enthusiast… by genes. I am triggered by everything that evokes any data already stored in my knowledge base, been a Physicist and an Electronics Engineer (for more than 35 years). I am intrigued by everything new that my knowledge-filter considers interesting enough to be analyzed for entering into my memory compartment. That’s why you will find me open-minded and out-of-the-box thinking. I have an urge for unfolding hidden “pictures” of design thinking on everything man-made.