Vapefly Pixie RDA Review

Vapefly Pixie RDA

Vapefly Pixie RDA Introduction

Hello dear vapers, today we will take a close look at the Vapefly Pixie RDA. A small 22mm-diameter single-coil RDA covering both DTL/MTL vaping styles. It’s the result of a collaboration between Vapefly and the designer Ferdinand Factor from the Philippines.

Vapefly Pixie RDA Packaging List 


  • Pixie RDA
  • BF squonk pin for using Pixie with squonk mods
  • triple screwdriver and Allen key
  • two Vapefly Firebolt cotton wicks
  • two 0.35Ω pre-wrapped Quad coils {26ga*2(KA1)+36ga(Ni80)}
  • extra airflow-set pin, manual, spare orings & hex screws

Vapefly Pixie RDA

Vapefly Pixie RDA Specs 

  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 24mm
  • Tank Material: SS with a Delrin cover of the top cap
  • Drip Material: Delrin
  • Coil Building: Single Coil
  • Thread: 510 thread

Vapefly Pixie RDA Design Features & Usability

  1. Easy single-coil building deck with base’s notches, as a guide for positioning the coil at the proper distance away from the posts:

Vapefly Pixie RDA

  1. Side-coil design (off-centered coil’s positioning) for preventing liquid spit-back:

Vapefly Pixie RDA

3. Two interchangeable airflow-set pins for inserting in the middle cap’s deep and downwards-slanted airflow slot. One airflow-set pin hosts three air-holes horizontally (9mm/each) and the other hosts a single 6.9mm-wide horizontal airflow slot:

Vapefly Pixie RDA

4. The top cap is equipped with: a lightly-domed internal top (for smoothly compressing vapor towards the drip tip), a wide air-slot (for allowing up to fully-open airflow) and a single air-hole at 90o-off the air-slot (for allowing selecting only the central hole of the three-holed airflow-set pin).

Vapefly Pixie RDA

5. Lips’ heat-resistant design of top cap (using, on its top, a single-finned heatsink-like cover-part made of Delrin material):

Vapefly Pixie RDA

For the First-time User

The o-rings are too tight initially. To release the base from the middle cap, push with your finger the base’s posts downwards, holding the middle cap with your other hand. “Grease” all o-rings.

Use the notches on the base’s walls as a distance guide of the coil’s positioning away from the posts and screw the coil’s leads “lightly” in the posts’ holes (don’t cut coil’s leads yet).

Vapefly Pixie RDAThen, you must raise the coil to the “appropriate” height of the middle caps air-inlet holes. By raising the coil, it slightly loses its off-center advantage (it actually moves a little back to the center of the base and over its bf pin).

Most importantly, though, the coil moves away from the middle caps air-inlet holes. This will reduce vapor’s density since a large percentage of the incoming airflow will be sucked directly to the drip tip without hitting the coil’s surface with adequate velocity.

For the First-time User Continued 

So, before raising your coil, slightly unscrew your coil’s leads from the posts and move your coil’s pivot-bore rod slightly further away from the posts, just to get it passed over the notches of the base’s wall (not any further, to avoid your coil’s contact to the middle cap).

Vapefly Pixie RDANow, securely screw you coil’s leads in the posts’ holes. Then, raise your coil to the proper height so that the coil’s upper cylindrical surface to reach the height of the posts’ top and cut coil’s leads. When you put the middle cap on the base (follow the matching “guides” for its placement), you will see that the coil is placed close to the middle cap’s air-inlet holes and slightly above them for getting more air under your coil (this will significantly enhance flavor).

Vapefly Pixie RDA

You’re ready now to wick your coil with the included Firebolt cotton “shoe-laced” wicks, as shown in the following photos:

Vapefly Pixie RDA

Since the coil is raised, just cut the wick’s tails long enough to reach the bottom of the deep well for their adequate, fast and continuous liquid-saturation when using the squonk pin.

Vapefly Pixie RDAThe above-described setup will help its first-time user to experience not-so-loose, soft and smooth MTL puffs of remarkable flavor’s integration, right from the start.

Vapefly Pixie RDA Performance

Use Pixie RDA with the bf 510 pin/screw on a squonking mod for easier continuous use. The middle cap creates a very deep well that is very effective, even when over-squonking (no over-spilling from the airflow holes).

Vapefly Pixie RDADue to the top cap’s low height and the coil’s raised position almost at the height of the middle cap’s top-end, the vaporization chamber over the coil is very short. This will give you the chance to experience the vapor’s awesome flavor when the coil is too close to your mouth. The off-center positioning of the coil on the deck allows the drip tip to protect you from spit-backs.

Vapefly Pixie RDA Performance Continued 

It performs excellently with quiet and smooth flavourful puffs for both DTL and MTL vaping styles:

  • DTL vaping: start using the included pre-wrapped quad coil from 35W and above, with full airflow open, either using the three-holed airflow-set pin (with all air holes open) or with the single-slotted one. You will enjoy quiet, loose-DTL puffs of dense and smooth vapor with remarkable flavor’s intensity.
  • MTL vaping: with the included pre-wrapped quad coil at 25W, choose the top cap’s single air hole positioned over the center hole of the three-holed airflow-set pin to discover its remarkable flavorful performance on loose-MTL puffs with smooth and dense vapor. Due to their 36ga Ni80 wire-wound material that heats up quickly, the included quad coils can provide exceptional flavor’s integration with short puffs (so that the vapor doesn’t get hot). The Delrin-covered top-part of the top cap works effectively for protecting your lips from feeling hot when they are closing around the drip tip (for your MTL puff).
  • Drip tip effect: Being an RDA with a very small vaporization chamber (and short top cap), “play” with different 510 drip tips on MTL vaping to discover noticeable flavor’s change. I recommend you to also check a little longer drip tip (than the one included) with a slightly narrower input, but with a wide-bore air-channel and output to the lips. Such a drip tip’s design will create substantial vapor’s decompression (vortex) inside the drip tip, so that flavor will “flood” your mouth right from its entrance.

Vapefly Pixie RDA Tutorial Video:


Vapefly Pixie RDA‘s design is very well thought and implemented. Simple design principles. Such as its small vaporization chamber with its very short top cap. Its off-center coil’s positioning, long, multiple-holed air-inlet channels and its top cap’s cover with Delrin material. These make this RDA an example of design simplicity. Plus clever interventions at critical design points. These provide ease of use along with exceptional flavor from smooth and quiet puffs of dense vapor. The included Vapefly’s specific pre-wrapped quad coils have flavorful short MTL puffs.


I am not in the vaping business. I found vaping as the escape door from my 25 years of smoker’s imprisonment. It just took me four days of attempting to totally get out of it, thanks to the appropriate –for me- “equipment” (includes e-liquids). Now, vaping “equipment” has become another one of my fields of interest, for helping others to discover, on their own, their personally appropriate “equipment”.
I am a hands-on enthusiast… by genes. I am triggered by everything that evokes any data already stored in my knowledge base, been a Physicist and an Electronics Engineer (for more than 35 years). I am intrigued by everything new that my knowledge-filter considers interesting enough to be analyzed for entering into my memory compartment. That’s why you will find me open-minded and out-of-the-box thinking. I have an urge for unfolding hidden “pictures” of design thinking on everything man-made.