8 Kinds of Vapers You Will Meet on The Internet

Vaping is a new viral phenomenon! In this article, I would like to introduce to you; 8 kinds of vapers you’ll meet on the Internet. You may have met some already. Don’t feel offended if you identify with one of these stereotypes. This list is made with sarcasm. If you are able to laugh at yourself, like me, then you will enjoy it. Laughing at others is egotistical, laughing at oneself is very humble, said, one wise man.

8 Kinds of Vapers You Will Meet 

1.The Greedy Vapers

8 Kinds of Vapers You Will Come Across on The InternetThe greedy vapers have a huge vaping collection and comment on any post involving a new release. You can easily identify them with the “I need one of this in my life” comment. Apparently, it is never enough for this kind of vaper. No matter how much vape gear they have already. The greedy vapers always want more. Their wives are the biggest victims. Their wives hate having vape gear all over the house and are seriously considering leaving them soon.

2.The Stingy Vapers

8 Kinds of Vapers You Will Come Across on The InternetThis type of vapers carefully considers every single penny they spend on the Internet. They will check many websites before purchasing a product. If any vendor is selling something for $1 cheaper he will warn you in the comments. They know the best deals and watch as many reviews as they can before placing an order. You can easily identify them on the Internet with comments such as “I bought it on Fasttech for cheaper” or “you are wasting too much cotton with your wick.” They think cotton is gold, so do not cut too much excess or they will get upset with you.

3.The Prize Hunters

8 Kinds of Vapers You Will Come Across on The InternetThe prize hunters, also known as the giveaway junkie, is a classic. They follow every single Facebook and Instagram page to try and get something for free. If sharing is caring, then this kind of vaper takes it to the extreme. This kind of vaper is super easy to identify as their social media wall is full of giveaway reposts. A reputable prize hunter will never spend money on vape gear. He will just enter giveaways until he gets lucky. That’s his vaping style.

4.The Smartass

8 Kinds of Vapers You Will Come Across on The InternetBe careful if you upload a new picture to your social media! The smartass vaper might be watching you! They know how to wick all type of atomizers and they get extremely pissed off if you use too much cotton. Nothing makes them happier that commenting on your post if they think you are not using enough wraps in your build. They will let you know which kind of wire you have to use. If you should be using temperature control or just wattage mode and they will not hesitate to tell you if your mod and tank are shit. Nobody cares about their opinion though.

5. The Snobby Vapers

This is one of my favourite stereotypes! The snobby vapers spend more than $400 on a 3D printed box mod and they proudly post it on their Instagram page. They love buying exclusive vape gear that most people cannot afford, even though the vaping gear basically has the same performance as any other. They will try to make you feel bad about buying popular affordable brands manufactured in China. Calling them ‘mass produced’. Your $40 squonk mod does exactly the same as their fancy limited edition mod, but they will deny it just to justify their expensive exclusivity. If you buy from China, then you are their enemy and you have no vape taste.

6.The Cloud Chasers

8 Kinds of Vapers You Will Come Across on The InternetThe cloud chasers spend most of their money on e-liquid. As their low ohm builds literally drink juice. They love VG and face competition with other cloud chasers on the Internet. They cannot even watch TV as their living room is too foggy. The cloud chaser stereotype would love to have the vaping skills of the vape trickster, but they are too clumsy for that. Their social media profile pictures look too cloudy as well. They will never admit vaping at high wattage makes them a cough. They think tasteless tanks such as the SMOK TFV 12 rocks.

7.The Vape Tricksters

8 Kinds of Vapers You Will Come Across on The InternetThe vape trickers are a classic on Instagram. They are no older than 20 and still likely to be a virgin. You can easily identify their look: cap, just a few hairs as a beard and a t-shirt that is way too long. Love a mech mod and all products come from VGOD. They do nothing all day long but listen to rap music and blow o-rings. They often have amazing video skills and they feed on likes and shares on social media.

8.The Paranoid Vapers

This is by far the more strict and moral vaper stereotype. They read all vaping related news and warn you if you post something they consider immoral. The paranoid vapers think that the FDA is constantly reading vaping posts to find an excuse to ban vaping. Never post a vaping picture that can be considered childish (even if you are 35 and you still love cartoons). They will tell you off “giving vaping a bad reputation.” They know what is good for the vaping community better than you and will teach you their moral code.

Alfonso Melero

Content creator and marketer. Originally from Spain, I lived a few years in Scotland and China where I started to work for the vaping industry. Vaping is not only a profession for me but also a passion. I quit smoking thanks to vaping almost 3 years ago. I helped many smokers to switch to vaping since as I am convinced vaping is a much healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.