Vaping in Airports: Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?

Vaping in Airports: Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?

Picture this scenario. You booked a dream trip to Las Vegas. The penthouse at Caesar’s Palace is booked. Airline tickets confirmed and your ride to the airport booked. Your bags are all packed and currency is exchanged. Celine Dion tickets? Front row baby! Vape device, extra batteries and ejuice…ready to go! Or are they? Can you even bring your vape on a plane? Will you be vapeless on your dream trip to hear the legendary Canadian songster sing My Heart Will Go On?

Vaping in Airports: Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?It’s a question facing a lot of vapers as they go about planning their vacation, leisure or business travels. The long and short of it, taking a vape with you on the plane is actually a fairly common practice and allowed…but there are some key points to consider prior to taking that flight. In this article, we will go over some Vape Travelling Tips and some other things to consider to make your trip go as smooth as possible.

What is the problem with bringing my vape on a plane?

The big concern with taking your vape on a plane is the lithium ion batteries that power most devices. If these batteries get exposed to extreme heat or shock, it can result in bad things. Potential short circuits, malfunctions to even full on meltdown of the battery resulting in boom and fires. Not good things. So what do you need to do to safely travel with your vape?

Vaping in Airports: Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?Vape Regulations at Your Destination

The first thing you should look into before venturing off on your trip is whether your destination allows vaping. Some international countries may not treat vaping the same way yours does so it’s best to see ahead of time if you are allowed to bring yours there. It would suck to fly 10 hours only to have your vape confiscated at the airport once you arrive. Lame.

Airline Policy

The next tip is to check with your airline what their policy is on flying with your vape.
In the United States there was a new policy enacted in 2016 which does not allow you to pack your vape device in any checked luggage. They can be brought onto the plane with your carry on though. Vaping is treated the same as smoking on the plane so under no circumstances should you try vaping on the plane. Don’t try being stealth or hiding in the bathroom and vaping. There is the potential you could set off a fire alarm, get fined and ultimately even arrested. Don’t be that guy.

Bonus Tip: Have your vape disassembled if possible so when you are going through inspection there are no concerns as to what the liquid is you are bringing onto the plane in your carry on.

Vaping in Airports: Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?TSA Policy

This one applies to any e-liquid you are bringing with you on your flight. Check with your local Transportation Authority regarding the rules and regulations for bringing liquid onto the plane. Most of them require you to pack them in clear plastic bags and no more than 120 ml total volume. Confirm the quantity you are allowed to bring to ensure you don’t end up having to dump a bunch of juice on your trip.

Battery Policy

Batteries should be stored in a battery case and if you cannot remove your battery, have your mod packed in a case and away from magnets. This is to prevent and jostling around and limit potential of the batteries sparking.

Vaping in Airports: Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?Yes, you can bring a vape on a plane!

So yes you can bring your Vape on a Plane, as long as your follow some key points:
• Check with your destination if vaping is allowed
• Confirm with airline their vape packing policy
Disassemble batteries/mods and bring in carry on only
• E-Juice is placed is clear plastic bags no more than 120 ml (check with local air authority for amount)
• Under no circumstances should you vape in the airplane
• Only vape in designated smoking/vaping areas in your departure/destination airport
• If vaping is not allowed, then go outside to an approved area or wait until you arrive at your destination

Hopefully you found these tips helpful with planning your next trip and how to bring your vape on a plane.

Vaping in Airports: Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?Now rest easy and prepare for that Celine Dion concert knowing you will be able to blow some fat clouds after the show.

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