Vape Brand Names That Make Me Smile

Vape Brand Names That Make Me Smile

Every now and again you come across a vape brand that has made it’s way from the Chinese market to the English speaking vaping public. You just think really, how much research went into naming said company or item of vape gear, as some things just don’t translate well.

For example, I would have loved to have been at the table when they came up with the name for this RDA.

Vape Brand Names That Make Me SmileWanko defiantly could be misinterpreted. It’s not something you would want to put in your month and vape on.

And following along the lines of toilet humour. VOOPOO, can’t translate well in many languages. Personally, I can’t say it without thinking You Poo. From that you can just imagine what I picture in my mind; a well crafted, beautiful piece of vape gear that you would love to own and carry around in your pocket….

Vape Brand Names That Make Me Smile

Cigpet is also a vape brand I came across this year. Again, in my childish mind, I create all sorts of non-politically correct images, of furry friends happily vaping away. It’s just two words you would never dream of putting together pets and e-cigs.

Vape Brand Names That Make Me SmileVaping has always been, for me a healthier life choice, representing positive change and clean living. Hence I find it a bit strange to use the word drug anywhere in your branding. But Druga, has quite successfully taken this interesting play on words and branded their range of amazing Drippers and Squonk mods.

Vape Brand Names That Make Me SmileDon’t get me started on e-juice names. I have one post on my blog, that year on year gets the most search appearances and that is Herbal Tides ‘Pussy Juice‘ – I can’t understand why…..

Vape Brand Names That Make Me SmileIt’s funny how you read names differently. Like Asolo, I always read it as Arsehole. Once you thought it once you can’t keep it out of your mind.

It’s funny watching YouTube reviewers saying some of these names and keeping a straight face – entertainment gold.

Further, spare a thought for all those “Bricks and Mortar ” vape shops who have to try and sell these products. “Hello Mr Customer, I know the perfect RDA for you, a Wanko. It will go perfectly on your Voopoo. And you’ll just love ❤️ the ‘Pussy Juice‘”

I’m sure you all have a load more you have come across. Be sure to add them in the comments below.

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