Vaping Cotton vs Cosmetics Cotton

Kendo Vaping Cotton

Choosing to enter the world of rebuilding one of the essential items that are needed to purchase is cotton. Cotton comes in many forms and the choices are endless. Today we will discuss cotton that should be used for vaping and the most popular brands available. Vaping cotton is much more superior in quality compared to cosmetics quality cotton. Cosmetic cotton often comes in round or square pads and can be found in various locations across the internet of in stores. Cosmetic cotton generall has added chemicals and has also been bleached but a couple of cosmetic brands do exist that are suitable for vaping and those are Koh-Gen-Do Japanese Organic Cotton and Labo Puff Cotton because both are organic and clean.

Naitive Wicks Vaping Cotton

Naitive Wicks Platinum Vaping CottonNative Wicks is widely popular in the vaping world and is regularly seen on social media platforms like Instagram and rightfully so because it is specifically designed for low resistance builds and high temperatures but also works for high resistance as well.

Native Wicks vaping cotton is designed with ultra large fibers, combed straight for superior wicking qualities. Fans have claimed that they experience much higher level of flavor and also the rate in which is able to wick liquid to the coils is fairly quick compared to garden-variety cotton.

On average a casual builder should see the standard package of cotton last them two to three months which when compared to the cost of buying disposable coils is very cheap.

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Kendo Vaping Cotton

Kendo has been taking the vaping world by storm with their extremely high-quality vaping cotton. Based directly in Japan Kendo has found one single strain of cotton that through numerous tests has revealed to be the best cotton available for vaping and is said to deliver full flavor on the first hit.

Kendo Vaping CottonThis cotton is an excellent choice for low resistance builders working on rebuildable dripping atomizers because the high temperatures that these atomizers emit need a good cotton to resist melting or burning which is what this cotton does and just like Native Wicks, Kendo can be found in thousands of pictures across social media as fans swear their loyalty to the brand.

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Cotton Bacon Vaping Cotton

As one of the most notable original brands to label cotton directly for vaping, Cotton Bacon has been around for years and was adopted fairly early by vapers worldwide and now cotton bacon can be found almost anywhere that vaping products are sold.

Cotton bacon uses all organic and natural cotton sourced within the USA and just like the Native Wicks, these cotton stips are combed out into large strand straight fibers.

Over the years Cotton Bacons popularity has declined from its initial point and that is only due to a large number of companies entering the market offering something newer and said to be better but we still love Cotton Bacon.

Other Notable Vaping Cotton

  • Silk Wick
  • AgroRabbit Cotton
  • Chubby Cotton Company
  • Cotton Candy Company

As you can see there are endless options when it comes to cotton for vaping but we do recommend that you purchase something that is specifically designed to handle the e-liquid volumes and temperates experienced in vaping because in the end without good quality vaping cotton the experience will not be as good.

John Pietersma

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