Vaping vs Smoking – What Are the Differences?

vaping vs smoking

Vaping vs smoking, what are the differences? In this article we will make a direct comparison between them and tell you why you need make a switch to vaping.

Chemical Composition


E-cigarettes only have 5 ingredients – polyethylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, flavoring, and water.


Around 600 additives can be found in analog cigarettes. Once you start burning cigarettes, those additives can produce more than 4,000 chemical compounds.

Effects on Health


Respiratory hazards of smoking are because of the toxic by-products of combustion. Combustion produces smoke which is the main cause of lung cancer and many other respiratory diseases.


E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking, which can reduce the health effects of harmful smoke and combustion products associated with burning cigarettes. Neither E-cigarettes burn nor they use any type of combustion.

Vaping vs. Smoking?Do you know what you’re putting in your lungs?


At least 88 percent non-cannabinoids with 111 different components can be found in combusted smoke gases, including a half dozen known polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Holding in smoke will allow more tar and toxic chemicals to be absorbed. The average smoker will lose 14 years of life because of smoking, scientists say.


Vaporized gases consist of 95 percent cannabinoids. The remaining 5 percent consists of a small amount of one PAH. They contains no tar and other carcinogenic substances which are harmful to humans. Vaping brings no harm to others and to the environment, no passive smoking.

Fire Danger


The number one cause of fire-related deaths is smoking. It is estimated that about 10 percent of all fire-related deaths around the world are caused by cigarettes.


E-cigarettes do not need lighters, because they don’t need to burn anything, so there is no smoke and fire danger.



During environmental clean-up efforts, the single most collected item are discarded cigarette butts.


Vapers do not need to throw e-cigarettes away after a few puffs, which makes it more green and eco-friendly. An e-cigarette cartomizer is almost the same size as cigarette butt, but it lasts 15 to 20 times longer

Why Vaping is better for you?

There is no nasty smoke smell in your hair, clothes, cars or house any more.

You needn’t worry about cigarette burns.

You needn’t smoke outside any more. You can even lie in bed when using e-cigarettes!

No more ashtrays to clean.

You needn’t worry about offending anyone standing nearby when using e-cigarettes.

Smoking Place


Smoking is prohibited in public places like restaurants and cinemas.


E-cigarettes can be used at most of the non-smoking places and you can even vape indoors.

Vaping vs Smoking Video


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