Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank Review – A Tank Balances Flavor and Vapor?

Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank

Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank Frist Impression

Consumers have endless options when choosing the proper sub ohm tank for their needs. Sub ohm tanks range from Mouth to Lung, to direct lunch cloud machines. Finding a fair balance between flavor and vapor production can sometimes be a challenge. Now the Vaporesso Cascade sub ohm tank can provide that balance.

Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank Review

Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank Specifications

  • Size: 60.5 x 24mm
  • Capacity: 7ml
  • Materihas l: stainless steel
  • Coil: GTM-2 Coil 0.4ohm (40W-80W) / GTM-8 Coil 0.15ohm (80W-200W)

Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank Packaging List

  • Cascade Tank
  • GTM-2 Coil 0.4ohm (40W-80W)
  • GTM-8 Coil 0.15ohm (Pre-installed) (80W-200W)
  • GT Coil Adapter
  • Replacement Glass Tube
  • User Manual
  • O Ring

Vaporesso Cascade Tank Design, Look and Feel

The Cascade tank is very unique. Its design concept is a clear display of Vaporesso’s dedication to innovating new, great products. The basic concept of the Cascade tank is the separation of the tank and coil from the same open enclosure, allowing for better flavor and a consistent experience. With the Cascade, the e-liquid flows down into the coils chamber, similar to an RTA atomizer.  Vaporesso has labeled this function as “Isolated Structure”. Looking at it logically, e-liquid flows into the lower chamber where the coil is located, filling it completely, thus still creating a tank like environment.

Vaporesso Cascade Specs

One only needs to hold the Cascade in their hands to feel the quality that it holds. At 81 grams, the Cascade carries some weight. Comparable to a Smok TFV12 in size and weight, the Cascade feels like a luxury item.

Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank Coils

With the newly introduced Isolated Structure design, Vaporesso moved on from the GT Cores previously introduced with the NRG tanks. Now, the Cascade brings with it GTM Cores.Currently there are two options available for GMT Cores. Due to the success of the GT cores, Vaporesso has kept the same design concept of the GT cores and redesigned the shell to fit the Cascade. Included in the Cascade is the GT Core adapter. This simply allows users to use GT Cores in the Cascade. With this option available, the Cascade has all the same options for coils as the previous NRG tanks.

With the new coils comes the EUC replacement system. To replace the coils in the Cascade, users only need to simply remove the base of the atomizer, pull out the old coil and press in the new one. No threading or unthreading of the coils.

Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank Performance

Cascade CoilThe Cascade shines in the performance category. Flavor, Vapor, and consistency are all evident with the Cascade. Perhaps it is the new design, the Isolated Structure. The Cascade produces flavor not experienced from a sub ohm tank before. From testing, the GTM2 coil produced the best flavor results while the GTM8 pushed much more vapor with a bit of reduced flavor.

Without saying more,the Cascade is simply a marvel in design and performance. Potential buyers should not hesitate in making a purchase.

Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank Video Review

Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank Final Thoughts

Cascade Sub Ohm TankThe Cascade checks off every box. From performance to design it hits everything. The look of the Cascade will stand out amongst a crowd. Compared to other Sub Ohm tanks currently available, the Cascade is simply a top contendor for the best tank so far this year. Even rebuildable fans will find joy in the abilities it has to produce top quality flavor and massive vapor.

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I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.

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