Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Review | A Kit with Revolutionary Design and Improved NRG Tank

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Review
Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Review

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Review

Hello everyone. It’s The Beardey Vaper here with my first review for The Vaping Times. Today we’re looking at the Vaporesso Revenger X kit and not wanting to give it all away too soon, I’m impressed! I received this kit for free for the purposes of this review and I’m incredibly grateful. However, this does not affect my review and if I didn’t enjoy the experience, I would never recommend the mod or tank.

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Packing List

In the kit, you get the Revenger X mod, the NRG sub-ohm tank with 2 coils, replacement glass for the tank, a decent USB cable and all the usual spares and seals.

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit
Vaporesso Revenger X Kit

Impressions on the Revenger X Mod

Let’s start with the mod. It’s tiny for a dual 18650 battery mod with an output of up to 220 watts. The full back panel comes off to change batteries instead of a trapdoor which keeps the size down and means it fits very well in the hand. The capacitive buttons feel absolutely amazing too. It definitely feels like a smartphone and so comes across as a very premium device. The fire button is large and very clicky and is easy to find no matter which hand you have your mod in which gives for a satisfying experience. The mod will also charge your batteries via USB. I would always recommend using an external charger for this though. They are inexpensive and help to ensure we all stay safe!

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit ReviewA Closer Look at the NRG Sub-Ohm Tank

Now to the NRG tank, which not only vapes really well but is also very user-friendly. The top-fill slides open which makes filling very easy, but if you keep the mod in your pocket it can come open slightly so you do need to be careful. Holding a huge 5ml of e-liquid, it helps keep you vaping through the day without having to keep refilling. The pre-installed GT4 core coil which is best to use between 45-60W and comes in at 0.15 ohms is a great coil for newer vapers as the flavour is great while keeping the power low and the vapour produced, cool.

Vaporesso Revenger X KitI prefer the other coil that comes in the box, the GT8 core coil which is also 0.15 ohms but is better for using at higher power levels and I found it is best at about 75 watts. The tank and coils perform and last really well and I’ve managed around 2 weeks on the GT8 coil so far refilling around 3 times per day which means I’ve gone through over 200ml of e-liquid on one coil which in my book is amazing!

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Pros & Cons


  • Sleek, hand-friendly mod with great buttons and screen
  • 5ml easy to fill tank
  • Small form factor
  • Great for new and more experienced vapers


  • Battery change could be easier

And that’s all I have for cons and that’s just me being picky. There is nothing wrong with taking the back door off to change the batteries but I prefer a trapdoor and I feel like I have to find something negative about this kit as everything else is fantastic and I highly recommend it.

Once I’d completed my review of this kit I actually passed it on to a friend who was smoking and it has actually helped him give up cigarettes so as far as I am concerned,  that’s the ultimate test of an e-cig and it definitely passed!

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Video Review 


So, thank you for reading my review of the Vaporesso Revenger X kit. If you enjoyed it,  please go check me out on Instagram @thebeardeyvaper. See you all again soon with my next review!

The Beardey Vaper

I’m Simon from the UK. I write for The Vaping Times and my own website If you want to know more about me, check out my Instagram or my website.