Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod Review

Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod Review

Initial Thoughts Before Choosing Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod

Before choosing the Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod, I wanted to replace my Eleaf IStick Pico 25 Mod. I wanted an 80W regulated box mod with a single 18650 battery for mounting up to 25mm-diameter atomizers. It also had to:

  • Be totally black with a black “plastic” base that does not get its colour scratched. This means it should be made from black PVC rather than from metal or plastic with the usual black-gloss paint coating.
  • Have a Custom Curve of Wattage (CCW), so that I can “modulate” the wattage time-curve of my puff (per second of the fire button press-time).
  • Have a large screen with clear and large distinct indications.

Actual Findings: A Somewhat Different Story Inside

From my search at the local shops, the Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod came up in 4-colour combinations. The thing is that both of its top and bottom base-lids are made of black PVC, while the rest of it is metal, painted silver or red, blue or black.

Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod ReviewIt is a bit bigger than the pico 25, in all its dimensions, but a bit lighter.

Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod ReviewOn Vaptio’s website, it’s described as giving its maximum current “instantaneously” (in just 0.005s after pressing the fire button, as mentioned). For those who do not care about this “speedy power” feature and may also have an aesthetic “problem” with its appearance, they better take a look at the following features the Wall-Crawler is packed with.

Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod Features

  • Takes on-board atomizers with a diameter of up to 26mm.
  • Has large 1.3″coloured clear (high resolution) screen and a large metal fire button (active only at its top part).
  • Has a simple, direct selection function between three preset power modes (“vaping modes”), named HARD, NORMAL and SOFT. They are easily accessible without having to “dive” into the menu to select them. This is very useful when you find yourself getting “tired” by your coil’s performance. It is also useful when you use various liquids that demand different vaporization conditions under the same coil set up.
  • It is equipped with a battery screening test (for checking the battery’s “life” condition and informing you when the battery is old and needs replacement). The test actually measures the internal resistance of the mod and the battery’s together (this test can only be activated with 0.3-0.5Ω coils).
  • It has a TC mode (100-300 degrees Celsius/200-600 degrees Fahrenheit), for SS, Ni, Ti, TCR1, TCR2. A “T-criteria” selection is also included to slightly change the value of your coil’s resistance as “seen” by the mod (this can significantly alter your vaping conditions).
  • It has BYPASS mode (≥0.05Ω), for using the Wall Crawler as a mechanical mod, but with all the protections of a regulated one.

More Features

  • It has a CCW mode (Custom Curve of Power) with the possibility of storing 4 different configurable time-curves and -additionally– a CCT mode (Custom Curve of Temperature), also with 4 different configurable time-curves. These two operation modes are actually different wattage or temperature values, respectively, per second of your fire-button press duration.
  • It has all the “protections”: short circuit, low battery level, over-current overheating, overheating during charging and over-charging of the battery (charging it with 1A).
  • It has a maximum puff-time setting of 3s-10s, a display turn-off time of 5s-30s (but no stealth mode), a mod’s standby time of 1min-5min and, finally, a reset choice to factory settings.
  • Its firmware is upgradable.
  • It has a self-adjusting 510 pole. The metal 510 base has an elevated centred-“ring” surface to avoid leaving the atomizer’s mark on the top surface of the mod around the 510 pole. But it is also for preventing any spilled liquid from entering the 510’s well.
  • With 5 quick fire-button clicks turns on/off and with 3 fast clicks deploys the menu. You can choose whatever function you want. But you have to be very quick on the clicks of the fire-button, otherwise the mod just fires-up the on-board atomizer, proving how instant and fast is its current supply, up to its maximum of 79W (6.417V with 0.52Ω).


  • Wattage changes in 1W-steps.
  • Does not lock its buttons (you must completely turn it off for placing it in your pocket).
  • Does not lock Watts on TC mode.
  • The battery-insertion tube is narrow and the 18650 batteries with a thick wrapper might have a problem when inserted.

From the above-mentioned characteristics of the Vaptio Wall Crawler, it is understood that it can cover the demanding users. It is also manufactured in accordance to the RoHS -Restriction of Hazardous Substances- standards (“engraved” on the surface of its base).

Is Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod suitable for newcomers?

Its manual shows only a sequence of screenshots, simply presenting the consecutive steps of the buttons presses to select its functions. There are no case-use explanations on the function options available. Such explanations are necessary for someone who is new to the “sport” and will buy it. The mod’s website is basically written for those who grew/grow up with the…Spiderman, as that is what the name of the mod insinuates, not to mention its appearance.

In the support section of the company’s website, you cannot directly download the manual just to examine what the mod does. So it’s not easy to decide if you will buy it. You don’t know its various functional aspects before buying it. You just have to be satisfied with the general promotional description in the overview of the mod’s web page (I did not find an online manual anywhere).

Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod Video

At least, in the presentation video of the company’s “kit” version, the mod’s menu is functionally presented (from 1:00m and beyond).

Fast and Able

The declared immediate power-supply response (by pressing the fire button) is instantly perceptible even by a novice user. whenever trying to enter the menu or completely turn-off the mod. If not fast enough on the successive clicks of the fire button, the mod instantly fires-up the on-board atomizer.

On the other hand, the provided function of selecting the mod’s standby time obviously means that within this idle-time interval, the mod is “on”, ready to give its instantaneous current-supply. The standby voltage delivered by its 510 pole (to the onboard atomizer) is 2.3V (without pressing the fire button, of course).

In this way, the Wall-Crawler ensures the instantaneous power supply over other regulated mods. That is, with a sufficient standby output voltage of its DC/DC buck-boost converter board, compared to other mods that are usually giving out less than 0.1V.

What impact can this have on draining the battery, I didn’t have the time to check since there is also the battery demands of the large coloured screen.

But this fast powering feature is very convenient when you press the fire button and simultaneously start sucking out the onboard atomizer’s vapour. It heats up your coils much faster than other regulated mods of the category, producing more vapour on short puffs.

Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod Packaging List

  • Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod
  • User manual
  • USB cable

Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod ReviewThe narrow battery tube and the elevated centrally-circular surface of the 510.

Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod ReviewWith the 25mm-diameter Vapefly Horus RTA on board, showing the margins for a 26mm-diameter atomizer.

Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod Review

For Those Who Decide to Buy Vaptio Wall Crawler TC Mod

I will more extensively present the firmware update process, because you will need to follow a certain procedure for it, which is not described anywhere.

First of all, you check the initial version of the firmware at the VAPTIO’s colour logo appeared on the mod’s start screen. Note that there is also no information anywhere about the addition/improvement provided by the updated firmware. You have to decide for yourself either to stay with the original firmware or to just “dare” to upgrade.

Therefore, the “bold” users must download one of the compressed upgrade files (referred as a bilingual display for the screen’s language) and decompress it.

First, remove the 18650 battery from the mod and then connect the USB cable to the mod. Now, hold continuously pressed together the mod’s “down” button and fire button. Only then connect the cable to the USB port of the computer.

More on the firmware’s upgrading procedure

This is the only way for the computer to recognize the mod as connected. Then, “run” the mod’s USB-connection decompressed program (.exe) on the computer .

Next, select the decompressed file of the updated bilingual firmware version (e.g. {“New_N180W_USB_V2.0.03 (English & French).bin}) and install it on the mod. Once installed, the mod appears automatically disconnected. The upgraded firmware can be seen on the mod’s start screen, next time you turn it on.

I used it for a couple of weeks with the initial firmware, before upgrading it. It’s been over a month now from the upgrade. I cannot find any operational differences (at least for my power/CCW mode usage, with up to 45W on coils 0.2Ω-1.8Ω). The only obvious difference is the addition of one more screen-display theme… for the dedicated Spiderman-lovers!


I am not in the vaping business. I found vaping as the escape door from my 25 years of smoker’s imprisonment. It just took me four days of attempting to totally get out of it, thanks to the appropriate –for me- “equipment” (includes e-liquids). Now, vaping “equipment” has become another one of my fields of interest, for helping others to discover, on their own, their personally appropriate “equipment”.
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