Virtus Vape – Modder of The Week

Virtus Vape - Modder of The Week

VIRTUS VAPE – Modder of The Week

Welcome Vapers, today is my weekly column for our favorite vaping newspaper. Our goal is to show you all the modder from every part of the world. What’s the work behind a mod creation and finally creating a big community of vaper and artists of vaping.

Today we will talk about VIRTUS VAPE, a quality searcher brand that started with e-liquid production and recently produced a luxury mod. The name of the owner is Arnaud Legrand and today you will hear his interview.

Virtus Vape - Modder of The WeekInterview Part 1

Lorenzo (me): What’s your name?                                                                                Arnaud: My name is Arnaud Legrand, I am 27 years old and I am vaping from Florenville, Belgium.

L: How did you meet the vaping world?                                                                          AL: Actually as a lot of vapers I was a smoker, I started smoking at the age of 16 when I was a teenager. I became a heavy smoker during my years at university. Till 3 years ago when I bought my first e-cigarette the Eleaf Istick 50w with a Kangertech Nano on it. That’s just how I went into the fantastic vaping world.

L: Perfect, so what’s your definition of modder?                                                              AL: For me, a modder is somebody that wants to transmit emotion through mods. Because for me especially, in mech mods there aren’t a lot of complications. Is just a tube with a switch on it. So basically it is not something that’s going to give you a lot of emotions when you look at it. Our goal as a modder is giving people emotions from something as simple as a mod.

L: Nice answer my friend, how did you become a modder and what is the history of your brand?

AL: My story as a professional in the vaping world started 1 year ago. I was just a vaper in the beginning. I was just looking to create liquid as a hobby, so I wanted to create some juices with hop inside and this is how I created my first e-liquids series the Houblon N.1.

After that, I realized I wanted to make a lot of things in e-liquids and after in devices. So born the idea to make a mech device made 100% in Belgium with the motto union make strength, and that’s how we started the brand Virtus Vape. I wanted my mod to be special as the union of the country so I selected different craft makers, the purpose so was to make with all these guys together something new with a lot of luxury.

Interview Part 2

L: How is your brand now and do you have plans for the future?                                      AL: For the future, we have a lot of projects especially on devices and we are surely going to create a new mech mod that’s the 396 that’s going to be quite the same of the 925 but without wood and massive silver to make it more affordable but the quality will be the same as the other mods and 100% made in Belgium.

We are also working with Edward Simon that’s a French reviewer to create together and RDA very versatile that will work at the same time as an MTL and Cloud Chasing device with a totally innovative system of airflow. We are also working with him to create a mech mod, the BF1 which is going to be in set up with the RDA that we are making, and I am also working personally on an RDTA double coil with a new self-cooling system to not have the same problem of for example the wasp nano. Those are all the project for the future at the moment because I also have to sleep sometime.

L: And did something funny happen in your history as a Modder?                                      AL: The more funny thing actually happened on the projection of the 925 because we were thinking that was really easy to make, but our wood crafter didn’t find it so easy even if in the start he said that there wasn’t going to be any problem, after he called me at the telephone and told me that I didn’t sleep for 2 days because it was so complicated and to  make just one piece of wood they broke 5 pieces and at the moment wasn’t funny at all but thinking at it right now it is really funny.

Interview Part 3

L: Now the most important question, what do you think is missing from the Vaping World to overcome cigarette?                                                                                                    AL: I think that what we need is to find a more efficient way to communicate with people. Because at the moment the main problem is the disinformation, the fake news about vaping, so I think we must be innovating in the way that we are communicating.

For example in Belgium, it is not allowed to make promotions about vaping but with one of my e-liquid the Classique de la Semois. We give 1 euro per bottle to the producer of this tobacco to save this brand as it is handmade, in this way the local TV, newspaper and also a Belgium minister heard about it because it was a social good action and made a good promotion to the vaping world I think. So, in the end, we must be clever and find a way to make people talk about e-cigarettes.

Interview Part 4

L: Thank you very much, Arnaud, would you like to tell something to our readers?

AL: Sure, I would like to say a lot thanks and tell them that the vaping world and the vaping industry is changing a lot. We should try other things that aren’t the classic commercial mods or e-liquids. You should taste other things than the classic strawberry milk, go and try thing by people that want to bring innovation. Stop vaping only one liquid as could be an Iceberg, search or innovation! Thank you a lot again!

L: Thank you very much, it has been a pleasure meeting you and interviewing you!

Virtus Vape - Modder of The WeekVIRTUS VAPE 925 MECH TUBE OVERVIEW

Technical Sheet

  • Materials: Brass, Wood and Massive Sterling Silver 925.
  • Tube Type: Mech tube with Hybrid Attach
  • Dimensions: 88,5  x 31 mm
  • Weight: 242 g without battery
  • Maximum Atomizer Dimensions: 24 mm
  • Supported Battery: 1 x 18650
  • Price: 997€

Virtus Vape - Modder of The WeekOverview                     

The 925 from Virtus Vape guys is a mech tube, made with love and passion for vaping, you can see it just only from the design it has. It is an object made for vape lovers and collectors. Built on the motto ”Unity is Strenght”, a 100% Belgium product that surely luxury and great workmanship. It is composed by a grass body covered with a massive non-stabilized root wood, that will give you a natural rendering. Then, guys, you have the most phenomenal part, the switch, that’s made from a jewelry in massive Sterling Silver 925. The engraving that you see definitely show us a full handmade mod.

Virtus Vape - Modder of The Week


I hope you enjoyed this column that I am trying to bring once a week on Sunday. So if you are a modder and want to show your product on The Vaping Times, do not hesitate to contact me.



I am Lorenzo from Italy, a writer of The Vaping Times and the owner of Blog LorenzotheVaper. If you want to know more about me, you can check my personal blog.