Vzone Preco One Kit Review | Introducing the Disco Vape

Vzone Preco One Kit
Vzone Preco One Kit

Vzone Preco One Kit Review

Howdy, Lorenzo here again. Are you searching for a pen style vape and a discotheque?  If the answer is yes, today I have just the product for you. It is the Vzone Preco One Kit, with 6 colorful LEDs and a Pod Mod styled Tank, so let’s dive into the specs. Before starting, l would like to seize this opportunity to thank Vzone for sending me this product for review.

Vzone Preco One Kit

Vzone Preco One Kit Specifications:

Mod Spec:

  • Dimensions: 109 x 29 mm                                                                            
  • Weight: 88g
  • Battery Capacity: 1800 mAh
  • USB: 5V/1.5A

Tank features:

  • 3ml / 2ml capacity for EU
  • 0.15 Ohm Mesh Coil (40-70 Watt, Best 50-60 Watt)
  • Made in plastic for a light weight of only 16g
  • Fantastic heating insulation
  • Long lasting Mesh Coil
  • Unique all-in-one construction
  • Same price of normal coils

Vzone Preco One KitSafety precautions:

  • 8s over puffing protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • No load protection
  • Overcharge protection

Vzone Preco One Kit comes with:

  • Preco One Mod
  • 1x Preco Tank
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • A second Silico Plug for the Tank
Vzone Preco One Kit

How Vzone Preco One Kit Works:

It is a straightforward kit to start, just 5 clicks you turn on the mod and with 3 clicks you can switch from ”Disco” LED Mod to single Led Mod. The tank is made with an All-In-One construction so you won’t be able to change the coil inside but you’ll have to change the tank directly. Unplugging the stopper, you can refill the tank and then wait 10 to 15 minutes to let the juice wet the coil. After it is all set, we can fire up the mod and see all the LEDs come from the bottom of the tank and give it a strange look.

First Impressions of the Vzone Preco One Kit:

The package looks elegant as Vzone usually does. Inside we find a USB cable, a certification pass, a user manual, the Preco one mod, and the Preco Tank. The tank looks cheap but also well studied and the tube has a 510 universal thread with six LEDs around it. One thing that impressed me is the outstanding lightweight feel.

Vzone Preco One Kit
Vzone Preco One Kit

Vzone Preco One Kit Pros & Cons:


  • Excellent flavor
  • Decent cloud production
  • Really heat vapor
  • Unbreakable tank
  • Coil life time
  • LEDs
  • Light weight
  • Airflow control system
  • Tank compatible with all the mods with 510 thread


  • Not environmental friendly

Vzone Preco One Kit Video:

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, this kit impressed me and I didn’t think that was possible to get this quality of vapor out of a plastic tank. The flavor is excellent and the clouds are smooth.

The only big con that you can give to the tank is that it isn’t environmental friendly as we throw away the tank after we finish it but it is made in PE plastic so it is recyclable. The LED’s aren’t a con for me and if you don’t like them, you are not forced to buy it and as the LED’s aren’t inside the tank, you can even use it in other mods.

I recommend the Vzone Preco One Kit to those who want to go in the discotheque and vape with colors. Besides, this tank can be an excellent substitute to the glass tanks and gives those vapers who always break glass tanks an option.

Thanks for reading, dear vapers and I truly appreciate it. I hope the Vzone Preco One Kit review was helpful to you. If you want to know more me, you can check my INSTAGRAM PAGE.

Remember guys, keep on vaping but do it safely!!!


I am Lorenzo from Italy, a writer of The Vaping Times and the owner of Blog LorenzotheVaper. If you want to know more about me, you can check my personal blog.