What Is Vape Juice, E-juice or E-liquid?

What Is Vape Juice or Ejuice?

Ejuice, you have heard the term or perhaps just the term “juice”. If you are searching this term because of curiosity or the possibility of switching to vaping, you are in the right place. What is vape juice or ejuice? The answer is very simple and does not require much time to explain. With a little understanding of each ingredient and its purpose you will gain a better understanding of what is vape juice.

What is vape juice?

E-Juice is the liquid that is used in a vaporizer also known as “vape”. There are millions of companies offering their own selections of E-liquid across the world. E-Juice comes in many shapes and sizes but overall they all share common ingredients.

E-Juice companies range anywhere from large corporations to small independent business operators. Each year across the world millions of vapers will gather at conventions, festivals and meetings to discover new ejuice businesses that they have not heard of before.

The ejuice market is large and prosperous which allows the consumer to have a very wide choice when deciding on what to purchase.

Some E-Liquid makers specialize in certain profiles of flavors while others are more versatile. From 10 years ago to now, the complexity of ejuice has grown exponentially. At the beginning the ejuice bottles contained 1 or 2 flavor notes. Today, ejuice can be made up of 1-20 different flavorings.

This developed as a side effect of competition in the industry. Every company wanted to be different and have a product that was superior to anothers. This created the term “complex flavors” Which just means that the ejuice maker has taken several flavors and used their characteristics to turn an ejuice into something very different.

E-Juice is made up of 4 main ingredients all of which are safe for human consumption.

What Is Vape Juice or Ejuice?Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

Vegetable Glycerine is one of three base ingredients that make up E-Juice. It is thick like a syrup, sweet by nature and is derived from plant matter. This ingredient is responsible for creating the vapor.

Propelyne Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol is the second base ingredient that is present in all E-Juice. This ingredient has two functions. Firstly it provides the user with what is called a “throat hit”. The sensation you get when you inhale a cigarette, the feeling at the back of the throat. This is what you get from PG. Secondly, PG is a flavor carrier so typically the more PG in an EJuice the more flavor will be present.


This is the third ingredient in the list and you most likely already know what this is. Nicotine is delivered into the body via the vapor created in an ecigarette and provides the user with satisfaction from cravings.

There are only two types of nicotine currently, Freebase and Salt Nicotine.


While some E-Juice is unflavored the majority of it contains flavoring. These flavors come from many places but all are food safe and safe for human consumption. Over the years since vaping has exploded, new flavoring companies have surfaced that design flavoring specifically for vaping. This allows them to create the best possible flavors for this application.

What Is Vape Juice or Ejuice?Other companies that make flavoring manufacturer as a multi-purpose meaning that they are made for food, drink, vaping and many other industries.

Over The Years

Since vaping was introduced years ago, the industry has exploded. This has allowed for many companies to take advantage of the market and design products tailored to vaping. It has also pushed older companies to revisit their products to ensure they are safe for vaping. In the last few years, we have seen very large flavoring companies revamp their flavors specifically to cater to vaping.

As a whole, E-Juice is essential to the industry and the options continue to grow every day

John Pietersma

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