What’s Squonker/Squonk?

What's Squonker?

Vaping makes advancements on a regular basis. Every once in a while a new product comes along that revolutionizes the industry. Sometimes it is an atomizer or build deck but in rare cases,it is something truly innovative. The last year and a half has seen amazing new additions to the offering but none of them are as great as the squonker/squonk. The term sounds strange and perhaps you have not heard on this wonderful device. Stick around to learn all about what is squonker/squonk.

Squonker/Squonk History

Squonker or squonk mods or bottom feed mods date back farther than most expect. Sometime around 2009 a member of the E-Cigarette Forums that went by Carlos49 was credited with creating the first squonk mod.

The overall success of the device was very poor for both design reasons and productions reasons. This opened the door for the first successful Squonk device called the REO which was also designed by a member of the same forum.

Dilemma Leads To Solution

Any vaper who has used an RDA is familiar with its drawbacks. The biggest drawback is the need to drip liquid onto the coils every single time it goes dry. This also creates the need to constantly keep a bottle of eliquid on hand for refilling.

While RDA atomizers are not prone to leaking the process of dripping can get messy. Overdripping or missing the barrel can lead to juice on the hands or on hardware.

Sounds nasty right? Well, with the creation of squonk mods this problem is no longer an issue. Squonk mods offer all the great benefits of using an RDA without any of the hassles.

What Is Squonking?

What's SquonkerSquonking is a method of vaping that requires a bottom fed dripping atomizer. Most squonk mods are a single battery unit and are fully mechanical. Thankfully over the last year, we have seen regulated versions surfacing and some are offering dual battery power.

Squonker or Squonk mod works by feeding liquid from a bottle located within the body of the device. The user presses on this bottles and it sends liquid up through a tube into the bottom of the atomizer. Bottles can be made of hard plastic or silicone but most users prefer silicone bottles.

Squonking solves many problems veteran vapers have been screaming about for years. New users are also finding their way into squonk mods due to their ease of use and no need for dripping.

Another bonus for squonker is the size of liquid bottles. Bottles can range anywhere from 5ml-10ml of eliquid. This is surely enough to get most vapers through the better part of a day without refilling.

Many vapers in the first stages of squonk mods did not support them and many revolted against the design. It fell into a niche category that only a small percentage of vapers took advantage of.

Following the next year squonk mods blew up. Social media was filled with photos of people sporting their favorite devices and atomizers.

Squonker/Squonk Today

Since the rise of popularity in squonk mods, the industry has seen a wave of new devices, new companies, and overhauled designs. Looking around at stores and e-stores every single business is offering squonk mods of some sort another.

While a large majority of squonk mods are still offered as mechanical devices there has been plenty of regulated squonk mods come to the market. Some of the regulated devices offer a full LCD screen with the functions of a normal device. Others contain what is called a smart chip.

What's Squonker?Smart Chips work by detecting the resistance of coils in the atomizer and firing the device at an appropriate wattage for that resistance. Most devices that work on a smart chip are regulated to a maximum power output which is generally 100w or less.

The ease of design for a basic squonk mod has also allowed an independant market to grow. Vapers worldwide have taken their own design ideas and put them together in physical form. Bodies of squonk mods are usually square in shape so printing these parts needed on a 3D printer is simple enough.

Individuals with 3D printers are designing and selling their own homemade squonk mods and people are loving supporting the smaller community of vendors.

Squonking today is very popular and it is definitely here to stay.

Regulated Squonker Vs Unregulated Squonker

This comes down to a matter of person preference. Unregulated mechanical squonk mods are very nice because they are lightweight and usually smaller in size. This makes them much more portable and easy to carry. Keep in mind this is fully mechanical so knowledge of ohms law and battery safety are an absolute must to avoid battery venting(explosion).

Mechanical squonks appeal to hobbyists and coil builders because of their potential to be heavy hitters.

Regulated Squonkers are great for everyone. All the normal safety features are present and there is no chance of battery venting due to user error. If you are looking for a regulated powerful squonk than be prepared for a large and heavy device.

Dual battery squonk devices are very large because they need space for two batteries as well as an eliquid bottle. With the required space, it is natural that the device would be large.

Trading off on compact size for high power is a worthwhile decision if you want to explore this new avenue of vaping without any dangers.

No matter which device you decide to use, squonking is an excellent and convenient way to vape.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.