What’s Super Concentrated Flavoring?

What's Super Concentrated Flavoring?


Hey Vapers, it’s John, back again with something a little different. In today’s article, I will talk about Super Concentrated Flavoring. As a DIY beginner, I spent countless hours researching flavorings. I learned quickly that there is an overwhelming amount of selection in flavoring.

If you are reading this then chances are you are doing the same as I once was, searching into more concentrated flavoring. Congratulations, this is a great step forward in your DIY adventure.


There are many flavor companies available to DIY’ers and the selection is quite large. There are a few really large flavor manufacturers that have been around since the beginning of vaping and they were originally there for flavoring food, beverages and so much more. When vaping came along, everything started to change.

The Issue with Mainstream Flavor Companies

There is not really a major problem with these companies. Their flavoring is great and has/is been used in e-liquids making for well over a decade. The downside to these flavors is their strength.

While they do pack a nice flavor punch it often requires the percentage of flavoring to be quite high. Capella, The Flavor Apprentice, and Flavor West are three of the biggest flavor companies out there. The flavors they make usually require a mixing percentage between 5-10% and sometimes even higher.


This quantity of flavoring can get expensive when mixing larger batches or bottles. Again, the flavors themselves are great and taste great but it just takes a ton of flavoring to get there.

There are some exceptions to this rule though some flavors from these companies can be on the stronger side. Checking the available review resources on DIY websites will often show tasting notes on specific flavors that will outline the most common mixing percentage for any given flavor, using these resources is essential to creating great tasting juice.

The Surge Of Super Concentrated Flavoring

Since the evolution of vaping and the growth that the DIY scene has experienced, the doors have opened for new flavor companies offering something with a little edge over the competition.


What we speak of is Super Concentrated Flavoring and it’s a simple concept. Super Concentrated Flavoring is considerably stronger and requires much less flavoring to achieve positive results in a mix.

Super Concentrated Flavoring has really taken off in the last few years and the demand for them is as high as the others.

The adjustment to Super Concentrated Flavoring can be a bit of work but after some time it is well worth it. Once you get used to mixing with Super Concentrated Flavoring it will be second nature.

How Does Super Concentrated Flavoring Work?

Super Concentrated Flavoring is quite simple to work with once you get familiar with the brands making them. These flavors only require very little flavoring to make delicious tasting e-juice. Compared to the 5-10% in mainstream flavoring, super concentrated flavors can run as low as 0.1% to have a noticeable taste. Some are so strong that further dilution is required to use them.

When beginning using super concentrated flavoring note checking is of the highest importance. Without finding tasting notes and recommended mixing levels, there is a potential for ruining a mix.

Overdoing super concentrated flavors can do some funky things to an e-juice recipe. The flavors will take on notes of chemicals, rubber, gasoline, floral notes and more. These are undesirable.

How Does Super Concentrated Flavoring Work Continued?

When the super concentrated flavors are used in the right proportions, they turn out very well and often very full of flavor.

These can be mixed in conjunction with mainstream flavoring if needed, they blend very well together to make some impressive flavors. Even just substituting a few super concentrated flavors in place on mainstream flavors will cut costs down.

When you are mixing with super concentrated flavors, the cost is high at first, often a couple dollars more. Over time you will see that while it did cost more, it lasts much longer. This actually helps to cut down on costs.

Overall, super concentrated flavors are a better solution. Whether it’s to make as a solo flavor or to boost a recipe, they rock.

Super Concentrated Flavoring Companies

You know all about super concentrated flavoring now so let’s discuss the vendors who are making them. They come in no particular order but some are definitely better than others.

1. Inawera

Based out of Poland, Inawera is one of the best super concentrated flavor companies. Their flavors are not advertised as being super concentrated but they are some of the strongest there is.


Their flavors reproduce flavor pretty accurately and they taste amazing. Inawera is a brand that should be on every shelf.

2. Flavorah

Created by vapers, for vapers. Flavorah is an American based flavor company. Their catalog has grown a lot since they first started and the following they have is huge.


These also are very strong, some flavors only require 0.1% mixing percentage and at that, they’re very strong.

3. FlavorArt

Based out of Italy, FlavorArt is one of the most recognized premium flavor companies out there.


Their selection of flavoring is very large and they are also very strong. There are actually a number of their flavors that require further dilution in order to properly use them otherwise they are very overpowering even with a single drop.

4. Wonder Flavors

Based out of Canada, Wonder Flavors is fairly new to the market, just only a few years old. Initially, they started with regular flavoring but eventually moved over to exclusively super concentrated flavoring.


Their flavors are quite original and very flavorful. Their flavors are not the strongest but still require considerably less flavoring than mainstream companies.


I hope after reading all this you have an idea of why Super Concentrated Flavoring is an essential part of any DIY collection. Their strengths and flavor accuracies are the best. They are more expensive but only a small amount needs to be used so they last ages.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.